Sunday, January 02, 2011

...I'm aching ,lol

Morning peeps , uuughhh... I am  aching just a little bit this morning. Stuck a Pilates DVD in the player yesterday and had a 45 minute Pilates workout, so my old bones are protesting a little this morning. But as Pilates is about slow and gentle movements, apart from your breathing technique I will push myself for another session this morning and then have a nice hot bath with Thyme and Lavender to ease those aching muscles a bit.In town I treated myself to a small bunch of flowers - they look and smell lovely -like spring ! Sometimes a little colour in a vase can make a big difference to chase the grey Winter mood away.

My little brain cooked up some challenges for the forum yesterday, trying to make it a bit interesting and I will try to find some more.The new free weekly download is up- from Nana this week and you can grab it here
Last night I managed to get one of the challenges done , I worked with a lovely bunch of foliage brushes - as I said,nothing like some green to chase the winter away. I opted to achieve a very natural look for my designs - and who knows , this might even be the start of another new kit.
This is what I came up with so far.
 So how has your first day of the year been? I made the most of the positive energy of the date  " 1/1/11 ". I meditated  a long time , there's always so much to think about in my head. And this video by Doreen Virtue inspired me as well.

For now I will leave you again, as always on a work day tons of things to do and never enough time , so hugs from here

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