Saturday, December 29, 2012

Signing in from North Carolina

Hi all,
hope you made it all through the Holidays and had a nice Christmas. Ours here in NC was a mellow time.... which I really needed !
For a start my connecting flight from Philadelphia to Greensboro was late several hours due to technical problems.It was around 10pm when I finally arrived at the Airport where Reggie had been waiting for me all that time.
Then next day it was a case of raiding Walmart for tissues and nose spray....typical my luck ! First day here and I felt yuckie coming down with a Sinus infection. So Reggie was feeding me extra Vit C and I spent a lot of time just sleeping and chilling out.
I cooked roast potatoes with garlic and rosemary to go with our huge piece of ham and veggies for Christmas day (still some left yesterday ,lol)
Breakfast (made by Reggie) in bed , I discovered I have a serious like for Moon Pies , hot dogs, Chili, Chocolate and cookies....I need to go on a diet in the New Year ! Oh yes, and we went to Cinema to watch the Hobbit and I had the biggest bucket of popcorn I have ever seen !
That's about it really, because we have not been out much and spent most of the time in the warmth.I have not even shot any photos yet.
But what I have done is started another new kit over here.

With not feeling 100% and staying inside we both spent some time on our computers, him playing computer games and me looking for some resources and starting up my program to be creative while lying on the bed , having snacks , meds and talking.
Feeling fine now , as soon as laundry is done we'll be heading out ...I want to go to Michael's to look for some craft bargains and tomorrow is football. Buffalo Chicken sounds perfect , so we need to hit the shop for some things.
I'm actually loving the time spent indoors here. We have time to talk , to watch movies while being cuddled up together ,to be silly and have a laugh just fooling about and getting to know each other even better.
And there's nothing nicer than waking up next to the man I love again.I feel at home here . Life is good !!!

For now we both wish you a Happy New Year , and I pop in again when I have something to show or tell. Until then -hugs from North Carolina  xx

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day before D-day :)

Good morning ,peeps :)
Yup, it's the day before I'm leaving -I'm so impatient now to start the journey. My suitcase is packed apart from some last minute things I am still using and some travel snacks and drinks to go into my little rucksack for the journey.
Last bits to take care of today and then an early night , because it will be an early start tomorrow !
Our Work -xmas get-together was fun last Friday, but the food ....well, I could have cooked better at home.

And I finally finished off previews for some of my kits to be published in the New Year , my stock is growing.
But I promised you freebies for today. First here are the last parts of the Christmas kit .
And then a little extra. The full kit of "Party of Lights" to scrap any New Years pics -Fireworks !!!

And from me to you "Have a nice Winter Solstice, Yule Christmas or whatever you call it ....and a Happy New Year ! ;)
I will pop in from North Carolina and tell what we're up to and post some pics when I find the time. Until then -Hugs Snowy
.....North Carolina I come again ....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

...the next parts....

thought I pop in before I start my night shift and while dinner is cooking .... a little time to sit down for me before eating and having a pre night shift nap. So what have I been up to?
I thought I dye my hair before going across and our Christmas get-together from work tomorrow evening. But damn !They didn't have my colour. I usually take "Bittersweet chocolate" .It's not quite as harsh as full black. But no worries , the colour called "Midnight Red " looked very nice , black with a red shimmer in the light...... yeah the colour is nice , but my bathroom looked as if somebody had been murdered in it. That dye looks so spookily like old blood when washing the colour out. It would make a great Halloween joke to leave it in the sink or bath when you have guests ....together with some knives and a bone saw ....
My new camera has arrived and I'm slowly getting used to it ....a case of "what does that button do?" Kyra, I used to have the Easy share , that's the one that lasted 8 years and has served me so well. But this little baby is quite good as well. It takes really good close ups as I found out when I practised a little bit.This is not even enhanced in Photoshop ,straight from the camera.

 Then the cats had to be the targets.
Apart from that I designed more. I have a problem, you know?? I'm running out of names for the kits I'm making,lol. -Here is some more new stuff.Of cause these quickpages are personalised with quotes for my use ,lol.

All my travel documents are ready , a taxi to bring me and my suitcase to the train station is booked ...all I need to do now is pack and leave. Today next week I will be in the air -whooohoooo !!!! :)
Tonight is my very last shift for this year, so from tomorrow morning on I will be off ...a wonderful feeling. That means I have plenty of time to sort everything out here , stock up before I leave and pack without stress -fantastic !Am I excited ? More impatient ,lol...I just want to get on that flight.
So I'm posting this week's freebie parts earlier , and next week I post the day before I leave.
Here are the next 2 parts for you.2 more to come next week then you have the full kit.
Yes, in case you wondered about the No,1 on the preview....there is a second Christmas Glory kit as well.I did two different full kits when I made these. You'll get that eventually as well.But I have another surprise for you next week before I leave .As I don't want to have to post links while I'm in NC I will give you another full kit next post ... just wait and see ,lol.
So until then ...hugs Snowy

Friday, December 07, 2012

Another Christmas freebie

Hi all.... oh fudge !
I just looked out the window and we have more snow !
When I got up earlier there was nothing , Shaun even went to work on his motorbike ...he'll be swearing now and might have to leave it at work later and walk home. This sooooo...NOT what I want ! Not before my flight has taken off in 13 days time. The last thing I want are cancelled or delayed flights because of the weather !
Or trains ....cross fingers it won't be like this on the day I leave !

I have been busy with more new designs. Here a couple of samples what's been created on my laptop recently.

This will be part of my scrap and journaling kit for this time in NC with Reggie.A Winter version to the Summer kit I made and scrapped the last pictures from NC with. Both kits will be available in the New Year.

 I'm off work on rota break in the moment. Sunday I'm back on shift , but only for 4 days ...and then ...that's it until the New Year! Vacation time ....whoop whooop :)
My poor Reggie has the sniffles and sinus problems in the moment , I hope he feels better soon.
Not much to show in the moment , I'm waiting for my new little camera to arrive.
I went for a handy little Nikon this time, the write up sounds good and it's easy to travel with and fits into my handbag.Plus the price seems to be a good deal for what's offered.
  • 10.1 Megapixel , Motion Detection compensates for blur from subject movement
  • NIKKOR 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens (28 - 140mm equivalent) - from group shots to close-ups, this lens offers superb precision and sharp resolution.
  • The large 7.5cm (3") LCD screen offers clear shooting and playback.
  • Anti-Blur Function - Vibration Reduction (eVR) reduces the effect of camera shake High ISO (up to 1600) light sensitivity for sharper images in low light.
  • L23 Black + Case and 4GB Memory Card 
And the 4 gig memory card with it will have room for lots of pictures.
This baby should arrive soon , at the latest on Monday ...I can't wait to try it out. It's an upgrade from my old Kodak easy share , and that little thing was damn good ! Let's see how this new one compares and if I get 8 years life out of it as well,lol.
Anyway, let's give you links for the new freebie. This one has 7 zip files , I'll give you the first 3 today, 2 with papers and one with elements.
...and here the previews of what you're getting. It used to be one of my Store kits.

Have fun with it :) I shall get ready now and head into town. As much as I don't want to go out in this weather, I have no milk left in the fridge. That means no coffee ! And no coffee is a catastrophe ...unthinkable ,lol ! So let's brave this cold and snowy weather -'till next post
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Weekend freebie time again !

Good morning peeps ,
hope you are having a nice weekend. We had the first dusting of snow here last night ...ughh...not good,lol. I don't want snow yet. For the simple reason that I don't want to mess anything with my flight this month. It's only 18 days now until I fly across to spend time with Reggie again.
 And it's cold here....brrrr....Last Sunday I went to see the Coca Cola truck ....I have to say it looks more impressive on TV and with the lights on, than during the day time.

But I have been keeping busy as usual and designed more new stuff. Here two layouts from yet another new kit. The pics were taken by Reggie. The first is at the back of his house showing the Mountain Laurel in bloom beginning of the year.

The second one is showing a large chunk of quartz in his back garden. The ground there is full of it.

Lol, maybe I tell you about that dream which prompted this photo another time. Otherwise I have have been making more candles ...
...and this cat of mine has decided that the bookshelf is now his new place to rest.Since I brought more books to the Second hand market stall and there is more room he has obviously claimed the space.  He is there and snoring loudly as I write this,lol.
 Anyway.... here are the next and last two freebie parts of the Christmas around the World kit . Enjoy :)
....and I will be back with another new freebie next weekend ...till then ...
Hugs Snowy