Saturday, March 12, 2016

Time for a new look

I finally got around to updating my header. A new fresher Spring look. The header was made with the same graphics I'm using to design that new kit I'm gradually adding to. (purchased at )

Yesterday I washed my wall. Yes, you read that right,lol. It's a wall with antique white paint and above the heater. I had pictures of Reggie and myself hanging there the past years, including a wall decal.
Well, you can't live in the past forever and it was time for a new look for that wall as well. I felt it was time to remove some of the pictures and have them in an album instead. Moving on doesn't mean forgetting and he will never be forgotten.
But first I had to wash the wall down. You could see exactly where the pictures hung. Brownish and stained with clean spots in shape of the frames...yuck !
I'm still looking for a couple of replacement pictures /canvas art to hang there, but for the meantime some other pics will do. The wall came up nice and clean again.

I finished another art challenge picture with the theme "Mason Jars"  in coloring book style. Yesterday the Postman brought me my new Artiste Brush markers in softer pastel colors , so of cause I had to try them out. It always takes a bit to "break them in" and get used to new pens. And each set is different, same as there is a clear difference when you draw/paint with watercolor/watercolor pencils, coloring pencils or felt tips/Brush pens.
 These are still brush pens , but the tip seems a lot harder than on my other set.
Work in progress...rough pencil sketch first and then the color.
Finished ;)
I'm tempted to get Illustrator so I'm able to create my outline drawings/doodles in vector images better. Oh dear, I can see another learning curve in my future,lol.

And I seriously need to update my blog list here. There are a whole lot of new ones I need to add and remove some of the old ones without any new posts.
But that's for another day.

If you are wondering what art class/challenges I'm's this one on Facebook

Dawn Nicole also has her own website and sells her books on Etsy and Amazon. She is kind enough to share her knowledge with us and providing practices and helpful hints and advice in the group with her free lettering class and daily art challenges.

Coloring and doodling brings back childhood feelings and memories,plus it is utterly relaxing and fun. The problem with having so many hobbies and interests is to get things finished before starting a different one. But at least there's never a boring minute ;)

Anyway.... I still have work to do , so I leave you with a lovely song from Avantasia -Mystery of a blood red rose. If you love Meat Loaf , then you'll like this one !This song was also one of Germany's entries for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, but another song won it in the end and will go to Sweden.
Hugs Snowy

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