Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hello from Timberlake :)

Hi, I promised some pics , so here they are. Reggie is spoilng me rotten ,I really am a lucky girl. here we are in front of Reggie's house.
Dart tournament on Thursday.And yes-Reggie's team won again.

Evening with Friends- Monkey and Maddie, Sharon and Joe, plus Reggie and myself , Reggie cooked dinner .... yummie, he's hired,lol
 At the creek ...we found a Copperhead Snake (Reggie took this pic) and he caught a frog ...we did let it go again , of cause.

6 mile hike along the river...magical ! That Mimosa tree is just beautiful.

Turtle sunning on the river ,lol. Last night was a 4 course dinner at the Melting Pot. Private booth with curtain drawn, red roses , 4 course fondue...cheese,salad,main course and chocolate plus cocktail and champagne....heaven :) Kyra, I couldn't be in better hands !
 I'm loving it here ! Next weekend we're off to Concord to meet Ivy, Jussi,Nita and Wendy (and a few more) ...plenty more photo opportunities till then...
Hugs Snowy and Reggie

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here we go.....

...batten down the hatches -it's D-day ...North Carolina here I come,lol .
It's journey time , today I will start by making my way to London , stay there over night and catch the flight early in the morning. Reggie will be picking me up at Charlotte Airport and from there on we still have roughly a two and half hour drive to Timberlake.I will pop in again when I find the time and post some pics ...but until then ...have a great week and see you later ,lol
Hugs Snowy

Monday, June 18, 2012

Word art freebie and packing

Whooohooo.... it's the last day here, tomorrow I will be on my way !
Today it's a case of cleaning and tidying up one last time Shaun has a harder job to mess things things up while I'm gone , and packing the last things into my suitcase.
It's not just me who is cleaning ... Reggie was doing the same yesterday.Bur at least he doesn't have the cat litter boxes to deal with .... they make me gasp for fresh air every time.
And packing is a tough job for a girl ,lol.... unlike Reggie who just slings a week worth of clothes into a duffel bag , for a female the mix and match syndrome has to be considered. What can I wear with that t-shirt, which shoes are best to fit with most of the stuff I'm taking? Any occasion to dress up? What am I going to wear? Luckily I'm easy in the make-up department,lol... a bit of mineral powder , lipstick or gloss,Mascara and eyeliner ...and unless I really want to lay it on thick a mineral blusher and some eyeshadow .Which happens once in a blue moon,I much prefer a natural look and not as if I have fallen into a Crayola Paintbox ! I'm taking one set of different jewellery to wear for our night out , not half the contents of my jewellery box,lol. Weight limit is 50 pounds or 23 kg for the suitcase, plus hand luggage of a x of 13 pounds or 6 kg.
So later I will have to weigh the the suitcase to make sure I'm not over the allowed weight...or I will have to pay on top.
My e-cig will be so practical during the journey....6 hours on the bus to London and then 9 hours flight.I'm grateful for my refillable electronic cigarette and spare batteries ! This little baby cuts my smoking in half of what I used to.
Oh yes, Sam has a new favourite place to sleep. I bought a rug to go under my desk chair , as the wheels kept doing damage to the floor ...and he likes it a lot. His new favourite place is at my feet ,lol.
Unlike Dusty , who enjoys spreading out on the sofa with Misty.Comfortable???

                So currently the floor is taken up with suit case and rucksack , waiting for the last bits to go in.... and occasionally the cats trying to make a bed on top of my clothing.... oh no, you are so not coming with me,lol.
Reggie has two more days to work , today and tomorrow, so he went to bed early last night as he has to get up at 4.30am, we stopped talking around 8pm.
Kyra, I deposited all my plants downstairs, so Shaun won't have to go into my room upstairs to water them-he would forget anyway.... watering plants is not something 20 year old young men are interested in.

But just in case ...there is a reminder in the kitchen where he WILL GO to make coffee,lol.

Enough of that now is the Word art freebie.

 Leaving you with some music from Men in Black 3
...back in time ;) hugs Snowy

Friday, June 15, 2012

Eagles for you

Hi again,
thought I quickly post the Eagles folder for you today. One more download to come for this theme and I have been working on some more word art.
Regarding Kyra's comment: Kyra, I have been doing that sort of thing...every time something I want to take has come out of the laundry I have already put it to the side, so I don't have to rush doing a last minute washing load as well.
2 shifts to go ! A late and a night shift ...time seems to be going slower now,lol. Even though it was busy at work it just seems to creep slower now.
Yes, it's some hours he is doing, and even though he doesn't like it either ,he has no choice,but he is not complaining and just grits his teeth and gets on with it.That's actually one thing I admire about him....and very much like myself when I was doing 80 hours the week back when we were short staffed and I needed the money.Oh yes, I was tired, I barely saw my son and had no time for anything else , but I didn't complain.And as Reggie says, these days you have to be happy to have a job .... and if you are unwilling too often to put the hours in.... you can be easily replaced by someone else.Another thing people across here often do not get... we have Unions in place and are governed by the European guidelines which set out how many hours are lawful, how many nights you can do without it affecting your health etc.... they do not have that over there. In this way we are rather spoiled over here by having so much protection on our side.Same as the health system , I know enough friends over there who cannot afford a doctor because they have no insurance. We take so many things for granted which others do not have !
Rant over , some new word art previews which will be the next and last download on Monday.Plus the original words I did earlier on when I started the kit first.Already showed that preview, so I won't put it up again now.
 But here are the Eagles now-enjoy.

Just had to chuckle when I was looking for this preview and came across another pic on this blog.It's this one.
 This shows a typical Football evening last year in Autumn ,while I was chatting with Reggie in between when we were just friends.... and it holds memories of quite a few giggles because he was rather tipsy that night and had to suffer for it the next day. "Chuckles" ...I made him get chamomile tea and drink it , and it was one of the most foul tasting concoctions he ever drank :)
Jeeezee....I'm so evil,lol..... they say a man's love goes through his stomach.... well, something is clearly cocked up here...bahahahaha....
Anyway...leaving you with another piece of music I had on my stereo this morning...this is a classic ! Till Monday-hugs Snowy

Monday, June 11, 2012

Last bits from the freebie kit and D-Day is closer :)

 tomorrow it's back to work for me again after my days off, so I thought I will give you the last part of the kit today. Oh, and in my case D-Day stands for Departure Day.
I have 5 shifts left to do , then I come off night shift, have a day to pack my suitcase, stock up for Shaun ,pay the bills and whatever else needs doing before I'm leaving.
Did not see Reggie over the weekend , but I got a message : "monday thru thursday 10 hours a day, friday 12 hours, yesterday 12 hours, 4 hours this morning, plus tournament, i'm shot to hell, gonna spend the day sleeping it off, try and catch you tomorrow "
My poor man was working through without having a day off again! It's a good job it's only about a week and he will be off on vacation time as well. Lol, we'll probably sleep the first day there, he to recover from all these crazy work hours and myself to recover from the long journey. But the tournaments were going well , he finished the season first place -can you say I'm proud of him? Yeah, damn right I am !
Edna's comment made me chuckle: "Your Reggie sounds quite interesting." Hahahaha...I wouldn't be with him otherwise and cross the ocean for him.
Well, while he was working his ass off on Saturday and Sunday I wasn't lazy either , -I finished another kit I started a while ago.

But now the last part of that kit...
Don't despair,lol... I have some more goodies lined up , there is a pack of Eagles and wordart /tiltles to fit the USA theme and to go with all these kits still to come.

But for now ...poof...I'm off again with music,lol
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Next freebie part ...and ten days and counting ...

Good morning all,
would you believe I have slept 20 hours since I came of night shift yesterday morning,lol? This morning I'm full of energy, so you could say night shift recovery has been successful. I'm catching up with some work in here, bed stripped, laundry on, new sheet and covers on, vacuumed and dusted.... and so on... s far I didn't have any time to design more ,although I have been working on experimenting with some more photo ageing. I just love an antique old look on pictures. Some torn edges,folded corners and the old sepia looks.
Transformation...from a simple picture to.....

...this one. There were various other stages but I didn't save them all.I always think the possibilities of what you can do with a simple pic are amazing , if you know how to apply some effects.

I think Reggie will be busy laying the new carpet in the bedroom this weekend , he wanted to get it all finished before I come. Kyra, -yes I have a plan for my plants....they will be all in the living room in one place. Can't do the bathroom as there is no window and they need light.
As for seeing "all of  Reggie" ...web cams are pretty good for that,lol... it's the "being able to touch" and give him a great big hug and a kiss finally, actually being together in person instead of miles apart and having to talk via a screen, headphones and microphone.Being able to finally do something together or just chill out , watch a movie and cuddle together which will make so much of a difference.I've already been warned by Sharon (who also lives in the house with her fiance Joe) not to let Joe put my shopping away, or I would find my tampons in the freezer....uhmmm...okay ... I almost spat my tea across the laptop laughing that's not something I would look forward to,lol. Anyway, time for the next freebie part. Two days worth in one folder again.As I said , ignore the days on the previews and the website address, it doesn't exist anymore. I was just too lazy to do new previews.

I leave you with some music...this is from an album I currently listen to and I have seen them live on stage -they are amazing ! Lacuna Coil
Hugs Snowy 

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

13 days to D-Day and yet another freebie part

4 night shifts, 2 early shifts, 2 late shifts and 5 days off in between ... 13 days to go ! After these two nights I will start to pack my suitcase , ie laundry and what I plan to take with me goes straight into it. I won't have much time when I come off my last batch of shifts , one day to recover and sleep after working the night and then next day I have to catch the coach to Gatwick at 1pm.Before that I have to make sure all bills are paid and as it's pay day that day refill the fridge and freezer for Shaun for the time I'm away. I made a list to tick off so I don't forget anything.
Weather here has been rainy and quite cold again at night~I'm so looking forward to warmer temperatures. Although it's not too bad today, we're just reaching  60 degrees. For the time I'm across there it's supposed to go up into the 80ies in Timberlake that's more like Summer !
Not long now, so I thought I better give you another part. This is the ex-forum kit. It used to be part of a daily download ,so ignore the days on the previews. And I changed a few parts of it as well.
Here is the link for the first part, I packed two days worth into one folder.

Apart from that here are a few pictures I took on a walk on one of the nice days we had. The East Point Pavillion here in Lowestoft and the harbour...
South Beach
and the pier
That old camera is still able to take some good shots,lol.
Reggie was at tournament last night and I will be on night shift tonight and tomorrow night. I won't be able to see Reggie until Friday or Saturday, depending how tired he is.I was spoiled last week being able to see him nearly every day, so I really miss seeing him this week again.
But I'll be there soon ...and that's all for now, things to do as usual ,so till next time
Hugs Snowy