Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick post before work

Hi all,
thought I post quickly here before heading into town and work after that. Football was quite entertaining last night. I had my fingers crossed for the NFC and they won in the end. Beginning of the game until the first half they were well in front and despite AFC trying to catch up in the second half they didn't quite make it,lol.
I want to point out another book to you which I will order and read myself. It's written by Michael , who is on my Facebook Friends list and also gave me messages from Spirit in a call. No - it didn't cost me anything , it was a free call- he phoned me ! and he also does conference calls (free) for those who want to learn more about healing and Spirit renewal. He has written his first book about his experiences and teaches how you can learn and achieve it for yourself.
Michael now practices his disciplines in a remote healing format with clients from around the world. He also leads workshops and seminars in Europe and North America.

I can only say that my messages were spot on ! He relayed messages from one of my Spirit guides and it was just amazing.I could actually feel the energy through the phone when I talked with him. The book is available on
and this is his website
and of cause on Facebook. You always have to be careful, there are so many fakes about -but he certainly convinced me with saying things he couldn't have known. I can only recommend him.
I worked on a few quote layouts this morning for my ever growing collection. Here is one of them. I used a photo from my altar as background for it. Simple , yet effective,lol.
And now it's time to get my coat -have a great day
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mellow Sunday

Hi again
I'm writing quite late today. Came home from work, did my usual housework, ironed the laundry and then went for a nap.I'm fit for watching the Pro Bowl which starts at midnight over here.
20 minutes to go,lol.
My herb seeds which I planted 5 days ago are doing well and have started to pop out of the earth.

 I finished another book - yes, I sometimes read more than one at the same time as well, exactly the same as with working on my kits -if I get stuck on one ,I carry on with the other. This one I can really recommend ! It's a journey of self discovery- full of twists and turns. You gain a new and deeper understanding of yourself, it helps to assert your own individuality and self realisation.It also makes you more aware of how to use and maximise you unique gifts and talents, and also makes you aware how we sometimes block our own progress. Well worth a read , you go through the pages and think "yeah- I can really relate to that" and "Why haven't I thought of that before?"
In design I have started to work on the March kit - I have prepared a quickpage as a little teaser.
And I'm currently busy searching the big www. for a site where I can get candle making and dreamcatcher supplies in larger quantities for a good price. I plan to make and offer different varieties and sizes. The spell candles will be dipped and smaller , the Chakra Candles in a larger size, made in moulds, and I also plan on making nice smelling tea lights. This is really only in the planning stages so far, I have a lot of  different items to purchase to get started. For example I will need two different kinds of wax - dipping wax , and Paraffin wax. Add to that the dye to create the different colours,moulds, the wicks etc.... luckily I already have plenty of essential oils to make my own aroma mixes for the candles. And I don't want to go for one of the ready mixed packages which are so often on sale-this will be made from scratch to add my very own signature to it.
Some fantastic news for me. I found out I have 11 days of leave left to take before the end of March. So I'm taking 6 days in Feb and 5 in March. Only two more shifts , then I am off for 10 days ! 6 leave plus 4 which I'm on rota break anyway - so that's fantastic! Specially as it falls on the 2nd of Feb as well , which is a Sabbath -it's Imbolc.
Anyway - enough for now. I'll make myself a nice cup of tea now and get comfortable to watch the football.
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, January 29, 2011


No designing done today- I got stuck in a book and when I finally looked up it was already too late to start anything .
In the moment I am reading a lot of stuff from Doreen Virtue - and  listen to her audio as well.

This is also an excellent book- one of my favourite authors Christopher Penczak

So there's me comfy on my bed and I completely forget the time. It's so cozy up under the roof when I have my candles on as well.
But at least I got the colours and logo for March done before I got so distracted. Anyway, another early shift , so I will go to sleep now.
Hugs Snowy

Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturn Retrograde Begins Today

Saturn Retrograde Begins Today

Back to work again

This was my last day off, so tomorrow morning it's a case of getting up early again - that's why I already post this tonight. Saves me some time in the morning. My Imbolc Spring cleaning is done and I even changed my bedroom around.I was reading up on Feng Shui and thought I give t a try. For my sign I 'm supposed to sleep with my head in the West or at least North -West. As I had the mattress off anyway , because I was cleaning under the bed as well it was easy to make the change and move some furniture around. And you won't believe the amount of dust which collects behind ! Plus I fixed a chest of drawers. The drawers always got stuck since it was build together several years ago. I dismantled the whole thing and build it together with new screws -and it works without any problems now. Who needs a man for such things? Not me ,lol. Same as the remote controlled Tower Fan which was declared broken - hah ! I fixed it as well !
This is my cozy corner now where I read and sleep. Of cause , the Dreamcatchers above my bed !

Now I only need to decorate my altar tomorrow for Imbolc. Everything is nice and clean , and I smudged every room with sage. It was a lot of work the past days, but definitely worth it.
So I only have one layout to show this time. A little bit of Pagan humour,lol.
Now I will go and see what Nikki ,Matt, Ricky and the others in the Wiccan Connection have been up to , and then to bed early - but first some music again. Rhianna and David Guetta - Who's that chick ( one of the songs which makes all the cleaning jobs a bit more fun) I just wanna dance,lol -Hugs Snowy

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey hey kit in Store ....

Hi ahain , sitting here having a break and singing along to David Guetta with my stereo turned up. I've been busy with my Imbolc/Spring cleaning practically all day. But late afternoon I found myself putting a bottle of bleach instead of the milk back into the fridge-sure sign I could do with a break. Yeah , yeah...people have already been making comments and teasing me about this.I had comments from Matt, Myriam, Connie and Linda so far. At least I didn't put the bleach into my coffee.
And I'm jealous ! Matt and Nikki posted pictures of the snow in Fall River/MA , where they live- so nice ! It's been bloody freezing cold wind here today, and we even had a few small snowflakes coming down, I was hoping , but after 5 minutes it stopped. Julie said it was a Snow day also in Plymouth, and Scott who lives in Sanford /Maine complained about his little car not liking the weather.Looking on Edna's blog and I see more snow - please, I want some as well,lol.
I have my new kit Midnight Fantasies in Store now - plus free sampler as well.

And last I have a layout which I made for the little "Rink Rat" Lizzie with my Hockey Mad kit -here she is cheering her big brother Kevin on.
That's it again for now, I will carry on a while longer here, will have to smudge as well ,and then chat  with my friends over at the Wiccan Connection before I will fall into my bed.
So more music on while I clean ( ever danced with a mop in your hand?) and let's go.Here is " Happiness"

-Hugs Snowy

God damn -Hot ! ....

...but I don't think this version will be played on the radio, This is another version of Enriques's "Tonight I'm loving you " -the dirty version ,lol. I have to admit ,I was speechless first.
This is " Tonight I'm f**** g you"
Oh yes,I like it!

I'm in business - Ravenwings Dreamcatcher Designs

Hi again - sorry , no scrapping stuff this time.I was busy with making the custom made Dreamcatcher. And guess what? I already had 2 definite more orders , plus another 2 possible orders -whoohooo !!!
Anatars , the Wiccan and Spiritual Store in town will also hang up my Dreamcatchers in the Store for sale. But the rate it's going in the moment I can't make them quick enough.
It takes me aprox. about 3 hours for each one, but I'm really happy that they seem to be such a success and people like them. I will have to get more supplies in, do a larger mail order -I'm running out of feathers already. Plus I really want to get some different and more colours in.
So what do you think? Cool, hey?

I did get another kit ready , but didn't have the time to put it into the Store yet. lol, cleaning the bathroom this morning Sammy came in to use the litter box. Holy crap ! This cat smells as if a rat has crawled up it's ass and died in there ! Must be a "man thing" , the two girls are not that bad. And let's face it - he can hardly spray the air freshener after he's finished. So there was me holding my nose ...poooohhhh....
Cheeky cat then decided to get comfortable on Shaun's Army Cadet stuff. Why do I bother putting down soft and warm blankets for him ? He barely uses them , but goes instead on fresh laundry (specially if they are still warm from ironing them !) and leaves his hairs on our nice black clothing. Telling him off does not work , he gives me one of his looks and flatters his eyes and I melt. Yeah, ok - who rules this house? It seems to be this cat .

Today is more Spring cleaning on my program -plus I need to get my altar done for Imbolc as well .I am getting questions regarding Erik from several readers. Erik is doing ok , he has been released from Rehab. My friends and myself are still sending healing to him , as we have been doing right from the start. But these things take time and considering the Doctors didn't know if he would make it the first week his progress is absofuckinglutely amazing ! lol-I've always said he's strong.  And now, as I'm writing this before going to bed I will say "good night and sweet dreams" with some music

Hugs Snowy

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day off and new kit in Store

Good morning ! The fae are loose ! Yes , I manged to get the Tuatha kit done and into the Store yesterday evening.

Plus of cause the free sampler again.
Apart from that it was a day to chill and do some more of my crafty things-no energy after night shift for much more,lol. I got another Dreamcatcher ready .....

I have just received a custom order as well, to make a black and pink as someones birthday present - so that will be the next task. Will have to find some black materials to get it ready.
And my first Imbolc task is done! I planted my herb seeds last night. All they need now is time to grow.

And now it's time to get a shower ....after another coffee , that is,lol .
Hugs Snowy

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lol- I'm a Designer with Attitude ....

.... at least the Award says so. Good morning again. Yes, I got this Award from Kyra yesterday . The rules are :
 you must state 3 things that make you different from everyone else and you must nominate 5 blogs. Lastly you must display the Blog Award Badge (above) in your sidebar and link it back to the Digi's With Attitude! Blog.

There is a gift certificate up for grabs but like Kyra I will not be making use of the Gift Certificate , but I have the attitude! I also won't link it back.
Three things that make me different ?
1) I don't like using pre-made designer resources ! At least not very much.I try to make it all myself it possible.Why? That's point 2 ,lol
2) I like to think that me designs are my own style , pretty unique and not copied from anybody else- hence why I make the resources myself. If I use other peoples stuff  too much it wouldn't be my own style anymore. Anybody can just recolour some png items.
3) I have attitude ! I know I have ,lol. For a start I am a designing Ex Goth/Witch. You don't get that too often and the Goth /Witch style often shows through in my designs - even Al Ward said that the other day. The days of hiding what I am and do are long over , I just think it's a shame that there are still so many out there who do.I know what I can and cannot do and go for what I want -yup, I've come a long way since I first started this blog. And yes- I am proud of it !
As for passing it on to others - oh dear, do you know how long it's been since I checked out other blogs? I check my friends regularly , ie, Kyra and so , but most other blogs I read have nothing to do with designing. So I really don't know who I could pass it on to , considering the ones I do read got it from Kyra in the first place. I don't hunt for freebies and don't even have the time to check out new blogs,lol. I'm really grateful for getting this award , but hell-I really don't know who I could pass it on to.
I almost got the Tuatha kit finished , maybe I can get it into the Store the next couple of days. But I have something else to show. I made another Dreamcatcher. Yup, I will be selling these. I normally wanted to get a lage enough batch done first, but I already had 2 requests. These will be done in lots of different colours. They are different from the usual native Dreamcatchers. This is the Love/Valentines Dreamcatcher-with Stars and little hearts.

I will also do the Elements- the Water Dreamcatcher will be blue for example, and have little seashells I collected on the beach attached. You get the point, the decorations will match the theme for each one. I will also make another batch of handmade soap soon , and plan to dip my own spell candles( with different fragrances-I love it when they smell nice !). Lots of plans,lol. For the next days I have some Spring cleaning planned. The second of Feb. is Imbolc and I want to get it all done before.I will also get some compost so I can plant my herb seeds, which I have by the kitchen window each year. But for now it's time to catch a few hours of sleep again after I have sent out two orders for kits I got last night , I have just come home from my night shift again. So for now "sweet dreams" -Hugs Snowy