Saturday, June 13, 2015

I have something for you :)

Hi all,
Back from Nevada and I was glad to be home. Desert is just not my thing , I will stick to the east in future. I miss my woods, lakes, rivers and the sea too much,lol.
The concert we went to in Vegas was fantastic though ! Over 4 hours of music and 3 bands.
But it's something I can cross off my bucket list ...been there , done it , got the t-shirt.
Back to earning my millions (I wish) and on to the next thing. The next journey is already planned. But not as far this time. I will spend X-mas in Germany with the family this time.

As always I have kept busy with various craft project and my plants.
A pebble candle holder...
A re-purposed cushion cover , made from an old knitted cardigan , I don't wear anymore.

And I have some simple Pinwheel papers for you. I saw this post on Pinterest , how to make Rosette Pinwheels and wanted to have a go.
So I decided to make some papers and print them. You will need to print 2 pages of the red/white striped paper and 1 each of the others. Cut 4 stripes red /white , glue together and fold , then 1 circle of the blue stars paper.

And this is one I made with the papers .
Have fun, here is the download link

Till next time , stay creative,lol
Hugs Snowy