Sunday, June 23, 2019

Start of freebie kit "Seashells"

Good morning :)
Well, it is here where I am. Sunny and blue skies , Sunday and I'm actually off work for the weekend. (which only happens once a month )
Yesterday we headed down to the beach for the First Light festival . My Fitbit told me I had walked over 14.000 steps when we got home and I could feel it ! I was actually glad to be back home and sitting down felt like heaven :) Coming off nightshift yesterday morning and only a few hours sleep meant I didn't have the greatest amount of energy. But I sure slept well last night .

As I didn't get anything done in here yesterday , it means today is cleaning /laundry day. I'm glad I woke up early and was able to get a lot already done while it was still cooler outside. Now it's getting warmer and UK houses don't come with air conditioning. All we have are fans to keep us cooler when it gets hot in summer. Mine will surely be on later because I'm menopausal hot stuff anyway :)

I showed a picture of the started Crochet basket in my last post …
...this is what it looks like now. I added a white macramé border at the top.
And Granny's dish cloths are the best :) Small enough to fit into the handbag and work on during my lunch breaks at work.
And this doesn't fit into my handbag anymore. I'm knitting a jumper in pastel colours to go with my new pale lilac jeans. I'm using Paintbox  chunky pots , a variegated yarn. It's great because you get all those colours in one ball and don't need to change colours to get the stripes.

Do you hunt for free patterns like I do? I'm on an app called Readly where you can get all sorts of magazines. Obviously my favourites are all sorts of art and craft mags. Then I take screenshots of the patterns and instructions on my tablet. I also get patterns and ideas from Pinterest and various blogs.If there is no download option taking screenshots works just as well.  
I ended up with numerous folders with pics categorised by Macramé, Knitting, Crochet,Recipes , Painting etc.... Problem: Screenshots were saved as png files and they can use up quite a bit of space.
So what I'm doing now is to create my own little e-books. It's dead simple !
Open Microsoft Word , create a new document , insert pictures (those screenshots) , then save as pdf file. And voila , you have a pdf  e-book with your patterns which takes up a very small amount of space on your computer. If you want to print out instructions just type in which page (s) you want to print. And if I want to take it with me without printing, the files can easily be copied to a tablet or even my phone. You can even create an index for the first page , so you know what is actually in that pdf file/e-book.

OK. I didn't get time for more paintings this time , so I will get straight to the new freebie kit now.

More parts coming and please ignore the "Magickal Scraps " logo on the previews. That used to be my old store and doesn't exist anymore. 
Have a nice Sunday and stay crafty 
Hugs Snowy 

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Last Sweet Violets part

Good morning ...
on this sunny lovely Sunday :)
We had a spell of rainy days and strong winds here , but today it's nice before the rain returns tomorrow for 3 more days. At least that  is what the weather forecast tells me today. We shall see whether they are correct.
I'm not too bothered about it because I will be starting my nightshifts tomorrow. So I will be asleep during the days anyway, and by the time my shifts are done and I'm off for a few the weather should be nice again :)
Hopefully it will be! I need to do some work in my little garden corner. But the rain is certainly helping and doing those plants good. I don't need to water them every day and they are thriving. So do the weeds though :)
I have decorated my hallway and love the new wallpaper ! The gold toned leaves really pop out from the charcoal grey background. And due to the white furniture it's not looking too dark.
This was a real bargain. Each roll used to be £ 15.00, but I was lucky and got them in the sale for just £ 1.00 a piece.
Apart from doorframes , bannisters at the stairs and the stairs themselves, my little home is done for a few years. I will tackle those in July when I have leave coming up.

I made this macramé hanging for one of the walls in my brand-new hallway. The colour theme is grey, green and gold (added white for the furniture, skirting boards, bannister, doorframes) and I have green and gold leaf decoration around. So this moss green, grey and white macramé fits right in with the colour scheme.
As an added useful deco item I am also crocheting a storage basket. This is still work in progress, as you can see. I will post another pic of the finished basket when it's done.
Yesterday I also took the time to work on a loose floral watercolour challenge.
This is "Sweet peas"
and "Greater quacking Grass"
My plan is to make a nice collection of botanical loose paintings , scan and enhance them digitally , and make them into png files for my scrap kits.

Right.... freebie time. Here is the last part of "Sweet Violets"

For the next freebie kit I have decided to put up "Seashells"
Half of this used to be a freebie in my store years ago , the other half was a store kit to buy.
Well, I gave the lot a little make-over and decided to make it the next freebie kit. So if you downloaded this as freebie years ago , you will now get the added store part free as well. For those who missed it back then , it will be a whole new kit. It never had a complete preview either as it was published in parts. So now I made a kit preview as well.
So this is starting next post ….
until then ... always , stay creative :)

Hugs Snowy

Sunday, May 26, 2019

More Sweet Violets freebie parts

Hello :)
Hope you're all having a nice weekend. I only get one free weekend per month and this is it :) So I have been mega busy. Plus I spent time outside gardening to make the most of the sun, jumped on a train for a shopping trip in Norwich and ...and...and..

Here some pics of ongoing creativity 😛

Simple cheap glass bottles look so much better with some Macramé !
This large Macramé Wall hanging has found a nice place in my bedroom . The largest one I made so far and I think it looks fantastic !
And when you have leftover yarn it's the perfect opportunity to make another Macramé bag . :)
I had it with unhealthy spongy bread full of additives. So I made my own sourdough starter and the bread from it turned out yummy. No yeast needed. The natural yeast cultures from the sourdough starter are not only healthier and better to digest , but the bread with it tastes so much better.
All you need is organic flour and water to make your own starter.

Next week I will be painting and wallpapering my hallway. When we had a new electric fuse box built in , and a new intercom set , the wallpaper and paint got damaged . As I don't like patchwork the whole lot will have to be done. And I have plans for some wall decorations ...made by Snowy , of course :)

But now to the download links.

More papers and elements for you

There will be one more part to come next post , and then another freebie again.

Enjoy and stay creative :)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Ooops... late with the new freebie kit :)

Hi :)
I was convinced today was the 2 week posting day …. so I opened my blog and was shocked to see it has actually been 3 weeks instead. Where has the time gone? These weeks just seem to have flown by ! Sorry for being late again. "Sigh" ...a full time job , household, lots of hobbies and the time is just gone. I need to retire :) (I wish) so I have more time for all the things I want to do. 16 more years to work , unless I win the Lottery or an unknown rich uncle leaves me a fortune in his will :)

Anyway, let me show you what has kept me occupied in my free time.
I got out some wool and wove this wall hanging.
Then I got to work on this Macramé Tree of Life .
And lastly I finished this Macramé bag ,which has an inner bag so small items don't slip through the gaps.

And I already have a new project on the go. Have you heard about the Pine resin/beeswax  sandwich wraps?
Well, I try to do my bit to keep plastic to a minimum, and these wraps sound like a great alternative to sandwich bags. But it's a sticky task. They make it look so easy and clean in the videos, but my hands and nails are full of the stuff. Yeah, I tried gloves. The wraps kept sticking to the rubber so I gave up on clean fingers 😁
Here is one of the videos showing how to do it. Some use only beeswax , but adding some pine resin improves the wraps. Also, melting the mix in a little pot first and brushing it on works a lot better.
Okay, after the education it's time for the freebie now. 
I found an older floral kit which seemed perfect for his time of year. It's called "Sweet Violets".
There are 5 parts all together and I will give you the first 2 today . 

Enjoy ! And now I'm going to clean up my kitchen and check on those wraps 😀
Till next post , stay creative 
Hugs Snowy 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Last two Springtime parts for you

Hi all,
yup, I'm late posting again. I was so busy yesterday that I plain forgot it was Blog post day :) ...Ah well … I'm here now.
I still couldn't get much done in my little garden area. The nights are still too cold and we even had a little frost. So I still have my little baby plants by the kitchen window. They are growing nicely and getting quite big , so I really wish the nights get warmer soon !
So what crafty things have I done since last post? There was the 3 day Macramé challenge. I didn't win, but taking part was great and I got a lovely wreath finished.

It looks lovely hanging on my door :)

I also made a placemat for my table....
...and a plant hanger.
And painted these canvasses for my hallway walls.

In the moment I'm working on a woven wall hanging. I'll post a pic when it's ready.

I'm itching to do one of the new Skillshare Watercolor classes , but have not found the time so far. Work, a little spring cleaning and the Macrame have used up all the spare time. But I'm hoping to get some more painting done on my next days off work.
Plus I have plans to do a concrete plant pot ...I think I have mentioned it before...I need more hours in a day ! :)
This is the type of concrete I use can get it on Amazon .
It's imported from Germany , hence the German writing on the packaging. Just type in concrete for kneading and there's quite a few option coming up.

Okay, let me give you the 2 last links for Springtime now. And then I need to look which new freebie to upload for next post...

That's all for now. I'll be back with another freebie kit in the next post.

Stay crafty :)
Hugs Snowy

Monday, April 01, 2019

Last part and new mini freebie kit

Hello  :)
Just home from work and now sitting here with a nice cuppa , chilling, while writing my blog post. We have been really lucky with the weather the past week. It's cold and windy , but sunny. I just wish the temperatures at night would go up a little more. We had a few nights with a touch of frost, and as long as that threat is there I am holding off to put my baby plants outside. They are currently still growing by the kitchen window. I have tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, various herbs and lettuce to plant.
But the bulbs I planted last year are doing well .

I have been trying something new lately. Working with concrete. No, it's not ordinary concrete. It's a special kind which you can knead like clay. It's also not dangerous to mix and doesn't make a lot of dust when you mix the powder with water. Here are two of the projects I have done so far.

A candle plate with fern imprint.

And for Easter a broken egg candle holder.
This was made by blowing up a balloon , layering the concrete around and then popping the balloon once dry. It's painted with gold inside and chalk paint on the outside.
Looks pretty cool, hey? :)

For April I have something else planned though.
Isabella , from is doing a macramé challenge .
For 3 days we get emails daily with instructions on how to do this macramé wreath. I already have my supplies and can't wait to start. It's also a competition and the best wreath will win a large spool of macramé yarn.

Apart from that I knitted a few more squares for my blanket and I still have a painting project to complete as well. I will show pics once the painting is ready.

Work didn't leave much time for a lot more..."sigh".So much I want to do but not enough time ;)

But I have the last Mardi Gras part for you and also the first part of a cute little 3 part Spring kit.
First the last part

And now the new little kit
Here the first part with backgrounds

Here a quickpage I made from the kit. I'm in giving mood, you can grab it here

Next post there will be 2 more zip files with backgrounds and the elements.

And now it's my bedtime ... stay crafty :)
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The next Mardi Gras parts and building up a stash of new designs

Hello, good evening :)
I'm posting a day early this time. No particular reason,I'm just having the time , no work this weekend and so I decided to write my post tonight already.
And feeling so much better after dealing with a sinus infection and nasty cough the past week.
I had plenty of time for art ...and design. Here are some of the paintings I got done.
 Rainboots and thistles for the #thingswithflowers challenge
Lantern and crocuses
Aviary and roses
and a garden gnome with primroses.
I'm proud of this one , it's the first time I painted a face, and I'm happy how it turned out.
Also a little bit of lettering with my watercolour. This will be framed and go on the wall above my desk :)
I got another kit ready ...
...and even made some jewels for CU use.

I eventually plan to open up a store page here on my blog again , so I'm slowly building up a little stash with a variety of graphics (bought and self painted illustrations)
It's not gonna happen over night , I still need time to make that stash of new things. And don't fear- the freebies will continue.

And talking of freebies, it's time to give you two more parts.

There will be one more link for this kit next post , and the start of a new freebie as well.
Plus I will have something new to show as well (I hope). I will be experimenting with craft concrete. Let's see how that will turn out :)

Until next post then
Stay crafty :)
Hugs Snowy