Wednesday, May 05, 2021

More Sargasso Spring parts ....finally !

 Hi again, 

okay, so firstly sorry for being so late with this next post. 

What can I say? I'm getting old .... I had the occasional aches and pains in my joints before, caused by cold and wet weather, but nothing like this flare up that started last month. I had no energy and all my joints and muscles hurt. I was just happy when I came home from work and could rest. 

I have yet to make an appointment with my doctor , but I guess I have started to get some form of arthritis. I have since adjusted my diet, taking some supplements, keeping warm and in the moment I feel much better . I don't want to take any meds or pain killers unless absolutely necessary. 

It definitely means slowing down ...yet again. No stress if at all possible , because stress weakens the immune system.

And as a result I don't have much to show either. But I completed my "Granny -go-round" jumper ...

and even got featured on the Love Crafts Facebook page. 

In the hopes that the weather will eventually warm up I started a summer version in light cotton with short sleeves as well. (we still have frosty nights and wear boots and winter coats in May)  
Despite frosty nights and cold days the trees are starting to bloom. 

OK , now let me give you the next links. 


2 more parts to come and I hope I won't be late this time. I really don't want to feel that crap again :) 

So until next post , stay crafty 
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Stepping into Spring with Sargasso Spring freebie kit

 Good morning,

I hope you're all having a nice weekend. I'm currently making the most of some time off work . 

Usually at this time of year I have already started on my little garden area behind the house, but this year it's still really cold. Apparently we had the coldest winter since 1940 and it's only warming up very slowly for a few days before temperatures go down for more frosty nights . Up and down like a yoyo. 

I have started some seedlings at the kitchen window indoors, but it's still too cold to plant them outside. 

The spring flowers are blooming though.... and gives me the opportunity for some photo practice.

This is one of the pots in my garden area.

I have also been repotting some of my indoor plants ....and promptly needed some new plant pot covers. So out came the crochet hook and some yarn ....
Mr Fern also had a haircut ,but will be bushy again in a couple of months.
Running out of room? There's always a place to hang another 😁
It's so easy to crochet a new basket to hide the ugly plastic pot :) 

I also got out my watercolours and worked two pages of a new watercolour pad, 
This is for the lazy ,because the motive is printed on the page and all that needs doing is colouring in :) 
A great quick art option when I'm short of time or lack the inspiration to draw my own illustration. 
My knitted spring cardigan is over half stitched up , only need to knit the sleeves now. And I broke my New Years resolution not to buy any more new yarn :) 
When I came across a new design for a crochet jumper I just couldn't resist and had to buy the yarn to make it ! 

It's going to be a learning curve. I have never done a raglan jumper, top down, in one piece without seams before. 

Anyway, I have a new freebie for you today ....
Sorry, I don't have detailed previews for you. 
But I can tell you this kit has 21 backgrounds and 31 elements packed into 6 zips. 
And I have 2 Qps made from this kit to show.
It's not all seaside themed , by the way :) 



And now I need another coffee ! And some breakfast. We had our time change last night and that one hour difference is messing with me :) 

So until next time .Hope you enjoy the new kit. Stay crafty πŸ’“
Hugs Snowy 

Monday, March 01, 2021

The last part again

 Hello again :) 

I'm back with the last part of the Winter Tranquillity kit .I normally wanted to post yesterday ,but we had a stressful day at work and when I got home I just wanted to chill out and then go to bed. 

Winter weather has left us and the last days have been sunny and warmer, although the nights are still cold and frosty. which makes dressing for work rather awkward. It's cold when I leave at 6 am and by 3 pm when I finish it's nice and warm . So I dress in layers and take them off as the temperatures rises. With late shifts it's the other way around :)  I ended up having to walk to work while we had snow and ice .Even some of my colleagues left their cars at home and walked. I'm so glad it's all gone I hope that was it and winter weather doesn't return. I am so ready for spring ! 

So what have I been up to? 

My photography practice was in my living room this time. I practiced a close up of my bunch of flowers. It's looking very "springtime " 
I did some more embroidery on this cotton project bag and I'm thrilled how it turned out :) 
My Valentines project is this Macrame Heart wreath with lots of wooden beads attached. Love how it looks on my flat door. 
I purchased a new watercolour book ....
...and this is the first motive from this book. I am definitely out of practice ! It took me double the time to paint it than it used to. 

I'm still working on my Spirng  cardigan , which you can see a little of above with the book. I have the back part ready and the first front part is close to finishing as well. 

This month I am also doing a fundraiser challenge for WWF . It's called 100 miles in March and we can run , walk or cycle those 100 miles. Although I'm not having much luck raising funds so far.... hopefully that will get better until April. Let's see how far I can push this aging body to go :) 

Today I have the last part of the current freebie kit for you.
And for next post I think it's definitely time for some more cheerful spring designs. 

I have some plans for the coming weeks like some classes , carry on with my latch hook project and spring cardigan, plus I want to make some more crochet plant hangers once my order of gold brass ring hangers arrives. And hopefully the weather will be kind for those cycle rides and walks . 

I think I will have a hot chocolate drink now and then go to bed with a good book and read a little before my eyes get tired. It's only a quarter past eight , but it's my day off and crawling under the warm blankets and getting cosy sounds rather tempting . 
Stay healthy and crafty , all of you and until next time time πŸ’“ 

Hugs Snowy 

Sunday, February 07, 2021

New freebie parts on a stormy morning

 "Yawn" good morning ....I thought I could sleep in a little this morning as I have to work a late shift today, but the weather has other ideas. Who needs an alarm clock when you have stormy weather and the sea wind is howling around the house? Ah well, coffee is on my desk , it's only just getting light outside and at least it's warm and cosy in here . 

And clean ! During my 2 weeks staycation I managed to clean this place from top to bottom. Spring cleaning accomplished :)  I just need the Charity shop to open again now. I have a huge black bin bag full of clothing and things I sorted out and no longer need. But they won't open until this lockdown is finished.

Thanks for your comments :) Nice to hear from you ,Su. And Kyra -keep being crafty :) As for suggestions regarding dogs behaviour, I have no clue. I never had dogs, only cats . And since my 3 cats died of old age a few years ago I have not had any pets. I might get a pet again when I retire, but that's still 14 years of working away. In the meantime I'm enjoying a hair free environment :) 

So let's get to the crafty news.

As part of my "try a new craft for 2021" I tried embroidery. It's not perfect , but I'm happy how it turned out. 
I already have another embroidery project planned.
I started knitting mittens ...another first. I have never knitted mittens before. 
I crocheted mini plant hangers .They look so cute by the window, and my baby plants get more light this way :) 
My stripy cardigan is ready. I just need to add some buttons/poppers now. 
For photography I targeted my orchid .... isn't she beautiful? 
And when it's cold and wintery outside there's always ways to bring spring indoors and try some more interior photography in my living room :) 
I also finished the scrapbook kit I was working on. 
But now to the freebies for today. 2 more links for Winter tranquillity.



One more part to come next post .

And I think I need some winter warmth and another coffee now, because it just started  snowing out there . 
Until next time -stay crafty, stay healthy and safe πŸ’“
Hugs Snowy 

Sunday, January 17, 2021

First post of the New Year with new freebie kit

 Hello and a rather late happy New Year :) 

I hope you are well . We are in our 3rd lockdown here in UK and it seems the covid numbers are finally starting to come down a bit. Lockdown certainly doesn't bother me and not much has changed for me. I work as normal and don't suffer from any lockdown boredom .Rather the opposite.... 

So far I have been taking it slowly with new creations. I have been taking the time to go through my stash of patterns , tutorials etc and trying to decide which ones to tackle the next coming months and this year. 

One of my resolutions for this year was to try something new .

So I got myself a latch hook kit and will work on that in between some other already started projects from last year. 

The temperature has gone down at the coast here , so I got this new hat ready in time to wear while I'm out and about. 
I used the new Lion Brand "Hue and me" yarn for this and it's an absolute pleasure to work with ! 
I also purchased some new yarn from Bergere de France , called Recyclene. 

Bergere state: 
An extra-chunky, round yarn made entirely from fibres that have been recycled in BergΓ¨re de France's own manufacturing units. Recyclaine has been designed with the environment in mind and complies with professional quality standards. 

Let's see what I can make with this :) 

Last year I have neglected nature photography , so I'm happy to say that the first picture I took this year was the moon peeking through the trees , on my way home from work early in the morning. 

I used to take a lot of pictures during my travels, but with having to stay in and no travel it's kind of hart to get nice images. So let's see what I can find close to home for the time being. 
I'm slowly getting used to the new graphic program and almost finished a new kit. It still needs a few more elements , but the papers are all done. 

I have only 4 shifts left to work and then I will be off work on "staycation " for 2 weeks , and will finish it then and hope to get a few more crafty things done as well. 

And now to the new freebie kit. 

Winter Tranquillity is actually not a new "new" kit. Part was a freebie before on my old website years ago and the other part was a store kit. Now the complete kit will be a freebie. 
Here the previews

And here the first download links

All together there will be 5 parts for this kit again. Yeah ,I know.... I don't seem to have very many small kits 😁

Enjoy and stay healthy ! Don't let the nasty virus catch you .  Mask up , stay 2 metres apart and wash your hands. Oh yes, and  stay in and be creative . 
Till next time 
Hugs Snowy πŸ’“

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

 Hi everybody,

hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas πŸ’“

I normally wanted to post last night , before Christmas.....but ....I fell asleep on the sofa πŸ˜€...yeah ,I know....sign of old age 

And I'm tired again after slaving in the kitchen today. We had goose and all the trimmings ,so now I feel very full and could easily have a nap. But blog post first ! 

And as always the creative update 

I made another storage bag and a basket for my hallway stairs. Especially now in winter these come in handy. I have my waterproof rain cape and waterproofing spray in one, the other is full of scarves and gloves. And the hooks are also perfect to hang up my face masks right by the door. 
I ordered some new chunky yarn called "Hue and me" and it's fantastic! Out of 3 balls of yarn I made this cushion cover ....
...and this hat. 
This little gnome was then made to use up the last leftovers of the yarn .
I still have 2 and a bit of this yarn left and another cushion cover is half done so far. Aren't these colours gorgeous?

But let's get to the freebie now. 
The last part 

I have another kit almost ready to upload for you .I only need to make some previews and then you can get it.  
In the meantime have nice holidays and stay healthy . 

Hugs Snowy