Monday, February 28, 2011

Coffee please !

Just came home from work and the first thing is to chill for a few minutes with a nice hot cup of coffee.After the beautiful weather yesterday it's back to wet,windy and cold again today. So I was lucky to be off for a beautiful weekend. Didn't do much on the computer,but the Ostara kit is almost done. But I have a few photos to show to bring that Spring feeling back. After this it's time to get started with some cooking,and to bed early again so I'm fit for another early shift. Hugs Snowy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to raise Kundalini

Been working on this a while now,this is so far the best I have found about it,so I thought it worth sharing.

Sunday Sun

Hi, the weather was so beautiful today that I took a walk down to the beach.It was warm and sunny,although a bit windy. The Springflowers are out and it's lovely to see some colour in nature again. Even the first Daffodils are popping their heads out of the ground. Lots of birds at the beach as well, and I was lucky that they let me so close to take some pictures. Here are 2 layouts and a rather wind blown Snowy,lol.I will show more pics during the week.
And that's me off again,last night was a great laugh by the way. Hugs Snowy

Lazy Girl

Morning....or rather afternoon,lol...I didn't get ip till almost eleven,but considering I only got to bed 03.45am this morning that isn't too bad. Sides still aching from laughing too much last night....oh dear...I don't know if I get anything together today.Need to recover and prepare for my early shift tomorrow...yup,back to work for me. And now I need another coffee and might post tonight if I have somthing to show. Hugs from the crazy Witch...hehehe.... 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh what fun to read!

Deb has me laughing again with the funny way she writes about her workout session.If you ever done one of them you most likely know what it's like. It always looks so easy on TV ,but once you try it yourself its chaos...yes I know from experience! But I agree with her saying  she likes herself more now than in her 30ies,the big 40 was my own turning point as well. So what? We had kids,put on weight,now it's time to wake up and do something to feel good for ourselves. The 40ies are definitely my best time....can't understand when women are scared of getting to that age. It's what you yourself make of it, so get busy,enjoy the time and do something for yourself. "There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self." Aldous Huxley

Preparing for Ostara

After a few nice sunny days we are back to grey and wet this morning.Not long and it will be Ostara next month. My altar already has  pastel lilac candles on it, and a cloth I stitched myself with Easter motifs.On my shopping trip I got us some Chocolate bunnies and some other goodies. Today I am going to look for a tall enough vase to hold some small branches and twigs. Cherry looks lovely when they start to blossom in the vase, but any will do,because the green of the leaves is lovely as well. German and also pagan tradition is the "Easter Tree".Painted eggs or/and other spring and Easter decorations get hung onto the branches-it looks really nice and colourful. For that purpose I bought some cheap plastic egg shapes which I will paint in certain colours ans decorate with Wiccan symbols and Runes. When Shaun  was little we used to paint the eggs together. These days the big boy has slightly different interests.I get the branches roughly a week before Ostara for them to grow and get leaves. But I will post pics of the decorations  and painted eggs in between as I get them ready. Besides working on my cross stitch I did get a bit done for my Ostara kit,and even a quickpage to show.The bunnies I made in Poser,back in PSP and frame and pageborder with PS,all mixed together,lol.And time for me to get ready,so have a nice day.
Hugs Snowy                           

Friday, February 25, 2011

Let the Weekend begin !

Hi again,well I treated myslf in town today,new top,which can also be worn as mini dress,and a cardi to go with it. Shaun got himself new jeans and a pair of Nike trainers. So we're both happy with our new  stuff.He is already going out with mates tonight -my turn tomorrow night! I said I would show the liitle Ostara trinket box I got for my altar,plus there are 2 layouts. Going much else to tell in the moment,if anything pops into my head or I find something worth sharing I will post. For now I will move my arse into the kitchen and do washing up after we just had dinner.Plus I have some ideas for an Easter themed kit,so maybe I will play on the PC a bit later. Hugs Snowy

A new Chapter?

After years of being a Morrighan girl (meaning my Patron Goddess being The Morrighan) I now feel strongly drawn towards Hecate and can see her mingleing in my affairs. Now this could get interesting....Hecate,babe....I'm all yours and up to any mischief,lol. But that doesn't mean I will change my symbol,I am rather attached to my Raven after so many years!

A blog worth reading

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Knackered,tired and aching....

...but in a good way,lol. A combination of fast walking/jogging in Linear Park, after that shopping and dragging the stuff up to the 3rd floor has done me in today.Then more housework and cooking.I was so tired I went for a nap after dinner and slept almost three hours. But hey,I feel good! Shaun is feeling a lot better today and coming to terms with the death of his best mate,-we talked for a long time last night. I was a little pissed off in town this afternoon.Turns out they don't do that brand of the pure Mineral powder anymore in any of the shops. I was told they stopped producing it to bring out a new range....which isn't mineral. Damn! The reason I loved it was the fact that it was completely natural. I don't use much make up and this was so nice and light,looking very natural.So I had to go for another brand now....let's see how that will be.
I  worked for 2 hours on the PC, renamed files, sorted elements an backgrounds into folders,ready to be zipped up. And made a few quickpages ,which I then made into layouts. One is made with Midnight Magick-prayer to Hecate, the other is made with Dreamscape and a quote I found. I also got myself a little trinket box for my altar today, but I will show that next post,it's Ostara themed with rabbits on,but nothing in a cute way-it really is a Wiccan box...but you'll see. Till next time. (ps.excuse typos in the moment,no spell check on this phone ap)

10 more pounds !

Good morning,out of curiousity I went on the scales this morning.....whohoooo...I have lost 20 pounds since I checked the last time.Now if I can loose 10 more pounds I will be the same weight I had when I was 23 years old and before getting pregnant with Shaun! Plus my hair has definitely grown... a good indication is if you start getting it trapped in your bra strap. I must have looked like a retard with my head pulled back,trying to get free! Now it's time for a brisk walk/jog along Linear Park for me.Catch you later,lol ;-)

RIP Jamie and creative time again

Well,that bath earlier did the trick,I feel human again. I made a nice mix of sage and rosemary oil to add to the water and this has an invigorating effect-just right for after a night shift. So this Witch was in full swing again after that. But sadly it didn't last. Shaun and myself were both in tears after getting the news that Jamie had died from his injuries. His birthday would have been on the 21st and Shaun and Jamie wanted to celebrate on Shaun's birthday 10 days later together. My heart goes out to the family who now have to cope with loosing their son. Shaun wants a picture of Jamie in his room,so I will do a nice layout for him to print and frame. Now you can see why I'm posting this so late. It really brings to mind again how quickly people can be gone from our lives. Always bear that in mind, tell your friends and family that you love them,keep them close and don't push them away-tomorrow it could be too late. But I have previews for you before I go to sleep now. Another kit is completed. Dreamscape
Till next post

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My sister Deb's journey to being healthier...
Not my born sister, but as close as you can get to a woman who you get on with so well,who lives on another continent and never actually met in person. Deb is my Facebook sister,war widow and one of the most amazing people I have ever come across. Readin her blog just made me giggle and I had to share it. I know exactly what she means,I must be a pretty funny sight when I do my own work outs as well,lol. Afternoon and I have slept a few hours,done my housework and my still tired body and mind are thinking how nice a hot bubble bath would be. So that is exactly what I'm going to do! Bathroom here I come-some nice smelling oils in, music in the background and just relax in the warm water...sounds like heaven to me right now. Catch you later


It's 06.18 and coming to the end of my night shift. 5 coffees , music and keeping myself occupied got me through keeping awake,lol. We are lucky , because I can take my laptop to work which helps to pass the time and keep the mind busy and awake when nothing goes on in the early morning hours. But do you think I did anything on the laptop apart from listening to music and going through some downloaded pdf files about Reiki? Nope- I have another started kit to finish, but the second day in a row I just cannot be bothered and instead chose to do Cross stitching instead. Now it's almost time to go home and I'm really looking forward to crawl into my bed. Maybe I will do something when I get up later after I have done my usual work at home. So expect an evening post next,lol -I need my beauty sleep first ! Hugs Snowy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Morning post again

I slept a bit longer this morning and will have a nap later as well-it's night shift time again. I didn't even touch the computer yesterday,instead I got another Dreamcatcher ready and carried on with that cross stitch picture. With more than 20.000 stitches you can imagine it takes it's time,but the sky is taking shape now. My little herb garden in the kitchen is thriving and the bulbs from last year are back to life as well. I have started to prepare for Ostara, new altar candles  and I'm planning some decorations as well. Ostara Dinner will be a nice piece of lamb,and I made sure I have that day off work,lol.Anyway,another coffee now and then get my work done in here again-hugs Snowy

Monday, February 21, 2011

Where has the sun gone?

9.00am,grey and cold,the temperature has dropped again after we had some lovely spring weather here. Guess I better turn the heating back up,it's quite chilly! Last nite after work we sat here munching Hot Cross Buns,Shaun needed some cheering up. One of his best friends got seriously injured in Afghanistan,he is only 19 and lost both legs and one arm being blown up, not sure yet if he makes it,and how much brain damage there will be.He was being flown back to a specialist hospital here in UK last night. I know exactly how Shaun feels, the feeling of wanting to help,but being unable to do anything, constantly waiting for news and being scared and worried and praying for some good news.It was exactly the same for me last November when that with Erik happened.All I can do is to be there for Shaun ,and send some healing to that poor boy. Needless to say his parents are in bits as well.
I played with some photo filters last night,one gives quite a cool,clear effect,the other a softer,warm look.I think for the photo I used I prefer the cool look.These pics where taken in moments of madness on full moon night and you can clearly see that I was in mischief mood,lol.The kit I used is Midnight Magick. And now it's time to finish my coffee and get my work done in here.Hugs Snowy

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Late post...

...and nothing to show , but I thought I just quickly pop in here. I'm on late shift at work listening to some music while working. Gone through the GooGoo Dolls and Bruno Mars album-both fantastic, can really recommend them. This morning I got up quite late -after another night full of weird dreams,lol. Seems to become normal, although I really wish I'm able to sleep through for a change again tonight. Then I was out most of the time and only came home about half an hour before I had to leave for work, just time for a coffee and then grab my bag and out again. And I'm working on yet another Dreamcatcher. Maybe I do some work on the PC when I come home, but not sure yet.I might just get comfy ,talk or watch some TV with Shaun,or read.It's not that I have no inspiration, I just can't be bothered to sit at the computer for long in the moment. I rather do some other craft things, I enjoy getting messy with glue, paper , feathers etc again.Another late shift tomorrow and then on to one night shift (taken the other one off,lol) and a few days off again. Talking of off... that's me off and back to work -Hugs Snowy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweet little surprise

Hi again, I had a lovely surprise when I looked into my tray at work.Somebody had put some Quality Street Chocolates there for me. When I left a thank you note Roy came forward and said it was him. Bless him,lol ,certainly made my shift at work a lot sweeter. I have been creative again tonight and worked on more Dreamcatcher designs. Shaun is working at the doors of our Night Club ,so peace for mother here.So far he's worked at The Crown,Notleys,The Globe and Hush...getting around a bit as a bouncer. And he's been hired as Security for Reading Festival. That means free Tickets for me,lol...bring it on ! September we're going to Norfolk Spectacular, Dizzie Rascal,Tinee Tempah,Jason Derulo,Usher....hell,it's gonna be fantastic! April is a trip to London in Roys new car to see Kamelot play at the Koko. May is the next K-Fest. I'm in concert heaven,lol. And next weekend I'm off work, out Saturday night and out for Dinner on Sunday,followed by a game of pool/billiard...let's see if I can still remember how to play and beat my son!
Anyway,here my newest creations.Hugs Snowy up 5 minutes on Facebook and the violet one seems sold and going to Fall River in USA/MA,lol

Snowy the Dreamer,lol

Well, the rate this is going I will have my very own Dream Dictionary soon. Right- this was the dream: I am in some sort of tree house, I see myself climbing up the stairs,a spiral staircase. I am exploring and feeling extremely curious, but also very peaceful and can't wait to see what I will find on the next level. The stairs are metal.There is a window, I see other trees and notice they are Oaks.The temptation to carry on to the next level is too great and I carry on up the stairs,I like the atmosphere in there, I feel warmth inside this tree house.I  finally reach the next level and it's the top, there is a skylight and I can see the blue sky ....then I woke up.
Looking up all the meanings of this was certainly interesting and confirmed what I knew and was feeling anyway.
Stairs mean achieving a higher level of understanding, making progress in the spiritual,emotional and material journey, the winding spiral stairs indicating growth or rebirth.
Oak trees mean longevity, stability, strength, tolerance, wisdom and prosperity.
Exploring speaks for itself-self discovery
Window signifies bright hopes,possibilities and insight, looking out signifies the outlook in life, consciousness and refers to intuition and awareness-you may be reflecting on a decision.
To feel peace means an end or resolution to an emotional issue or inner conflict, it may signal the end of a cycle and the pause before beginning a new endeavor.It also means you have reached a new level of stability and calmness.
Temptation (now I don't like this one !) it signifies that an envious person will try to turn your friend(s) against you and will cause you much problems
Warmth-signifies contentment and satisfaction in your accomplishments and also symbolizes hope and unconditional love
Metal-signifies strength and character, solid metal also represents your libido and sexual desire
Skylight-represents enlightenment, you are receiving guidance from a higher source and highlights your connection to spirituality. (I know, I try to communicate with my guide daily now since Michael gave me the messages, and love the fact I have a fierce warrior guide looking after me.And that's just one of them !)
Blue sky-to look up at a blue sky denotes hope, possibilities, creativity, peace and freedom of expression-as the saying goes "the sky is the limit"
The other dream I had suggests to "reconnect" , the blood means life, love, passion and represents the energy put into something that you are not willing to give up.Fingers symbolize manipulation and non verbal communication, being the right hand is a pun for making a decision and for something being "right"-a lot more to it , but too bloody much to write.
OK - ARE YOU ALL SITTING DOWN? I don't want you to faint or fall off your chair here ! You know I wrote earlier dreaming about a decision I have to make? That was spot on. I have been thinking about stopping as a designer. I told you in earlier posts that I'm training in Reiki. My Level 1 attunement will be coming up soon, and I'm carrying on to Level 2 and 3. I will have to focus all my energy on this for a while.There are also certain changes I have to make for the attunement itself-no processed food for several days before,clearing away all negativity and more.... So when this time comes I will be withdrawing from everything for as long as this takes.I have taken time off work for this as well so I can really concentrate on just this. Thought I give you a pre-warning , not that you are all surprised when I announce that I won't be designing for a while. This is important for me and has to come first.But until then I carry on as normal ( if there is such thing as normal for me,lol) -Hugs Snowy

A day of Peace

Friday, March 4 at 12:00am at Worldwide via FB-SPREAD THE WORD !

Wouldn't it be amazing? Just one day in the year where we all held our tongues. A day where we ignored others' shortcomings and made a valiant effort to be kind and understanding. A day where we all got along. It's sad that we are all at a point where we should do this, but it's even sadder to know that we easily could every day, but refuse to do so. My proposition is simple: One day, March 4th, we all stick to three simple rules that will make the world a little bit more bearable. Feel free to partake in this before and long after then; the only reason I have the event set that far into the future is because I want word to spread and allow this to have as big of an impact as possible. This event is to take place everywhere we go in the world, preferably all the time.
Rule #1. Say not a single unkind thing about anyone or anything. If at all possible, try not to even think a nasty thought. If we do, reflect on why it was that we thought to say it in the first place.
Rule #2. Show everyone we cross paths with some genuine human compassion. Be it with a smile or kind words, just spread some love. 
Rule #3. Make not one person the exception to the rule. Not everyone deserves to have roses thrown at their feet and have a holiday in their honor, but nobody deserves to feel alone. Reach out. Talk to someone new. Care about them, and we will be cared for in return.
So far :
1 Member ----------- January 9th 1,000 Members ---- January 12th 5,000 Members ---- January 20th 10,000 Members -- January 24th 15,000 Members -- January 27th 20,000 Members -- January 28th 25,000 Members -- January 30th 50,000 Members -- February 2nd 100,000 Members - February 7th 200,000 Members - February 12th 300,000 Members - February 15th 500,000 Members

Friday, February 18, 2011

More dreams and learning my lessons

Found this and found it so true after what I have learned the past few months: It isn't necessary to be perfect to be a channel for the universe. You just have to be real--be yourself. The more authentic, honest, and spontaneous you are, the more freely the creative force can flow through you. As it does so, it cleans out the remnants of old blockages. What comes out may sometimes be unpleasant or uncomfortable, but the energy moving through will feel great.
FORGIVENESS and LOVE are the real Potential & Kinetic aspects of Energy. Forgiveness and Love serve as motivating force of "LIFE'S GENETIC SPIRAL"of Awareness. the letting go & the embracing of all ASPECTS OF CONSCIOUSNESS as LIFE presents new Faces every day.

Tonight is a full moon. Don't forget to place your crystals and stones outside or on a window sill to cleanse and recharge.
I came home from work today and  went straight out again.Treated myself in town ,we had Pizza and I was not in any mood to work on the computer.Instead I started the next Dreamcatcher.Had more dreams last night as well ,but to write about those as would be too much now.Let' just say things make perfect sense,lol.I gp into more of that tomorrow. For now I have the previw of the next finished kit and I treated myself to a new top-the big fashion hit over here in the moment. Baseball,College look and all this is in over here.Not that I follow fashion but this looked just too comfy and perfect to wear with jeans. Comfort is everthing,lol-you won't get me in high heels or stuff like that unless it's a special occasion. Leggings,jeans,hoodies ,comfortable gear is my thing. For now enough,I just got a message from Deb,till tomorrow.
Hugs Snowy

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The last evening....

...and in the morning it's back to work for me. But another nice stretch off in March.All the old leave days have to be taken by the 31st. So I'm writing my post tonight.
Shaun is at the Army Cadets beasting the kids with PE,bless...I bet he enjoys that as Instructor now,lol. So peace for Mother here now after an afternoon of him playing DJ and mixing old Club,Trance and some newer songs.Actually,I have to give it to him, he creates some wicked mixes and had me dancing in the kitchen while cooking earlier. But as soon as he had left I was in "Bubble bath heaven", and now in bed carefree and hairfree,lol-I still think epilators were made as torture device for women!
Sage incense,candle on,music in the background, new issue of my favourite magazine...see for yourself-night time essentials.In the moment I'm so comfortable and content,I could purr (well,a full massage would be nice as well)
No computer today apart from printing some new address labels.I found old ones still with Mrs Wade on,-that Woman does not exist anymore, so work for the shredder again.Anyway,enough written...that mag is waiting to be read.  Hugs Snowy

Weird Dream

After that post last night I went to sleep but woke up from a weird dream about 2 hours later. Yup,I'm getting dream messages again,just not sure if it relates to myself or that person I was dreaming about,but I woke up with a feeling of fear,which was not my own fear,but I could feel it coming from the other person. Also there was a hand with blood on, and a raised bloody finger,the right hand in fact.Often I can't remember details,but this one was and still is crystal clear in my mind.There is more but I don't want to go into more detail.
Let me show what I did instead. A new Dreamcatcher and layout with one of Casey's poems.And then I have some work to do here.

I'm amazed ....

I would have thought being without the Internet on my PC for a while would be a lot worse.What I didn't expect was this kind of peace and getting back to all the other things I used to enjoy before. I have been baking,cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients,reading and learning a lot,enjoying being creative by getting totally messy with glue and other materials,meditating,plenty of sleep,spending time to work on my Book of Shadows and spells/rituals.....I can honestly say that this time away from the normal net (apart from this phone) is doing me good. Maybe we rely too much on this technology and should go back to living without it a bit more often. It is certainly making me appreciate a lot of other things I never found the time for in years. Just a thought that popped into my head while up in my room,listening to some calming,medtative music before going to sleep-so I thought I share quickly what I was thinking.Normal post and pics after my beauty sleep again...nite,nite....sweet dreams

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Salt Crystal lamps are good for you

Hi again,got up rather late today again,but it nice waking up to the sun shining.Another beautiful sunny morning here. Found out how to post links with my phone as well now,so I hope you find this one useful. I just love my Crystal lamp, I have the tealight version,but you can get electrical ones as well.I'm just loving the candle light too much,call me old fashioned,lol. Here another layout for today.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glorious morning

I woke up to glorious sunshine this morning,just beautiful! Let's hope the weather stays nice all day. I think we were all busy last night ,my place still smells of all the incense and oils this morning. I took a pic last night to capture the atmosphere. Yes, we made the most of last nights energy,so the Wiccan Connection was very quiet.And with the full moon coming up soon it will be another quiet night. For today here is the pic and a layout of my Sam,who could resist this face?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Something to chuckle

Walking home with my shopping a car drives past me ,beeing his horn.I just take a quick look to see if its anyone I know and walk on. Next minute ,top of the road this car comes to a sreeching halt,turns and comes with quite a speed towards me,then stops right in front of me. I almost dropped my bag! slightly pissed of at this idiot driver to scare me like this. Next minute the window opens and two smiling faces inside shout "Happy Valentines,gorgeous!" Ok,lol-how can I say angry with that? I just couldn't help but laugh,said thanks and let the two guys drive off. Still having a chuckle while I'm writing this,lol.
Tomorrow I have to go to a meeting, btter get some clothes ready. Don't think my hoodie and pants are quite the right thing to wear. Hugs Snowy

Finally pictures

I keep forgetting to show the result of the Journeys hybrid I made.Plus a little teaser of another new kit I'm working on.
This time a more "witchy" desin again.

The true origins of Valentines Day-Happy Lupercalia

Just sharing the Love on this so commercialized day !Anyway,lol- Happy Valentines /Lupercalia-we all deserve it, because we're all f*****g  amazing !Happy Valentines to all the couples out there, may your love last forever... And to all the single people out there, may your Batteries last

Here are the true origins of this day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reiki treatment...

...,plenty of sleep,no stress,weightloss,hair dye raven black,new earrings....girls,I just feel gooooooood!

Another kit done

Hi,having no Internet is definitely helping my creativity ! I find time to relax and meditate more,and this seems to be good for my intuition and inspiration as well.It's been a while that I had so many ideas in my head,and I am not even on the PC for long each day.In future,I will definitely keep that up. Anyway-got the preview for you,plus a layout I made with it. And that's me off again, looks like it will be a nice sunny day. The  birds out there seem to agree,judging by the noise they ravens are there as well...I can see them sitting on the roof opposite from my window. Hugs Snowy

Mini ritual for cutting negativ ties

For decluttering your head of emotional negativity and sweeping away old thought patterns that keep you stuck in a rut.
I posted this in the Wiccan Connection, but thought I share it here as well for those not on Facebook and as the group is private and can only be accessed by invitation of the other members. So if one of you is interested let me know your FB page and I can add you to the Wiccan Connection.We currently have 73 members and all get on very well learning together and helping each other.
Here it is: 
First light a green candle , take an oil burner and pour in some cleansing oil, such as citrus oils, juniper or cedar. Next write down all the old believes and ways of thinking which hold you back, and then all the negative moaning, critical people in your life.Do you really need to deal with them and their believes? Be honest with yourself.
Now take your list and burn it safely, then write another list with all the fresh , new and positive things and people you want in your life.Keep it safe and tick off goals as you go along. Very easy , even for those just starting on this path.
Then smudge yourself to clear off negative energy. Holding the smudge stick in one hand, a feather in the other the other , waft the smoke towards your heart,then over your head, down towards your body, picturing negative thoughts , emotions and energy being lifted away. As you work the smoke down your body visualize all the negativity being taken into the earth. Finally give thanks to the earth.
My usual post with creative results will be later again-hugs and blessings from here )O(

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just lovlng it.... time off work! I can easily handle another week. I'm working on another new vintage looking kit,called Journey.I'm already planning my next trip as well,although I will have to save quite a bit.I want to rent a car and not stay in one place this time. Destinations so far -Plymouth, Fall River, Sanford,Salem...hoping to meet up with Matt,Nikki,Scott etc. Good news,Shaun has a job,after all paper work and Security checks he'll be starting work for a Security company. Army was the last option,which he won't need to do now. Here he is with our cuddle cat Sam last night. And a layout for another hybrid project about journeys.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Results of hybrid project

It's ready,from a blank board,which I covered with paper to a nice lookin,decorative vision board.Lots of embellishments,some torn bits from a magazine and chalk and rub-on paint accents give it the look.Much more interesting than just a printed layout.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is a layout I made to create a hybrid vision board with it.Plus Shaun last night playing DJ and mixing music. 168 beats per minute in my living room,lol

Random Thought

I'm just loving my work as one of the Admin team at the Wiccan Connection,by helping others I'm learning a lot myself.Really have to be greatful to Ricky for adding me to the team,and giving me the opportunity to make many new friends as well.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Busy as usual

Made a layout with that new kit,now working on a hybrid project,will show tomorrow. Messages by phone are limited,which is why they are short.But FB chat works,lol

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Home Improvements

Hi,you know what? Having no Internet for a while isn't bad at all.New shelf is up and I made use of an unused curtain in my bedroom.

Monday, February 07, 2011


I figured out how to get pics here via the phone,lol