Monday, August 21, 2017

Nightshift recovery in HippyStyle mode ;)

Yawn ! .... Good morning. Never mind it's afternoon here but for me it's morning. I'm just having my first cup of coffee after finishing nightshifts this morning. For me the weekend begins today after this coffee has started to kick in !
It's been a busy week at work and I was glad to be able to relax after housework and cooking. Needless to say I didn't get much done in the art and craft department.

The mornings and evenings have been a lot cooler than before and I actually got out those warmer tops and hoodies. On the bike , cycling , they are needed early in the mornings !

And it was time to treat myself to a new pair of boots to keep my feet dry and warm when the rainy and cold season begins. Not the price of Doc Martins but the look , and real leather as well. Love these new boots from Amazon:)
I'm hoping to get another Skillshare class and art work done while I'm off , but first it's catching up with "oh so beloved" housework and laundry.

So now it's straight to the new kit.
Introducing Hippy Chick
Lol, I found a layout I made with this a few years ago. Yup, this is also an ex store kit.
It has 18 backgrounds and 30 elements.
I lost all the detailed previews when my old laptop crashed and gave up its life , it seems. So here is one I just made.
I'll try to have more detailed previes next post.
Here is the first 2 links (will be 5 in total)  ..
one papers

and one elements

Enjoy and happy scrapping ! :)

Hugs Snowy

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Disco Lights -the last 2 parts

Hello again,
Here where I am it's starting to feel like the beginning of fall The horse chestnuts are nearly grown and will start to fall soon, the elder, rowan and hawthorn berries are getting their colours and the blackberries are ready to pick. Weather wise the nights are starting earlier and are cooler than before , the wind is starting to pick up and although the days can still be quite warm and humid , the general feel is that autumn won't be far off.
That's fine with me :) It's one of my favourite seasons., the other being spring , when nature wakes up and colours appear after winter  As for autumn...I love the fall colours ! And the bounty of my pickings in the garden and nature.
I've been busy in my kitchen after picking blackberries making jam, fermenting carrots and cabbage, pickling cucumbers, cutting and drying herbs etc
I had hoped to have some more tomatoes so I could use some to make pasta sauces or tomato soup, but we seem to eat them too quick ;) But I still have more green ones on the plants maybe there will be more for canning. I have also dug out half of the potatoes I planted in grow bags and they are yummie :)

The salad I planted is all gone , so I'm planting more seeds .The courgettes/Zucchini are growing and can be picked soon. I have fresh celery and chard. All in all , despite not having much room and planting in containers everything has grown well this year so far.
I'm also being a "domestic Goddess" and have cleaned all my windows , washed the curtains and will start to go through my warmer clothing , which are mostly packed away in vacuum storage bags. Here at the coast in UK the autumn winds can be quite cool and the hoodies , cardigans and lighter jackets will be needed soon.
I managed to make time for some painting this morning.
I call this floral painting "Summers bloom" , in a loose, almost abstract painting style, full of summer floral and colours.
I think this might be the first in a set of 4 paintings. One for each season of the year.
I already have some ideas for the Autumn themed painting .

Anyway.... time for download links. And maybe a little preview of what's next, because it's the last parts of Disco Lights already.

I'm not only an ex Goth , but also a little bit of a Hippie chick at heart. So I decided this will be the next freebie kit.
But for now it's still party time with Disco Lights. Here the last parts.

Enjoy and I'll be back with the next kit soon :)
Hugs Snowy

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

More Disco Lights ...finally !

Hi all,
I have to apologise for being late posting again, but a little nasty stomach bug got in the way and the last thing on my mind in between running to the toiletand stomach cramps was doing my blog post.
I feel ok again today , apart from the odd strange gurgle noise my stomach makes ...which is probably saying "feed me". But I'll still be careful what I eat today. Let's face it : another day of "almost fasting" is not gonna hurt and hopefull get rid of another pound on the scale ,lol.

I found some time for another art project though..
It started with some circles and watercolor...
...and slowly developed into this...
And the final painting ! I'm happy how this turned out :)

The weather here is turning more autumn like in the moment. We had strong winds, lower temeratures and rain showers mixed with sunny periods.
I'm not complaining. It means less watering the plants outside and less sweating.
I also got the new coffee table to match my TV unit. Much better than the glass and steel monster I had before.
I think the next purchase will be the matching book shelf with bottom drawer. My old one has two dawers and they are falling apart and don't open properly. But it's not real wood , unlike these new pieces. So time to replace this cheap chip board stuff!

And now to the 2 downloads for this week.
Part 2 :
and part 3:

If you missed the detailed previews and part 1 , they are all in last weeks post.
You have 2 more parts coming ...

And now I will plug in my external drive and see what kit I give away next...

Until next post
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Disco lights kit freebie, Part 1

Hey everybody :)
As promised I have the start of the new kit ready for you today.
And I have still been pretty lazy when it comes to art stuff. I did however manage to get a cover for my old and ugly draft excluder stitched up.
Yeah, had to be owls,lol
And building up this new TV unit was more than enough craft to last me a while. Luckily Shaun knew what he was doing....too many parts !
I'll be getting the matching coffee table soon. Dare I hope it will be easier to build up?

And now straight on to previews and links !

I love the vibrant colors in this kit :)
Here is the first part for today (5 in total)

I will have two more parts next weekend for you.
And now I'm off .... gotta get ready to work the nightshift . Have a great week :)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The last 2 parts again

Oh damn, this week has gone by so fast ! And we're already onto the last 2 parts of the kit. But as I said last week...the next one is already lined up ,lol.....
This time we're going Disco :)
I'm too old for that ow and rather enjoy a good concert , but before I settled down, got married and had a kid I was out partying and dancing every weekend.Wild times,lol.... and I can certainly look back and can say I had a whole lot of fun !
So this will be starting next weekend.
Want another sneak preview?
These are some of the backgrounds.
I should get some of my concert pics out ...this kit is great for those as well.

The garden has kept me busy . I planted some new lavender plants , more seeds (lettuce, spring onions, radishes) to keep the supply going. And because it was so hot a lot of watering had to be done. Luckily we had some rain the past couple of days and the temperature has gone down a little.
Instead of painting and crafting I hit the sales and found some nice bargains. Also a new TV unit which will be delivered tomorrow. That means getting out those tools and building it up.
I went for light pine wood I don't like dark furniture much.
If this looks as good as on the picture I might consider getting the coffee table and book shelf from this range as well.
We'll see.....
OK, enough...let's get to the downloads for today.
These last 2 parts contain backgrounds (folded) and quite large overlays (png files) . The glitter curtain is my favorite. It adds a great touch to any background.
Thats the one I'm talking about.
So now the links

Hope you enjoy this kit as much as I had fun to make it back in the days,lol.
Come autumn /winter I hope to make some more kits. But for now I rather spend time outside in the sun. And of course I have my Skillshare lessons to.
Till next weekend and the start of the new kit
Hugs Snowy

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The next parts of Beyond Dreams

Hi all,
sorry ,I'm late posting again. Work life got in the way again . And then Game of Thrones.... I got up early just to watch it , then was mega tired yesterday. Self inflicted ! I fell asleep about 7 pm , but now after nearly 11 hours of sleep I feel grrrrrreat,lol :)
Guess I needed it .
I also had a break from art classes and the laptop full stop. I spent more time out and about outside , so there isn't much to show. I only did one piece to try out the new Ecoline colors I got.
Weather is hot and sunny , and I wish I had a bigger freezer to cool down in sometimes ;)
Temperatures didn't use to bother me a few years back. I was quite comfortable in 100 plus degrees in NC. That was before menopause. Now my comfort temperature is between 65 and 70 . We don't have A/C , so the fans are running almost non stop. And even the cat enjoys the wind they create ! That must mean something, because he used to hate the fans and made sure he stayed out of their way. Unless a male cat of 18 years can get hot flushes as well ?
So ...short post today and I give you the links.

and elements

Next post I will have a few more backgrounds (also a folded one), glitter overlay, glitter curtain  and deco corner overlay.And then we are on to another kit again. I already have one lined up :)

Till then , have a great week
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, July 09, 2017

New freebie kit "Beyond Dreams"

Hello :)
Right on time today with the new freebie parts. And I just came back from watering my plants and actually made some pics.
Everything is growing well, my plants are loving the sunny weather we have here for weeks now. We could actually do with some rain.
The tomatoes are thriving...
 ..and this marrow is promising to be a biggie,lol
I planted bee friendly borredge
 and cabbage
Everything is thriving :)
I have celery, potatoes, radishes, spring onions, beans and other goodies
And I have been busy ! You remember all those watercolor paintings of gems, banners and flowers I made the past weeks? Well, I scanned them and made them into digital png elements.

But now some kit previews for you. 

This is the new kit you will get over a 3 week period ...2 parts each week

Not everything is shown on these previews, but it will give you an idea :)

Here the first two links, and please ignore the Magickalscraps banner on those previews. That used to be my shop , but doesn't exist anymore these days. I didn't want to make new previews just because of an old advertising banner on them. Papers  Elements

Stay creative, and I'll be back next weekend with the nest two parts :)
Till then
Hugs Snowy