Friday, May 12, 2023

It's a rather wet May

 Hello again :) 

I thought I do my weekend post early as it's supposed to be nice weather at the weekend and I need to get some gardening done. We had so much rain here and when it's actually sunny I have to make the most of it and get some things done. According to the forecast we will have two nice days before more rain is on its way. 

Also , tomorrow is the Eurovision Song Contest. I love music, so watching this is a must ! I'll have some snacks and I might even open a bottle of red wine , and settle in on my sofa for 3-4 hours of music. I hope one of my favourites will win. 

The mini lilac tree I planted late last year is blooming for the first time. 
Flowers and trees seem to be liking all this rain, my tomatoe plants not so much. Plus this wet weather brings all the snails out, and they love nothing better than to munch on the baby plants. 
Pink flower pompoms :) 

No craft pictures this time. Work didn't leave much time to get creative. 
And a quick layout with bluebells .
And with this it's time for the new freebie...
Here is your download link 

Enjoy , and until next post again. 

Hugs Snowy

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