Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Working with Antiquing Creams

Hi all,
I've been so busy,lol. On my last few days off work I made a trip to Norwich and went to Hobbycraft to finally get the much needed Ultra matte varnish I needed to be able to work with my DecoArt Antiquing Creams. And what fun it is to experiment with those !
I started on a couple of small items first to see how they turn out and then moved on to the larger bits. I'm still not finished with all the items I want to do, but I thought I post a quick update here.
These used to be plain wood and cardboard surfaces until the transformation started.
First a base coat of acrylic paint. Then some stamping and embossing powder to create texture.
After that it was time to apply the first rub with Antiquing Cream and after drying remove and create the wanted effect with a damp cloth.

Loving the old grungy look !
Next was the drawer storage box and lid of another box . You apply the cream with your fingers , it's a little messy,lol

And the finished result is so worth the work and waiting time in between several coats of cream and varnish .
I have a few more items to do and will show the end result of all when I'm done. Apart from that  I have started a little garden area behind our house. Will take some pics soon.
Until then
Hugs Snowy ;)

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Second part of Lavender Rose kit

Hi , I managed to get the elements for the Lavender Rose kit done today. Happy how it turned out...I haven't lost all my design skills yet,lol.

Also , the doily which I started is done as well. I'm currently working on a second one.
Fits perfectly under that wooden butterfly (I love the quote on it as well)
It says "Find happiness in the little things" . I wanted a kind of ruffle effect for my doily instead of it just plain flat. The second one will match this, but will be more oval in shape.
I also found a canvas to go on the wall , but have not hung that up yet.

Currently I'm on night shifts so I'm relaxing with some coloring.I got these 2 books from Dawn Nicole to keep me occupied.

I'm waiting on an order of antiquing paints. It will be fun to experiment with those. And I need a matte varnish to seal them, Glossy just wouldn't look right with an old shabby look . I have a wooden tray, a small shelf with hooks and a couple of other items I want to pretty up ;)
 But here is the freebie, Lavender Rose elements. I had to make 3 folders of them because the mats and lace in png format are quite large files.



And that's it for now again. I have to get ready for work and fuel up with another coffee before ;)

Hugs Snowy

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Success ! ...and a freebie

Yaih ! Fitbit definitely works for me.  The little device makes it easy to track what you're eating and drinking and watches that you don't get over the recommended amount. The challenges with others make it fun ,lol. Yeah , I won the weekend challenge .

And I lost 8 pounds in these 2 weeks since I had the Fitbit...yup, I call that success ! :)
Apart from that I'm trying my hand at doily making. I wanted something for my white furniture , to protect the surface from scratches. And I couldn't find a nice doily like I wanted , so I'm just making it myself. Ordered myself some very fine crotched hooks and some yarn and just started.
Love this set...lots of sizes. I found it on Amazon.
I have never used such fine yarn before, but it's getting larger slowly.
Today I finally found the time to wrap up some papers as freebie. Hopefully I manage to get the matching elements ready for next post.
Here is the first part of "Lavender Rose"
Enjoy :)

Till next time
Snowy :)