Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A day to relax and recover,lol

Morning all, - as you can imagine I didn't do much yesterday.Today it's back to work and I needed to chill yesterday and recover from all this time out. Yes, I admit that I was exhausted,lol. So I just did the cleaning and then relaxed he rest of the day. And having these 3 cats means the floors are being done daily as they lose a lot of fur.
In the evening I actually did some work on the kit and made two layouts with it. Here's what I did.
This first one is inspired by my attitude now and the fun I'm having.I'm meeting lots of new people...-yes, I'm dating but unless everything is right there is no chance in hell that commit myself to a relationship.And I have to say I get bored easily these days .....
The second one is a bit of humour with truth in it. Wiccan principle is that you have to love yourself first before you can love others.Nothing to do with being stuck up,it's just self confidence and knowing what you're worth.
So ...Rapture all the way,lol. I even put the devils horns into the kit .... a halo really does not suit me.
And here the perfect song for this theme-"Beautiful People"....if you listen to lyrics they make so much sense ....and I'm off.Hugs Raven

Monday, May 30, 2011

Party at the Beach

I had slipper thieves in my flat during the night ...I can only find one this morning ,lol. As promised some photos from K-Fest this morning.
The pier where it all takes place ....it's packed !
The bands are playing ....
...everybody is in a good mood , and even dancing ...
That's Lindsay, one of the Organisers of K-Fest
Katie was in very good mood as well....and she had a few more drinks than I did,lol.
Well, what can I say-a good afternoon and evening .... this is Andy , a work colleague with his band Six Degrees of Separation playing .
Wonder if Katie has a hangover? Her first comment on the photos this morning was : OMG !
I will go and search for my other slipper now,-it's kind of awkward walking around with just one ...plus I really want another coffee ! And breakfast sounds like a good plan as well. Hugs Raven

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a quick one...

Hey, just a very quick post today.Came home from work not long ago, now it's a case of cup of coffee, something to eat (before I have a drink,lol) , get changed and I'm off to the beach for our annual K-Fest .While my dinner warms up I have been quickly uploading this sampler for you .http://www.4shared.com/file/s7rQB-XD/sre_sample_overlays.html
All Overlays have been tested by me , here is an example from the first one in the Sampler pack. I used it to make a background for the new kit.
 And with that I'm off ...it's party time !!!!! Hugs Raven

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New CU Overlays in Store

Hi again, well...as the weather wasn't fantastic I got busy and packed up 3 new packs with CU Overlays to go into the Store...or they will be as soon as I have put up the post after writing this. I have so many of them as I create new ones for almost every kit I do. So these are in my Store now for only $1.99 each

Ughh.... I need another coffee. I was home at 3.30 am this morning. First I went to Notleys Bar where the band was playing.

After that I got a text from Shaun "Hey Mum, come to the new La Rouge Nightclub" ...so I went there as well and stayed till they shut down and then walked home with Shaun.This is what it looks like inside La Rouge. I did   "The Shuffle " on the dance floor last night.:).-if you don't know what the "Shuffle dance " is, there is the video of LMFAO -Party Rock Anthem in my side bar , it gives you an idea how mad I was on the dance floor,lo. And believe me , if you do the shuffle to the long version of the song you have done a good fitness workout ! Shake it ! 

Once we were here Shaun said he was hungry and really fancied a bacon/egg roll.... and making me hungry in the process. Luckily I had bacon in the fridge so we were standing in the kitchen at 4.00 am in the morning frying bacon and eggs , before we finally went to sleep,lol.
Today I'm taking it easy and chilling out as much as possible as I'm back to work early in the morning. Shaun is working at La Rouge again tonight (until 3am) and then he starts at 10 am at his regular Security job in the morning. He's gonna be one tired boy.. For me it's a case of getting up at 5 am,be at work for 6.45 am until 3.00 pm, race home on my bike , get changed out of my work uniform into something more suitable , and head down to the beach for K-fest. If.... only if I'm not too knackered I might end up in La Rouge again after K-fest is finished. So there-that's my Sunday,lol.Monday I have taken off as leave so I can recover . And despite of 5 large pints of Guinness last night  I was not drunk or have a hangover ...just a bit tired, so it's definitely an early night for me ! So with that I'm off now , do a bit of tidying up,chill out and then a nice bath later before bed. Hugs Raven

Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting more "Raptured"

Whoop whoop...helllo, yup- I actually have been designing yesterday. We had a day with a lot of showers and strong winds, so I went out with my bike for a short time, just made it back in time not to get soaked and worked a bit on the kit...Mind you, I did have a good soak in the evening with a nice bubble bath,lol.
A few more pieces and this kit will be ready, but I don't think I will get anything done today. I'm off to Notley's Bar tonight again to watch another live band. And you can bet I will watch my drink like a hawk!I don't want to end up like Shaun last week.
Sunday is K-Fest , I'm working early Shift-but I will be cycling home full speed , get changed out of my uniform and down to the beach. It takes place at the Fisherman's Wharf again, like last year.Andi's band , Six Degrees of Separation is playing again, and I should think he will do one of his acoustic performances inside as well. It will be a case of dressing in layers again. In the afternoon it's still warm , but once the sun goes down it can get pretty chilly at the beach. Last year it was really cold around 9.00 pm there. Plus with the weather being a mixture of sun and rain  it's best to be prepared. I'll post some pictures from K-Fest on Monday.
But now to the teaser designs from the Rapture kit-I made two qps from the new stuff.
And now it's time to clean and tidy up a bit again. I hate having cat hairs around , and these 3 leave a lot of it behind. Well, at least the two long haired ones. As much as I love them, once they are gone I will not get more pets ! I will not miss the hairs, cleaning the litter boxes and I won't have to worry about finding someone to look after them when I travel and go on vacation.Sam is 13 years old soon, Dusty 12. With Shaun in a full time job as well, me working and being out most of the time they are on their own here in the flat mostly now. There is a short time in the evenings before heading to our bedrooms where they get a cuddle , but they are not allowed into the bedrooms. Shaun has a mild allergy to the hairs, I react allergic to dust -which is why they are limited to downstairs, where we have PVC and laminated flooring instead of carpets , which is easier to keep clean.And with that I will get the hoover out -have a great day ! Hugs Raven

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looks like rain....

Hi, morning
well, change in weather here-we got strong winds and dark clouds in the sky this morning. But nothing like what I just saw and read from Crystal and Pixie across on FB. They had tornado warnings, sirens going off and Crystal even took a picture of a funnel cloud. Just beats me how people here can complain about the weather -we get nothing like that !
My witchy herbs are doing well , especially the mint, basil and lemon balm ....
Dill is growing out of proportion ad the rosemary needs a cutting ...
Sage just had a good cutting down and is hung up to dry now ....
....and in the moment the milk/water mixture seems to do the trick on the sage plants which were infected with powdery mildew. The small new leaves are so far free of it .I cut it right down but new leaves are already coming out.
Let's see how the weather turns out during the day. If it rains I might sit down at the computer for a while longer and carry on with designing the new kit. And I will bundle up the sage with has already dried with twine and make smudge sticks. Plus I have some work to do for the Wiccan Connection. The folks there want some spells posted , so I will look through my clever books and see what would be useful to post.
Here is a nice summer song called "Sun is up"  and with that I leave you again and get busy. Hugs Raven

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A day with good and bad

Good morning ,peeps
Yesterday was definitely a bit of a work day. I almost had frost bite on my fingers cleaning and sorting out the 2 freezers. Then Iceland came with my home delivery and the new frozen stuff had to be packed away. At least I did the ironing before , which got me hot and sweating,lol- so I needed to cool down anyway.
I re potted a few plants as well and discovered that 2 of my sage plants have what is called " Powdery mildew" , a fungus which spreads it's spores by air. So I had to separate the infected plants from the rest . I looked up treatment on Google and it seems that spraying with either a milk/water mixture or baking soda are natural ways of treating it. So I try the milk/water mix first-let's see if it works.
The good news came in the evening with a knock on the door. The guy from the Electric company was reading the meter and noticed we have been billed too much for a few months. So I will be getting a refund ....now that's news I really like to hear !
Now to design. Did you listen to that song I posted yesterday? That and the so called "End of the World " a few days ago inspired me to do this new kit ....guess the name of it ! ...Rapture ,lol
Definition of Rapture :  ecstasy.great delight.the state of mind resulting from feelings of high emotion; joyous ecstasy
2. An expression of ecstatic feeling. Often used in the plural.pleasure
3. The transporting of a person from one place to another, especially to heaven.
also : 
"Rapture" is an English noun derived from the Latin verb rapiƍ, with a literal meaning of "I catch up"
Well , I am catching up,lol ! I'm catching up with having fun and going out.
Here a layout I made with a few more pieces from the kit ...oh no...I'm not showing too much yet
For the journaling at the bottom I picked out some of the lyrics from yesterdays music video, as they are just perfectly fitting.
It was a little bit windy when the photo of me on the wall was taken , hence the stormy blown back hair.
But now it's time for me to get busy again, -the cleaning Fairy has not turned up again, and as we had dinner quite late yesterday due to Shaun working and Cadets straight after ,I still have the washing up from last night in the sink.So I better get moving, and then re-pot some more of my herbs into larger containers.
Hugs Raven

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another sunny day

...but very windy !Good morning -damn !I'm good this morning. Not even 10.00am and I have already tackled the ironing basket , done the kitchen and living room ok as well. Now wait for Iceland home delivery , but before they come at 11 am I want to sort out the freezer. There are always some thing right at the bottom I can't even remember having bought. So it's time to give it a good sorting through before the new stuff comes and is just packed on top again.
I started a new project last night. I have fallen in love with those Crochet vests/boleros which are in fashion in the moment. But they cost almost £30.00. So I thought , why should I pay that amount if I can do it myself for a fraction of the price? So I was sitting there last night and crocheting while watching a DVD. Will show pics when I have a little more done.
I told about a new kit I am working on , I came across these colours and just loved them -so I had to start another kit. This is a qp I made from some of what I did so far.
Plus I uploaded another freebie qp for you.
Ooops ...and noticed I forgot the TOU,lol- but not to worry.Just look it up in one of my other downloads.
Here is the link http://www.4shared.com/file/iRk_Bn8n/srqp3_11.html
And with that I will leave you again, work to do and I want to get out into the sun as soon as I can. Just one last thing- a new piece of music which I absolutely love ! Hugs Raven

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lovin Summer !

first day off today.It's so nice waking up in the morning without alarm clock and being able to roll over and stay in bed a little longer, knowing that I won't have to go to work.
Yesterday late afternoon was a drive to Norwich, bite to eat and cinema. I am loving 3D movies. The effects are just so much more amazing. Was back home around 10pm , chatted a little with Deb and Julie on FB and then bed.
And another success story to tell. I bought myself a dress and tried it in my current size...or so I thought ....but wearing it, it seemed rather loose and specially around the top half it didn't fit well.So I ask the nice shop assistant if she could bring me a smaller size ...and, oh wow! -that was much better ! Needless to say I am absolutely over the moon and happy that "my top half " has shrunk as well,lol.I have not worn this size since I got pregnant with Shaun 20 years ago ! The bike is definitely helping with all the weight loss, plus my change in food and living healthier.I can't even eat so much anymore.My stomach has got used to smaller portions the past .... well, it must be almost 2 years now.
This is the dress-perfect for a sunny day !
They say you are what you eat ...what does that make me then...a fruit case? These are my snacks at work , nobody can say I won't get enough vitamins ! Kit used is Happy Summer
Last Friday I went out to Notleys Bar , Shaun was there as well with his friends. They had a live band playing and it was a good evening. Shaun and me walked home together , he was a little tipsy , but that was all. On the way we went for a snack and had a chat with Police Officer standing there and keeping watch on all the people out for the night. When we arrived home and were eating Shaun started to drift off , falling asleep -which was strange as he didn't have that much to drink.Suddenly he got up and into the bathroom saying he felt sick. Not long and all contents from his stomach were in the toilet when he threw up a few times. Then he passed out , bent over the toilet sitting on the floor. No matter what I could not wake him. I watched him a little longer to make sure all was ok and then went to bed. He woke up early morning and went upstairs himself.When he woke later he said this was not normal - he also said it didn't feel like a hangover - we think his drink had been spiked. Even though we never leave our drinks standing around, it only takes a second when you look to the side to drop something into the glass. He told me he noticed a strange taste. But he's ok, that's what matters and we will be even more careful and watch our drinks from now on.Sad that you can't go out and enjoy yourself  anymore without keeping a really close eye on your drink and not put it down on the bar or table anymore.Poor Shaun -but I just couldn't resist this !
It's just taken with my phone so not too fantastic,lol.
I am also working on another kit.It's slow going as I don't spend much time on the PC but it will get there in the end.
That's all for now again-I'm back when I have something to show or tell.
Hugs Raven

Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of the world? Raptured ??? Hello, I am still here ,lol

Hi, have you been waiting for it as well? Lol, these have been going around and I think they are just too funny not to share!  
Due to technical difficulties... The scheduled END OF WORLD event has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have already quit your job, given away your life savings or liquidated all of your assets...… Oopps... Our bad! We will attempt another doomsday event in October 21st, 2011. Please stay tuned. Oh... Have a nice day! or evening! >;}
 Personally I definitely opt for the spankings,lol. Anyway, gotta get ready-He will pick me up at 5pm and off to Norwich.Hugs Raven

Friday, May 20, 2011

No time , lol

I'm still alive , just no time to post. Just home from work , do some chores, wait for my grocery home delivery , get ready and out to Notleys tonight. Tomorrow another shift , Sunday an early shift , come home about 3.20pm, get changed and off at 4.30 pm to Norwich and then I am off from Monday for 6 days -yippiee !!!! I'm well , enjoying myself and having a good time. Hugs Raven

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last day ...where does the time go?

Hi , good morning ...oohhh, I would really like to know who comes into my room during the night, backcombs my hair and makes me look like Beetlejuice ! It's my last day off again, but .... only 4 days work and I will be off again for a bit longer when my leave starts. Whoohoooo ! Last night was funny.As usual I put out my Crystals to recharge during the full moon and I also burned some incense up in my room last night. This time I tried a new one which has to be burned on a charcoal disc.I think I put a little too much in ,lol-my whole room was filled with the smoke.But it smelled really nice. Next I heard Shaun coming up the stairs and knocking on my door. He carefully peeked around and asked:" What wacky stuff are you burning? I can smell it all the way downstairs"  He reckons if Police would have been near they would have raided the flat for illegal drugs ,lol. I have to admit I was getting a bit light headed and opened the window before I went to sleep. That was one hell of a strong incense ! I made a layout of a shot I took with my phone last night -kit used is "Faith" available in my Store.
The way it's going I have to sort through my clothing every 3 months in the moment. Yesterday I sorted out another two bags which will have to go. The tops and jeans are just far too big for me now.
Payday tomorrow - and I have seen a gorgeous top in one of the shops which I will get after work tomorrow. Hey, I have to replace what I throw out,lol -that's my excuse anyway. The weather is looking a bit grey this morning. It's not raining but there is thick cloud cover ...so who knows?We might get some later on. And now it's time to get my butt into gear and get ready ...shower , get dressed and out ...hopefully before the weather starts to decide it will rain. Here is another music video -Nero with Guilt
Hugs Raven

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Times !

Hi !
Absolutely loving having time off  again. And looking forward to the rest of the month even more ! Notleys on Friday night (live band) , then work a late shift Saturday, Sunday home at 3 pm and most likely 3D movie, Tuesday???? , still some more days off, so who knows? then work a few days and come the next weekend it's K-Fest with another day off after so I can recover... lovin it,lol. Looks like I won't be bored for the rest of the month.
Didn't do anything on the PC but I thought I show you the pics of Shaun's new Tattoo. It was funny-he left for his appointment at 10.00 am and I woke up at 3 pm from a swearing and howling in pain sound coming from downstairs. There was Shaun with his new tattoo, cleaning it ....and yes, it did hurt !  Here is new Tattoo in progress.
And the finished result .It's obviously red and slightly swollen at this stage.
Doesn't it look great? I really like the tribal style. And now....I found this picture of a Tattoo and I am just sooooo....tempted to have this done ! I absolutely love it ! Will I be brave enough ??? It's gonna hurt !!! Minus the eye ... instead I would have a pentacle in its place.
Tonight is the Full Moon , time to charge my crystals again , I can already feel the energy from the moon.
And I have another quickpage to download for you. A butterfly qp -enjoy ! http://www.4shared.com/file/JPs49eHg/srqp2_11.html
And another piece of music to groove along to ,lol -Saturday by Basshunter
Hugs Raven

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New kit ready

Goood morning all !
Whooohooo...I have a few days off now . Came from work not long ago , got the kit ready last night and uploading as I write this. So looking forward to my time off work...after I had my beauty sleep though.Need that first, I keep yawning. So let's start the show again ...this is "Happy Summer"
And here the detailed previews of what's inside the folders.

Plus the sampler again to pick up in Store
And that's it from me ...my bed is calling me .Hugs Raven

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger finally works again !

I tried to post yesterday but Blogger were doing maintenance work and I could not post anything. This morning all is back to normal. I have just come home from night shift and even though I'm tired after a busy night, this weather makes it hard to go to bed ! It's absolutely glorious sunshine again out there.
So I will post this , have a cup of tea and then wake Shaun up before I go to bed myself. Shaun has his Tattoo appointment with Ron this morning at 10.00am. He won't be back before 2.00 or 3.00 pm. The tattoo he's getting is absolutely massive and will take hours to do. I'm sure he will let me post a picture once it's healed, he likes to show off,lol. I , myself , am still working on a design for my Tattoo extension to have it made bigger as well. Plus I already have an idea for another one. Let me tell you, tattoos are addictive ! My extension will be vines and a sword going through that tribal heart , plus I want a butterfly , also a Raven in front of a pentagram. Once the extensions are done I think I'm ready to have other places tattooed than just my arms. The arms are the least painful -other places hurt a bit more , and with my fear of needles and fainting I try to get used to it gradually. With success ,lol.
I carried on each night with a few more pieces for one of the kits and got one almost completed now. I think tonight I can make the last few pieces and then pack it all and make previews. Here is another quickpage I made with it. I don't have a name yet , but it's summer colours and full of floral elements.
And I have so many quickpages on my drive that I have decided to give some away. So here is the first one. This was from a challenge in our old forum and perfect for some vintage garden/floral layouts. Here is the link http://www.4shared.com/file/mLCs-G6g/srqp1_11.html

Apart from that not much to tell in the moment. Work and shifts tend to prevent that anything exciting happens. No time to go out or do much. But only one more shift tonight and I'm off on rota break again !
I leave you with another music video -Back seat.
Hugs Raven

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A few more photos

Good morning again, -another late shift today. Yesterday we got dark clouds in the sky during the afternoon.I thought it was going to rain, but amazingly the clouds drifted further inland and it stayed dry here.We could really do with some rain, the grass on Royal Green is not green anymore but has turned a brown colour due to all the sun we have been having for weeks now. People with Gardens also say they want some rain, Normally we have that further into the year, this time Summer has definitely started early.
I designed a few more pieces for one of the kits I'm working on last night, it's getting there slowly. But today I show a few more photos.It's peaceful and nice to walk further into the woods on this path.
The white blossoms of the Hawthorne caught my eye.
Obviously while there it was a case of pushing the bike,lol. The last picture was taken on the way back -view down and across the sea.
And that's all from that trip , but I have plenty more planned when I find the time on days off. That's it for today again from the most easterly Point of England -Hugs Raven