Monday, May 22, 2017

I'm baaaaack ;)

Yeah, I've been away for a week , spending some time in Germany, visiting my parents and had a cracking time meeting my old friends from "back in the days". We had not seen each other in over 20 years , so you can imagine it was a great reunion :)
I blocked out the faces as I'm not sure whether they like having their pic published
It was a fun evening :)
I was not online for practically the whole week ...and it was peaceful ! Maybe I should do that more often.

Looks picturesque and peaceful....

....until these 2 come caveman style out of the bushes :)
Yup, that's my son and his girlfriend.

We had 30/85 degrees in Germany, but coming back to only 12/53 degrees in UK was a bit of a temperature shock.
Anyway, no art pictures this time , so I get to the download straight away now.
Today it's Celtic Magic Earth

We still have two more elements to go , so part 4 and 5 the next 2 weeks.Now I have laundry and all sorts of other exciting things to do . Until next post :)
Hugs Snowy

Friday, May 12, 2017

...and here comes the next mini kit freebie

Hi ,
it's been a quite creative week for me despite work . But I will be off for 2 weeks now. :) Hooray !
Hope the weather will turn a bit nicer for this time.
So far I have kept up with the challenge I'm taking part in, but that might change ...depending on the weather. If it's nice I rather go out and do something out side than sitting at my desk.
A prompt each day and you can illustrate /draw/write which ever way you like.
This is my day 4 : Finetec watercolor and Stabilo pens

Day 5 Zentangle style with white gelly roll and artline white pen
Day 6: normal watercolor
Day 7 Tombow dual brush pens and outline Sharpie fineline
Day 8 also illustrated with Tombows
Day 9 in Typography style using Tombows
Next one done with Ecoline liquid watercolor
...and Tombows again , plus writing with Pentel touch sign pen

OK, now to the download . I promised you part 2 of Celtic Magic -Water
It comes in 3 parts

And now I'm off...lot's to do ! Catching up on the ever exiting dusting, cleaning etc before I chill and relax with whatever I like :)
Till next week
Hugs Snowy

Friday, May 05, 2017

The last and the new ...

as promised I'm back with the last part of Printemps and the first of the Celtic Magic kit you're getting a whopping 3 files to download today .:)
Edna to answer your comment , the Illustrator dream is very much for when I retire from my "normal" job. Currently I just wouldn't find the time for it. But I'm using this time to learn more. Practice makes perfect,huh?
I will be signing up to Skillshare next month. For a monthly or yearly fee you become a member and can take as many online classes as you want . Check out what classes they have to offer here
And yes, there is an Illustrator class there as well , apart from lots of different art , design and photography classes. But also business , freelance , marketing , music ....hell, the choice is just endless !

I had a couple of highlights this week. First I got featured for taking part in the watercolor challenge ...
...and then I got contacted by the Art /Craft /Book store where I buy a lot of my stuff to work with , asking whether they could share the picture of the pencil case I made with one of their kits.:)
I wouldn't mind becoming an Affiliate , working with and showcasing their art and craft kits ,lol.

I'm still trying to catch up on some challenges. But I have the first 3 days of the Sure Simple challenge done.
Day 1 :Watercolor (Ecoline) and lettering (Pentel touch sign pen in black)
Day 2: Fine Tec watercolor
Day 3 in doodle style with Tombow dual brush pens

And as quite often while out and about these lovely blossoms caught my eye and camera :)
I just couldn't walk past without taking a picture or two ...

Even though it's still very cool for the time of year, these sure are a sign of spring .

OK, downloads now...
The last part

and here comes the "New" ... Celtic Magic Fire ... an ex store kit , now for free
Part 1and 2

Next up we extinguish the Fire ...with Water
So until next week again :)
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, April 29, 2017

And another two for you :)

Hi everybody,
I fell asleep at 7 pm last night after working some overtime. 2 am I woke up wide awake and my cat thought it was breakfast time when I came down the stairs to go to the toilette,lol. Luckily I was able to go back to sleep an hour later. And when I got up a short while ago , Sam wanted second breakfast :)
In his eyes this was great and I could do that kind of thing every day wish, you little fur ball ! :)
Obviously with working overtime and falling asleep there wasn't much time to be creative on any large projects this week. But I did a little more work with those fabulous Fine Tec colors on black paper.
There is just something magic about letting colors run into each other and see how it turns out....
And when you get new inks , like this Ecoline Watercolor ink then you need to try out all those fantastic new colors :)
I ordered the pastel colors this month to try out, and I'm so in love with them I will oder the bright colors next payday :)
The great thing about these is that you can use a brush , like I did here....or an old fashioned quill and nip , dip pen, calligraphy pen to draw or write with them. Very versatile :)

The weather hasn't been exactly great here for gardening , but I still got some things planted.
 Tomato plants , cabbage etc ...and the beans and potato plants are doing very well .

Yeah , it's only pots and grow bags, but I'm definitely making the most out of the little space I have behind the house :)
There's a lot more to do, but the weather needs to improve before I can plant out the other babies which are waiting in my kitchen.

But now to the links.
If you are looking for more detailed previews , they are in the post with the first two links.
But here are parts 5 and 6 now

There will be one more next week ...and the start of another freebie kit.This kit will be in 5 small separate kits. It's the Celtic Magic collection. As it will be Beltane on the 1st of May (which is an ancient Fire Festival ), I will give you the "Fire " part first.
Followed by the other Elements Water, Earth ,Air and Spirit till then ...
Stay creative :)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Two more parts of Printemps

Good morning "yawn" ...
Yeah, I just came home from nightshift and have not been to bed yet. But I will after this post. Knowing myself later on I will be lazy, because it always takes a full day and night to recover from working nights.

I treated myself to some Ecoline liquid watercolor and had to try them out. The great thing is you can also use them as ink for a dip pen.
And I did some more watercolor practice...
An owlet on canvas ...isn't he a cutie?

And after 3 years I finally finished a kit that was sat on my drive all this time.
I started it when I was with Reggie in North Carolina. After he passed away it was just too painful at first to carry on working on it, but better late than never ...I finally got it done :)
Anyway, enough of that. Let me just give you those new parts now and then I'm off to dream land :)

Here's two more parts

And now I really need my beauty sleep , so until next time ...
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter weekend and new freebie

Hey all :)
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend ! I certainly am. It doesn't happen too often that I have a weekend off but by chance I was lucky for Easter this time.
Yup, I have been making things again.
A little craft paper and lettering  ...
...a zentangle owl ...
....Fine tech watercolor and...
...I got a weaving frame :) And even finished my first project.
For a "first" this wall hanging turned out great :)
More practice needed and learning some patterns will be next.

I have the first parts of another kit today.
And here some previews for more detail
Some papers
 Bow and floral elements...

 Swirly frames and corner elements...

 More frames and elegant glitter elements
 Some structures and leaves

More swirly stuff..
Its a quite large kit with 7 folders

I will give you 2 of them today.


And the first one with elements

And here a quickpage I made with the kit ...maybe I will give you the qps as well soon :)
Anyway...the sun is shining and I have some gardening to do.
So until next post ...
Hugs Snowy