Monday, September 30, 2013

"yawn" ...more freebies again

Hi ,
good morning ....or rather afternoon.I got up not too long ago after my 3rd night shift. I think I definitely need another coffee to wake up fully,lol.
One more night and I'm off for a couple of days -hooray !!!
Despite work I had a nice weekend. Reggie never fails to amaze me.He kept me company through almost 8 hours during my 12 hour shift, and then was online and up when I came home after finishing my shift to Skype with me before I went to sleep. :)

I always forgot to show you something. Are you bored with always having a photo in a normal frame? I found darling little trays on my visit to Germany , which have a cut out and flap at the back to insert a picture.
I love this , it makes such a nice change from a normal frame and looks decorative as well.

I just feel in love with the look , the wood has a kind of chalky distressed finish to it. They do the matching trays in a larger size without the photo cutout.
I got inspired by this and wanted to try to achieve the same kind of effect for a cheap white plastic heart tray which I picked up at Applebee's really cheap on my last visit with Nita in NC.So I got busy with acrylic paints. I appied the base coat first, and then dry brushed it with a white paint, and also just smudged it a bit with my fingers. I'm happy with the result, it now catches the ash from my joss stick incense holder.
 Anyway..... here the new pieces for the kit again.
Copper border
Autumn flowers
Single flower
and the word "Fall Time"
...and with that I'm off again.Another coffee , get some housework done, get ready and to work again.
Till next post ~ hugs Snow :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

The fun begins....

Hi all,
today my marathon of night shifts begins, so I quickly post some more parts for the kit.
Reggie's birthday was a relaxing day for him. He made himself the gift of taking a day off work and cooking himself a nice meal.
On Wartune he had several Birthday Wishes from other player friends and I sent him "99 roses" , a virtual gift on that website.
Plus the digi card I made. And yesterday a nice surprise when I was getting ready at 5.30 am in the morning. He couldn't sleep but knew I was up and getting ready for work , so he decided to just give me a good morning surprise call,lol.
The Art journal work carries on. I wall papered a few pages and now the embellishments and photos can slowly be added.
Plus of cause plenty of journaling and pockets for storing some memorabilia.

But now to designs, I have another background and 2 elements for you today.
Hot coffee and cookies when it starts getting cool out there,lol
Cookies,coffee and cup
Autumn leaves
And with that I'm to do and a nap to catch before I start my night shift. Hugs Snow :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back with more designs

Hi again,
I finally got some more pieces for the kit done.
I spent the weekend relaxing , being online with Reggie and catching up as always with work in here.
But I also got some work done on the altered box.
After it was "wall papered" I attached some lace at the top...
....some tags and a pressed autumn leave as decoration.
Plus add a little rose deco, buttons, a cameo and some bows , and the whole lot looks a lot better than before.
I also transformed a plain notebook into a decorative journal book.
But now to designs. I have a background , bow and another journal/tag for you.

The colors that inspired this kit are those of a sunny Fall Day with blue skies.Here are the links
Yippieeee...I got Mediafire working this morning,lol

I'm back to work tomorrow and have a long week with 12 hour shifts in front of me , so not sure how often I can post more , but I promise more will be coming.
Also, it's Reggie's birthday tomorrow,and he's taking the day off work. So after I come home from my shift I will obviously spending time with him on Skype.
I think I will be able to post more when I start my night shifts on Friday. So till then ...
Hugs Snow

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another day with downloads

Good morning again, often gets in the way of things, so I only have 2 more pieces to give away in the moment.I'm not sure how much time I will have tomorrow as I also have meeting to attend before my regular shift starts.So it will be a 10 hour work day for me. Add onto that , that I will have double traveling time because I have to go in the afternoon , then home and then back to work again.So I might need a couple of days to design more and add to the stash of the Autumn kit.

But here is the first change to box I am also working on. First step of  redecorating is a good wallpaper. So I had to cover it in some gorgeous scrapbook paper.
It's standing here now and waiting for the glue and paper to dry, and I will carry on adding to it tomorrow.

Kyra , your comment made me laugh , yes, one of me is enough as well,lol.

Creating is part of my "relaxing time" , we often have so much stress and are so busy, you have to find something to do that you enjoy and keeps you sane far as sane goes ...uhmmm, yeah.... I better not go too much into that ...:)

But even behind this , my influence is Reggie.I have a lot of Tarot cards , candles and other things stuffed into 3 ugly boxes. I won't be able to take it all when the time comes. But I can sort out my favorites from those 3 boxes , store them in this smaller pretty box and take it in my suitcase. So in a way, you could say this will be my traveling/moving box.

Anyway....I have to get ready for work again, time goes far to quick in this case.
Here are today's downloads
Watercolor paper
Tag /card
...and I really like 4shared better than mediafire, faster uploads and less hassle ! Mediafire wouldn't work for me yet again.
Till next post.... not 100 % sure when I can create more, but I only have 2 more shifts to do before I have a little time off again.
Hugs Snow

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More freebies :)

Hi all, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. For me it was an extended one as I had Monday off as well.
I spent most of the time with Reggie online , but also did some crafting.

I came across the picture of some hand sewn stuffed pumpkins and they looked to cute, I had to try and make one myself.

So I got my supplies out and got busy. This is my own version.
My next project will be an altered box .I'm planning to transform this plain red one into a work of art. Over the time I will post some pics of the process.
But now downloads. I had mega problems with mediafire again this morning, so I could only upload them to 4shared. I will keep trying to get them into the usual folder , but for the time being this will have to do.


And now it's time to get ready for work again
Hugs Snow :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Beautiful Autumn-first Thanksgiving pieces

Good morning again,
putting up a few pieces for the kit before I get busy here and do some grocery shopping.
It's Friday so Reggie will finish work earlier today.Well they usually do, unless they have still lots to do.

Did you watch X-factor ? Hell ,I will keep up and watch how this girl is doing.I hope she will win , she is just amazing !

Then I signed up for a workshop !
Heat up your Holidays !
A Burlesque Workshop at Wendy's Dance Studio in Concord/NC.
I will take part together with Nita. This will be so much fun,lol

Anyway-here is the new stuff :)
Till next post : )

Thursday, September 12, 2013

...and the next downloads as well.... I'm up early this morning. Hi all
today is a day to catch up with cleaning ,laundry and all the other tasks which I did not find time for during my shifts again.
So I'm putting these up already.
The kit is certainly getting bigger with all sorts of Autumn related designs. I already have some Thanksgiving stuff ready as well.
But for today it will be another Halloween background, Frame and matching tag.
Here the links, elements as always in png format
Enjoy !
Hugs Snowy

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Vintage Halloween for Beautiful Autumn

Hi again
oh damn, I slept longer than I wanted to ! Last night Reggie said to call him in the morning before he heads off to work, so I stayed up a little while after I finished my night shift , skyped him this morning and then went to sleep when he headed off to work. When I woke up and looked at the time it was already 4.30 pm,lol.
Guess that was my bodies way of telling me it needed the rest.
Well ,I am having a lazy day with plenty of coffee .... I played with my friends on Wartune a bit, then opened my design program and made a few more pieces for the kit.
So now I have two more downloads for you. And after posting this it's time to make something to eat, because my stomach is growling and telling me it wants to be fed.
I only have a couple of hours until Reggie will be home from his 10 hour shift , and then we'll hook up on Skype again while we play our online game a bit more.
So here are the new pieces for today....
as always
Spiderweb (png)


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beautiful Autumn Vintage Halloween Background

Hello again,
did I fail to mention that this kit will also include matching Halloween and Thanksgiving parts?
Well, now you know ,lol.

Not much going on today , I slept half the day after working my first night shift, had a relaxing and warming bubble bath and now going to eat something and then another short nap before my next shift starts.
The weather here has gone horrible, it rainy and wet, very windy and the temperature dropped .... the rate it's going I will have to turn the heating on soon.
Reggie said last night" Not long and you here.We have lovely sunny weather still and temperatures in the upper 80ies.I hope we have such nice days while you are here"
Yeah, I hope so as well.We have walks to the river and creek planned.

Anyway , here is today's download
Hugs Snowy

Monday, September 09, 2013

Autumn Watercolour , gradient backgrounds and elements

Hi all,
it's a night shift day....which means I have the day to do what I like before I start tonight. Nice :)  So I was busy creating a few more pieces for this Autumn kit.
Loved to see a comment from friend Edna this morning as well. Yes, I'm sort of back. Not quite as active as I used to when it comes to designing , but as and when the mood strikes me,lol.

I like to do lots of different things and usually have a few projects on the go at the same time. Oh yes, -and Reggie is going to teach me to play guitar. I told him I would love to learn and see if I'm any good at it. He has more than one guitar in his home and played for years , even in his own band.This is one of his pics showing his guitar collection.

I always loved music and used to play flute when I was a young girl. That's a long time ago, but I still know the basic notes, so I can build up on that again.

Have you got some ugly vase standing around which doesn't quite fit into your decor anymore?
I had this lime green one that didn't fit my color scheme anymore after I redecorated the living room. 
But that's easily fixed. One take a piece of material , in my case burlap and a few decorations,and elastic band or ribbon, one hot glue gun and get busy.

Anyway.... here are the backgrounds
And some elements ...
Autumn Raindrops
Paper Butterfly
Autumn Vintage Ornament
I will carry on adding to this kit, so watch out for posts with download links.
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Autumn mat freebie

Hi all,
the Journal page still doesn't want to upload for some reason,lol....but I have a mat for you today .I will get Mediafire working eventually !
Here is the link for the Autumn mat , original download is without the drop shadow. Have a nice Sunday -see ya :)

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Next piece of Beautiful Autumn

Good morning again,lol
yes, Kyra...I have kept that sense humor. If anything it has multiplied .... That man of mine is just a bad influence on me (he says that himself ).

In the moment I'm working shifts again, so not much time to get a lot done.But I worked on a couple of pieces to extend the kit.
This is what is ready so far. I added another back ground and a journal page, but Mediafire is being a pain in the ass and won't let me upload the journal page, so I will keep trying and post the link tomorrow
Background 2 link:
...or if you want to go straight to the whole folder , here is the folder link

And now Master Reggie is awake and requires my attention ,lol... so until tomorrow .
Hugs Snow :)

Friday, September 06, 2013

..."sulks" ....I've been told off ,lol

Oh dear, just come back to my blog and have promptly been told off severely by Kyra for disappearing such a long time,lol. She writes among other things :
Oh, you are alive still LOL! I was wondering what happened to you! Don;t you ever leave for such a long time from the internet, you hear!
Oh, you've made my day today! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw in my bloglist that you had pasted again on your blog LOL.
You are okay and doing well, that is the most important thing.
Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.

"Hangs head in shame" ... yeah, it's was a long time, but I had neither the time nor the inspiration to design anything. 
I spend every free minute I can with Reggie online as we can't be together in person and work commitments take a lot of our time away.
He and Shaun come first in my life.
But here a few more pics of what I have been up to.Roses always make great photo objects :) And these were just too cute .

Now something to make you chuckle. This was Reggie's idea. I got this Wall Decal on my last visit when we were browsing through Michael's . I planned on giving my bathroom a new look and when we saw this and Reg came out with the idea , I just knew I had to do it.I made a canvas sign to hang above the toilet ....notice the Febreze Air freshener is strategically placed by the sign above the toilet,lol..... we don't want any business to take your breath away, hehehehe....

Anyway, I have a tag freebie to go with the growing kit I work on.Png format , to either use for digi srap or to print out.

Till next time
Hugs Snowy

Thursday, September 05, 2013

A long time.....

...since I last posted here. Hello all :)
I've been so busy with other things the past months.
For a start I was in Germany this summer for a long overdue visit to my parents and relatives there.
It was so nice to see everybody again and visit places where I grew up. And of cause the food...yummm.
I couldn't believe the old Italian Ice Cream Parlor was still there.Of cause I had to sit down and indulge in one.
My mum's garden is fantastic, but instead of picking the berries I probably ate more than putting them into the bag.
And her roses are lovely !
And of cause a visit to the Castle, with a beautiful view over the town.

Apart from that I have been busy to sort through my things here and get everything reduced to at least half the amount. From 4 folders with Scrap paper I am now down to a single one , a lot of books have disappeared from my shelves, more clothing has gone to the charity shop .....and I'm not done yet ! This will be an ongoing project until it's time to move. I can't take much with me.
Yes, I am still happy and in love with that amazing guy called Reggie. Only 10 weeks and I will be flying across to him again.
Currently I'm working on a hybrid Scrapbook /Art Journal with lots of inside pockets to store all the memorabilia from my journeys across.
This year I will be there for Thanksgiving , so I need some Autumn papers and elements.
I just made the first background to print out and put into my book.
And if you like it, here is the download link for it

I will be working on some tags and pockets , and some more backgrounds next.
But now it's time to get ready and get some work in here done before my late shift starts.
Snowy :)