Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sales and Wilderness !

whoopeee.... I stopped in town on my way back home from work today because my favourite shop started the Summer Sale today. And I was lucky ! Came away with a bag of nice clothes worth almost £ 70.00 for only £ 20.00. As I was told by our "Bride-zilla" after she saw my pic in the cream coloured dress to wear more lighter and brighter colours instead of so much black I chose this today...well , there is a bit more,lol.
And what the hell happened to the small herbs I had in my kitchen?Despite cutting down regularly I now have a Wilderness on my windowsill.
 It's a nice little storm here with Thunder and rain , but needed !It was so hot and humid the past days , so hopefully this will clear the air a bit and cool it down .
I have a few more new pics, but will leave those for another day. Gotta have at least something to show while I'm not designing. So for now hugs and till next time

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Still alive and kickin'

Good morning everybody,
I'm still around, just doing other things in the moment besides working a lot of hours. It would normally be another day off for me today ,but I am going in for some more overtime. Snowy needs money for her Driving License and other things,lol.
I have not designed anything since I completed the last kit "Disco lights" , in the moment I am reading a lot. During the time when I couldn't afford much I missed out on new releases of books which I collect, like the Anita Blake or Merry Gentry series. So now I am slowly catching up and ordered some via Amazon. So instead of playing on the PC I tend to go to bed early and read.
And I found my dress for Christine's Wedding in August. Lol, I took some pics in the changing room with my phone.
Plus matching Hairband ....
Almost 8.00 am , I have already done the floors and had breakfast. Now I will grab a shower, get ready and catch some sun before I have to go to work again. Till next time -Hugs Raven

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hi all, just checking in to say I'm still around. Sickness at work requires more overtime and I'm on 72 hours this week.Needless to say I don't get much done. But the money will be coming in handy ....I think I need a flight to New York soon ! ;)
I normally wanted to show some pictures , but Blogger seems up to some tricks this morning and won't let me post a photo. So that will have to wait. Instead I will now get ready, see if a certain person pops up to chat this morning? and get my work done.Will have to take a nap later as I'm working nights again.....and let's see if Blogger is back to normal when I next pop in. Hugs Raven

Monday, June 20, 2011

Back to normal...well, if you can call my life normal,lol

Hi all, the 12 hour marathon shift weekend is over, thank the Goddess. Last night I was in bed before 9.30pm  after those two 12 hour shifts , and I must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillows. Today it's a normal 8 hour late shift. I have already started to tidy and clean up in here after doing practically nothing all weekend. There just isn't enough time if I get up at 4.30 am and work till 7 pm. So it's "catch up" time again. In my limited free time I have been going through a lot of my old magazines which have been building up. I cut out articles with information , spells etc which I want to keep for further reference and the rest goes in the bin. Now it's a case of  filing those I want to keep into a folder. I want to get some index pages and sort them under different subject names so I can find them easily later.
My sage is growing nicely , I have already made some smudge sticks.
On Friday I met up with a fellow "apprentice Witch" at our local store and also did some shopping in the morning. Some things I just couldn't resist to get..... some more crystal bracelets in moonstone, clear quartz, smokey quartz, mother of pearl, lapis crystal plus some others, incense and a really cute little Buddha book. I will use the book to write in my favourite Buddha quotes and it even looks great on my little meditation altar.

I have also just ordered 3 new books at Amazon- can't wait till they arrive.
Time is running away as always , I still need to get some things done and then get ready for work. So until next post for now.
Hugs Raven

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Kit now in Store,plus free sampler

Hi  there,
I managed to get the new kit all ready last night, it's uploaded and in Store now. Plus the freebie sampler as well. Thought I better get it done before my two long shifts at the weekend come up. I will be doing 12 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday.But let me show you the previews in detail from the new kit "Disco Lights"

And the freebie Sampler as always in my BlogStore. This kit has 16 backgrounds and 45 elements.
And now I'm off , have to answer some e-mail and then get my hair dried and out. Gotta make the most of my last day off,lol. leaving you with Natalia Kills -Wonderland

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Energy !!!

Hi all, nope-no design updates today , I was far too busy for that,lol. I had hoped to catch a glimpse of the eclipse last night , but it took place far too early in the evening where I live. The sun wasn't down and it was bright daylight and we also had some clouds about in the sky. But the full moon later in the night was beautiful. And the energy just amazing. Most in our little group at the Wiccan Connection made the most of it. Crystals and salt recharged, rituals and most of said they could feel the energy. Nikki even said she has a full moon overdose , Jaedyn is feeling it strongly and I have been buzzing all day. Just a shame I couldn't take pictures of the Eclipse ,I would have loved that. But I took some other pics -this is full moon mood and preparation.
Bucket of fresh salt , I had run out last week -so the new supply had to be charged as well.
 Some of the crystals already unpacked for charging, the rest is still packed in bags, next to my Rosemary plant.
Candles on altar , everything being cleansed and smudged.
..And more candles ....in front of one of my designed pictures which I printed out a long time ago for my bedroom.
Today I was using the energy inside here.It's raining and I used the time to clean my windows (inside), wash the curtains, floors are mopped, beds changed, it's dusted ....now I only need to get my salt and sage smudge and I have it all done. In between chatting on Facebook-Julie is happy that the Bruins won, Scott wants me come to Maine to clean his house as well,I made a few new friends-Talisien in Texas and David in Ohio.  Tomorrow I will be meeting up with a young Witch in training. She joined the group a couple of weeks ago and lies here in the same town. So we'll meet up at our local Spritual/Wiccan Store and go browsing through the goodies together.And that's all from me now again. I will have to prepare dinner soon. Teriyaki Chicken ....yummieeee... Hugs Raven :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The finishing touches

Hi and good morning, I can't believe I was awake before 7.00 am on a day off when I can sleep longer,lol. But it gave me time to be creative already and do some last things for the Disco Lights kit. And I had to clean up my tattoo and put some fresh healing cream on it. Yup- I finally had it done yesterday. It took Ron almost 2 hours to do and there where some fine bits to do like the pentacle on sword hilt. This is the first step - just the outlines. Quality of the pic isn't too good as it's just a mobile phone photo.
 And at the end before we wrapped my arm up , the finished tattoo. You can see how red and sore it is there ,lol.
It will look completely different in a few days once it had time to heal and colours will show properly. They are mixed up with blood in the moment still.
Well, after all that I thought I deserved a treat.Toffee Apple Cider - a drink for a Goddess ! That stuff is so yummiee !!! And it made me sleep well,lol.
Shaun brought it home a couple of days ago, but I kept it in the fridge until I was off work.
This morning I made the main preview for the kit, now I still have to make the detailed ones and then it can go in the Store. This is the main one- there are too many elements in the kit to fit them all onto the preview.
And now it's time to tidy up here. Tonight is full moon and we have a total Eclipse , I plan to be out for that and watch. That is if the weather holds and we have no cloud cover. In the moment it's lovely and sunny -let's hope it stays that way ! I need to get new salt and will have to charge it , and my crystals as well during the full moon tonight. So that's me off again for now ...keeping busy as always. I already have the music on to get me motivated,lol. I'll be swinging my butt to Jennifer Lopez new song "I'm into you"
Hugs Raven

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...and more designs done...

...hey ,I'm good,lol- the designs for this kit just keep coming in the moment. ...Good morning, or rather afternoon. I already had my beauty sleep after coming home from Night shift this morning. Now I'm sitting here waiting for the coffee to kick in while I have been playing a bit more. At  5.00pm I need to be at Ron's , I'm finally getting my tattoo extension done, after we had to postpone it last week as Ron was not well.
So I show you some of the new stuff now before I get ready. What would be a Nightclub without a bar? So I had to create some elements for that as well to go with the kit.
I am impressed with myself how this kit is turning out. Guess my love for Clubs and dancing is showing,lol. I just love the lights and the atmosphere .... and the loud music as well !
Anyway , I have waffled enough -I leave you with another Dance floor tune. Have a lovely day -Hugs Raven
Jason Derulo - Don't wanna go home

Monday, June 13, 2011

Soaked !

Hello, -what a weather last night ! Strong winds and it was pouring buckets of water from the sky ! Yes, you got it - I was out in it on my way to work. Thanks to Andi, our Manager ,I was well prepared though. He made sure we were given waterproof  fluorescent jackets  and I actually got my wellies out. So it wasn't too bad. This morning it's still looks grey and rainy , but at least it wasn't raining on my way home and I arrived back dry. Got more overtime coming up with an extra shift covering somebodies leave as well.
Lol, I must have looked a picture last night when I arrived .... not very fashionable , but who gives a damn. At least it kept me reasonably dry.
And I did more for the new kit as well. Here is yet another quickpage with new designs.
Here is a tune which puts me into Dance mode ,lol.And I'm off to get my beauty sleep now-one more night shift to do !. Nite nite -Hugs Snowy

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Good morning , I will keep this post short.Mega head ache this morning ,it doesn't happen often ...but ok, Paracetamol tablets for breakfast it is then . I don't fancy sitting there on Night shift with a head like this tonight !
I carried on with the new kit designs and made another quickpage from some of the new stuff.
Guess I wait a bit for the Paracetamol to kick in and then start my work here. I also want to get out into the sun a little bit , and then , later this afternoon a nap before starting work tonight.
Hugs Raven

Saturday, June 11, 2011

And more Overtime coming up !

Hi again,
well, more overtime coming up. A colleague wants the 18/19 th off and needs cover for those shifts, so I will be doing 12 hour shifts on these days. I don't mind, it's nice to have some extra money ! That driving license is costing a fortune , so a little extra is very welcome. But I also handed in my own leave until end of the year. I had to make sure I have all the important days off when the Pats will be playing,lol. Let the Football season begin ! I am particularly interested to see Nate Solder play in the team -what a Giant of a man ! I wouldn't want to tackle him ! The whole group on FB is looking forward for the season to start, we're going to have some nice Football nights again ,and the status updates are always quite funny depending how the game goes.
Anyway , I carried on with the new kit. I had an evening where the designs just took shape on it's own. So here is a first quickpage with new stuff .
I put some transparent light beams over the frame on purpose , it makes for an interesting overlay effect on the photo.
Otherwise it's really quiet in the moment apart from working and keeping this place and the cats in order I don't find the time for much else. Roy is at Download Festival , so I'm looking forward to seeing some photos when he comes back. Knowing him he needs to recover from the long weekend first,lol. Summer Solstice is fast approaching .This year I won't be able to do much for the day as I'm working. We are still short staffed so there was no chance getting time off for this month.OK , time to finish my coffee and get busy again , so have a nice day .Here's some wake-up music

Hugs Raven

Friday, June 10, 2011

Back on Lates...

...and thank F*** for that ! These past two days being on early shifts have messed up my sleeping pattern as usual and I get nothing done. I am really not an early morning person.I'm fine as long as it's 7 am , but getting up at 4.30 am kills me,lol. We had 2 people sick at work recently as well, so there's always the worry about cover. Ron was off sick as well, so he couldn't do my Tattoo as planned. We rescheduled it for next Tuesday now. It's gorgeous sunshine this morning here, but I hear from Nikki and Scott that they had some thunderstorms last night.Scott lives in Sanford , Nikki in Fall River, only about an hour away from Salem.
I told you about my herbs , specially the mint growing like mad - so I had to give them another cut.
All bundled up and drying now.(mobile phone pictures)
 And I told you I had some ideas in my head regarding new designs-this might give you a clue,lol
I won't be able to go out the next coming weekends as I'm working , but the next free one I will be out again !
And I have a quickpage for you today . Enjoy !
And now it's time to get ready again , want to get into town before work ,plus these damn cat toilets need cleaning again because they are starting to smell. So I better get my ass into gear -Hugs Raven

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer BBQ now in Store -plus free Add-on

Pheeew .... what a day !  Got up at 4.30 am this morning , work, then shopping. Record timing for 2 shops plus cycling home and storing away in a little over an hour. 10 minute coffee break , cook dinner, eat. Then washing up, mop floors and some general tidy up, cut herbs (the mint was growing out of proportion), bundled up and hung to dry , watered plants.Just put the new kit into the Store , now writing here, also trying to help a young fellow Wiccan Witchling .... damn I'm good ,lol! Although I have to admit my energy is running low now and I look forward to my bed. Here are the previews for the kit now .

Plus an Add-on to the kit this time.As always to pick up here http://snowravensdesigns.blogspot.com/
 I'm keeping this post short tonight, and will keep the photos for tomorrow. I just want to chill now,lol .
Hugs Raven

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Another kit ready

Hey, I've done it ! I actually got the Summer and BBQ kit finally ready.
I changed quite a few things in between as I was not happy with the colours , but now I have finally got it all done. All I have to do now is pack it into folders , upload and create some detailed previews.
Yesterday, being a rainy day was a case of sorting through some more stuff , with the result of  yet another bag full of too large clothing going to the local charity shop. Last time it was  Jeans and other pants mainly , this time it was,Sweaters and T-shirts. Lol, Pay Day is not that far away - time for Mother here to do some more shopping. I'm in full 70ies/Festival swing in the moment . I love the patterns and colours which are in the shops now. Would you believe I have not bought a single black item the past few months? Must be the summer mood,lol. And as I'm on the Summer theme , here is one serious Sun Worshipper . Made with the Summer BBQ kit .

Here is the main Preview
And just the papers ...
Let's see what I create next , so far I have no detailed plans. Although I have had a few ideas buzzing through my brain. But no hurry !
Well , it's my last dy off today. So I will make the most of it before I'm back in the bunker tomorrow. That's what I call our new office -it has a bunker feel with no windows and just walls around you. So until next post , whenever I got the previews ready and the kit in Store. Oh , and of cause the Sampler ....
Hugs Raven