Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year -New Start-New Look

Hi, are you all having a nice New Years Eve? I spent most of my time at work, but was home for 11 o'clock. Unfortunately Shaun had to work so I am on my own with the cats.
New Year-new Start and the Resolutions. Not so much resolutions maybe for me, but goals I have set myself. I will tackle them one by one. My first change is a fresh look for this blog. A new background and header. As the past few years I have grown and changed in 2010 as well. I have learned a lot of new things and I carry on growing. One thing I discovered- there are more "Snowravens"out there. Sorry,lol- but I like to stay pretty unique. So I decided it's time for a little name change.Don't worry- not far from the original, I'm keeping the Raven ! I couldn't get away from that symbol as it's very much related to my whole life. But as I have grown and changed I got this "wings" symbol in my head while meditating, So "RavenWings" it is from now on.
That's the first news -the second nes is that I'm publishing the first kit of 2011 . This is in store now.

 Third news is that you might see a little less posts from time to time, I will be starting my Driving lessons soon and need to learn the theory and then take the test. Also I am doing a Reiki Workshop end of the month for which I need to learn a lot of stuff. Plus I have still the cross stitch project and another album to complete. All this in between household and work , so if it gets really busy I might skip a day of posting.But if there's something interesting to tell I will keep you of cause updated. Watch out 2011 ,lol .
Hugs and Happy New Year 

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