Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is definitely here !

Hi again,
after last weeks heavy rain and me getting constantly soaked this week is so much better ! The temperature has slightly gone up, in the moment it's 59 degrees and sunny. And the spring flowers have started to bloom. How lovely does this look?

Next will be the Bluebells. Reggie told me the Mountain Laurel where he lives is blooming as well.
It's a beautiful day here, starting with Reggie on web cam as soon as he woke up ( we chat every morning before he even heads to work), baking bread and a cake (the smell from the kitchen was yummie!) catching a bit of fresh air and sun, and in between more messages from my beloved,lol. Can't wait till 9pm tonight when he's home after a long 10 hour day at work again.
Inspiration for designing is slow but I did another layout with our pictures on as new Profile pic for the Facebook page we have together. The Raven and the Owl,lol
90 days now....yes, I'm still counting. And as soon as I'm back I will have to save for the next flight in December. If the weather will permit it we will be heading to Florida in January to visit Deb and Rob in Oldsmar.So I hope the roads will be clear and free of snow.It's an 8-10 hour drive I was told.
Tonight it's tournament night for Reggie again-meaning while he is away I will start up the program and see if I have the inspiration for some more designing again. And I will prepare another freebie soon. But for now I'm off...pooof
Hugs Snowy

Monday, March 19, 2012

Freebie kit 2 days late,lol

Morning peeps, hope you all had a nice weekend , I certainly did. Uhmm...yeah ..I know I'm late with my freebie for St Pats, but maybe you can still do something with it. I normally wanted to put it up yesterday , on my first day off, but Reggie had a a surprise for me and I forgot all about it .... lol, sorry.
And I have been scrapping and playing a little in between .... new pics - so it just had to be done ! I specially love the old and antiqued look in the moment. Here's my beloved trying to look " bad ass" ....metal musician thing not to smile ,I guess.I can see him as a Viking.... might have to edit a pic to make him into a Viking Warrior for fun,lol
And I did one layout which I have to print for Reggie's Sister and Mum, so I better get that printer ready in a bit.
The freebie is this, an ex store kit again. I'm just waiting for the last zip to upload and it will be on the Freebie page, also more previews.
After being lazy yesterday and talking on the web cam until I almost couldn't keep my eyes open,and was sent off to sleep, I really need to get some things done today. So till next time
Hugs Snowy

Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh lala designs...

Hi all,
yup, I've opened the program again and was designing a little last night while Reggie was at the Tournament. Whooho, he told me this morning : "we won, i got match dart". Cool !-fantastic! Of cause , waking up to good morning messages like this always puts a smile on my face :
"good morning beautiful! i hope you slept well and had really pleasant dreams, i love you darling, mwah.!"
First I finished the Cover for our page. I didn't want a ready made timeline cover, so I had to personalise one.
 Then started on a new kit. I wanted to create something which will go well with pics I will take in June when we go for walkies on those nature trails. Ivy has always been one of my personal favourites , so I decided a kit with lots of green and Ivy would be great. Oh it has some other nice colours but the QP I made is kept in the green tone of the kit.
Edna, I won't forget spare batteries,lol. And I'm sure Reggie will take his camera as well. 95 Days now and I can't wait !
I'm keeping this a short post today because I want to leave a little earlier for work and pop to the shop before. From Sunday on I'm off work again and will have a little more time. That's when I can also get the new freebie uploaded- until then
Hugs Snowy

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Planning and scheming :)

Hi all,
98 days until I fly and we're planning and scheming.
Next pay day I'm buying the flight tickets, I will also need a new ESTA, the travel authorisation for the USA.
Reggie sent me a few pics of the Area we are going to visit, Nature trails through the woods along the river. This area reminds me a lot of  where I grew up in Germany.

 Also planned is a visit to "Top of the Hill".... hey, they do Blueberry beer,lol. I was told alcohol content is 7-8% ...holy shit ! Guinness has only 4.1% , that means for light weight like me I really cannot drink more than 2 pints , otherwise Reggie will have to carry me back to the car,lol.And I'm not planning on getting drunk, I just want to try them- guess they don't do the different beers in kids size ,hey?

I scrapped this one new layout with pics Reggie sent me.... this says it all. Music is pretty much his life.
That's all for today again, I will prepare another freebie soon -till then
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, March 10, 2012

...and the last part of "Spring Celebration... up now ! Good morning peeps :)
I just uploaded the last part and it's up for grabs now.
Lol, just saw the comment Edna left on my last post. Guess I should have made a bit clearer that it's summer boots, the jeans are are full of designer holes to let air through and really thin, plus I have short Bermuda style jeans, and the leggings are also short ones which go just above the knee-all summer wear. I'm not going to be too hot.
I made another layout with one of Reggie's pics.
And I'm busy creating new memories with my handsome man. Guess I can't hide how much he means to me,lol. I love him and it's mutual ...a sad case of the "love bug" .
That's all for now, I will go to bed in a little while to catch some beauty sleep -time for night shift recovery.The weather is gorgeous , almost a shame to go to bed , but I hope it will stay like this for the time I'm off work. Till next post and hopefully more to show...
Hugs Snowy

Friday, March 09, 2012

More parts of Spring Celebration Freebie

Hi all,
just a quick one to let you know there are more parts of the Spring Celebration kit up on the the Freebie page now -8 parts so far , with just another one left to come soon.
I have not found anytime to design more yet , but only one more night to do and then I will be off again and hope to carry on a little bit. But my amazing guy gave me some pics last night and said "play with them" ...and so I did,lol. Here is the first one I did this morning after coming from work. I'm trying to use the scheme and colours for this series of pictures.That's my guy in the left of the picture.
 Lol ,Kyra wrote : "Is it going to happen? You, flying again to the States? Yeah, it looks like it LOL! And you don't have to wait too long for it!
Glad Reggie is better again!
Not great to worry about someone so far away, not being able to do something, hey?
Now it's time to think what to pack for your vacation, yeah, 105 days are gone sooner than you realise!"
Yes, it is happening ! 102 days now in fact. Will be buying the flight tickets next pay day.
And that's not all- I will be in North Carolina with Reggie for Christmas /New Year and my Birthday as well !
When he heard I had been working every Christmas the past 10 years he said: "I will try to make it extra special for you" ... that's my guy,lol- he's gonna spoil me ! What to pack, Kyra? I'm easy going and try to fly as light as possible again. June is a warm month in North Carolina, he told me. Jeans, leggings, t-shirts maybe one of gypsy skirts , boots , a pair of normal comfy shoes and not to forget something suitable for walking along the the river there. That's one of the things we've been planning. We both love walking in the woods and nature full stop.We have made more plans-but that has time for another post. For now I'm off to bed to catch some beauty sleep after my night shift -another one to go ! So till next time
Hugs Snowy

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The next 2 parts of the freebie kit

...yes, they are up on the Freebie Page,so hop over and enjoy. Good morning - not going to make this a long post as there isn't much to show.
Reggie is finally better (so glad I don't have to worry about him anymore) and back to work this morning after the usual quick morning chat , I'm on late shift ,so I have to take care of everything here before work.
But it seems the date I'm flying is set....just waiting for final confirmation from work regarding my leave request. But I can't see any problems. 105 days to go until I head to Charlotte, Reggie is going to pick me up at the Airport and then from there it's a two and half hour drive to his home,as he told me. And I'm going to see what Independence Day is like - he said he is going to take me to one of the larger fireworks around the area.
I'm also looking forward to meet the others in the house. Like Edna, he rents out his spare rooms and his best friend and fiance live there in the house as well. I spoke to Sharon on the phone briefly a few days ago and she sounded really nice. I'm excited, I'm counting the days and so looking forward to go to NC...actually, not sure who is worse, him or me ,lol.
Last here is another quote layout with some of the new bits and bobs I have been playing with.
Until next post -hugs Snowy

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Part 3 and 4 of Spring Celebration freebie

Good morning ,
I'm back with the next parts of the kit -they are on the freebie page now.
First thing this morning I was looking at the news regarding the storms/tornadoes last night. So horrible to see those pictures. I have quite a few friends in those arias and some came pretty close.
My boyfriend has been sick the past 4 days with fever and bad cold .I hate hearing him so weak on the phone. Yesterday he went to see his Doc and I am so glad he did ! He has pneumonia.My poor guy ! This is where a long distance relationship really sucks, because all I want to do is board the next plane and be there to help him. But I'm sending off a little "Get well" package for him today.
I got a lovely picture frame I filled with some pics, told him there was one missing.... but he said there are two missing ,lol -he's right, one definitely has to be one of us together.
It won't be too long , my travel plans have changed. I'm now planning on going in summer, and hopefully in December again to spend Christmas and New Year with him.
I'm lucky I can get so much time off work and get paid for it, it's different for him.
Last night I opened my Poser program for the first time again after not using it for a long time. I got quite a few bits and bobs done, not bad for a start. So let's see how it goes. I need to get back into it and a bit of practise. But I made one layout as well, which is journaling and shows our thoughts and comments a few days ago which are memorable to me.

And that's all for now, enjoy the freebie parts
Hugs Snowy

Friday, March 02, 2012

Finally new Freebie -first 2 parts

Good morning,
apologies for running late with this , but I things didn't go as planned and I had other things to to care of ......but I'm finally back with the first two parts of Spring Celebration.
It's an ex Store kit with over 50 backgrounds , so I will give you the links in pairs.Today it's the first backgrounds and a pack of elements as always on the freebie page.
Not much to show, just a layout I did for our new FB page we have together now..... hey, we look great together,lol
That's all for now, enjoy the Freebie and the next parts will be coming as well , 3 and 4 tomorrow.
Hugs Snowy