Sunday, September 09, 2018

Finally more of Gordon's Kitchen kit

Hello again,
I'm only a week late with this ...nope, not apologising because I've been so busy I just had to prioritise.
I could feel myself getting more and more tired and stressed , so I needed to put myself into "time-out" , cut down on things and take more rest.
Work, decorating, garden ,challenges , blog was getting too much in one go.
Work obviously comes first-bills have to be paid. The garden second. It's harvesting time , I still have to water every day and we had to cut the hedge and bushes because they were taking over and stealing the sun from the other plants. I'm still fighting snails , but I'm winning as long as I keep it up ;)
I have not touched a paintbrush for watercolors in 2 weeks, but the paintbrush for walls, door frames and skirting boards is getting a lot of use.
I need to get the windows winterproofed and notice that one doesn't shut. So I need to have someone come and repair it.
It was also time to get some warmer clothing out of storage. The early mornings and nights are getting quite cool now.

On the positive news , my desk and workspace are done and I love it !
I even got a decal with owls on a branch on the wall :)
I have so much more space with this L - shape corner desk.
And the floating shelves have plenty pf room for my large pen ,pencil and marker collection.

All I need now are new large bookshelves for my books, boxes , files and sketchpads .
Oh yes...and time ...I need more time !

Well, it's 8.35 pm ...I have to be up at 4.30 am , so I better give you the links and get ready for bed.

 Today I give you the second lot of backgrounds and more essential kitchen items.

Enjoy :)
I hope I find the time to post next Sunday, but if I don't make it , I will as soon as I find the time .
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Freebie kit Gordon's kitchen

Hello " yawn" ,
I have come off nightshift earlier and only had a short nap, so bear with me in case I have typos n this post. My brain doesn't quite work at full capacity.

And I had barely any time for painting this past week either But ...on the bright side... the temperatures have gone down and it actually feels like autumn. Here at the coast we're getting he winds to go with it. Time to get out those hoodies and coats.

Today is the last day I can sit at my old desk. My creative room is getting a make-over with new shelves and desk, the walls and ceiling need to be painted and I will have a feature wall with wallpaper. A lot of work again, but will be worth it.
The reason is that this old desk is too small ! I need space not only for my laptop and painting, but also want a place to put up my sewing machine, which has been stored away and not used since we disposed of the large dining table. I just don't have a large enough surface to use it. But that will now change with this large L-shaped desk I ordered. One side for painting and laptop, the other side for sewing and other textile crafts.

Needless to say I won't get much painting done without desk and lots of DIY .
I did one for #thingswithflowers , but didn't even finish my leaf yet.
But hey...I started designing , not just one but 2 new kits.

Fancy a quick look at what I have so far?
This one will be called "Golden Autumn"
And this will be more colourful and playful .I have something like "Autumn Joy"in mind.

I need to start packing up my art supplies , so let's get to the new freebie kit.
It's called Gordon's kitchen and is a HUGE kit. It has everything from backgrounds in different color schemes, tube elements of appliances, food items ,cutlery, recipe cards etc. And there is our Chef Gordon.
Here come the first 2 links

Let's have fun cooking :)
And I will be back next weekend with more parts ….until then, stay crafty !  :)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, August 19, 2018

More Love Letters kit

Good morning :)
It's one of my rare weekends off work and I have been busy !
For a start I caught up with knitting squares for my blanket. I think I have roughly 60 done ….only about 80 more to go ..oufff ;)
A lot of work , sweat and cursing going into this , but it will be well worth it in the end :)

Then I managed to get 2 more paintings for #thingswithflowers done.
The guitar . Love how this turned out !
And the swing in a loose style with lavender .
And my "homework" for this week , the letter B leaves -Birch.

For next week it's the Chestnut leaf , Horse chestnut to be specific

They are almost ripe here and will fall down soon , and the leaves will start going yellow and brown then.
A Japanese Cherry leaf would be another option for letter C .

I love Autumn and can't wait for all those lovely colors :)
So here is an autumn leaves paint tutorial

OK... time for the kit and links again...

I made another quickpage from this kit

And here the links

Question : Would you be interested in more quickpages? I have a lot saved and been thinking about uploading them as freebies as well.
If I sort them in themes and group them into packs of 4 or 5 at the time , they would make nice freebie downloads as well.

Let me know and that's it for today again. Until next week
Hugs Snowy

Monday, August 13, 2018

New Freebie kit again

Good morning :)
I was too tired last night after work to post . It was nearly midnight and all I wanted was to have a cuppa and then crawl into my bed .
But after a good nights sleep I am ready to do my blog post this morning now.

Last week I wrote about drawing and painting leaves, and said I'll show you my finished painting this week.
Here it is.

This week we move on to letter B and the birch tree leaves.
I looked up a link for you again as reference.
Give it a go :)

I've also been working on the challenge.
Paintbox for #thingswithflowers

...and the Lighthouse
Here it is also without flowers
But I promised a new kit for today ….'s a kit called Love Letters. It contains lace , glitter ,folded paper and a couple of tubes.
Here a quickpage I made with the kit.

And the first links

Apart from that there isn't any interesting to tell.... you can't go on any adventures when stuck at work :)
And that what I have to get ready for soon again … so until next post.
Stay creative
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Last two Tuatha parts and "Let's doodle"

Good morning everybody ,
...well it's morning where I am , and I have come home from my night shift not too long ago.

In regards to your comment Edna, I think a few hours more time only just scratch the surface. I need more days instead of hours to get everything done I want to do. I need to retire ...but that's still 16 years in the future for me ;)

I finished the bathroom...finally ! I got a new mirror hanging cabinet and new shelves to complete it.
It's floral and feminine, and I needed light colors in this very small room without window.
I'm currently making a batch of sour dough starter, because fresh baked sour dough bread is just the bomb ! It's healthier than other quick rising bread and easy to make.
Think of it as a pet have to feed it to grow. All you need is a pot or jar, flour (I prefer organic wholemeal ) ,water (I use mineral water because the chlorine can hinder the good bacteria to grow) and patience. One cup of flour mixed with one cup of water , cover container with cloth so the mixture can breathe and feed the same daily. Within 7-9 days it's ready to use for bread.
 I'm also making Greek yoghurt.
All it takes is a tub of plain full fat yoghurt and milk. From half a tub I get 3 to 4 times the amount , so it not only saves me money , but I know exactly what's in it. Filtering it after the 36 hour progress gives me the thick and creamy consistency. If a feel indulgent I even add fresh cream to the milk yoghurt mix before I switch the yoghurt maker on :)
"THINGS WITH FLOWERS" is back this month and I just love this challenge !
I chose blackberry for my ice cream cone :)

OK....I talked about leaf drawing and painting last week . Let's start with the letter A and the Alder tree .
Here you can find an Alder leaf to copy or trace

Notice the little teeth at the edges, not all leaves have smooth edges.
Start with pencil , and once you are happy with it you can start coloring or use a black fineliner pen , or even both .

Now look up Ash or /Aspen leaves on google and do the same.
I will show how I colored mine next week.
But here is a simple watercolor tutorial

Now to digital and Tuatha links.
The last two links :)

There will be another new freebie next week , but I have to look through my external drive first to see what I can give you next.
So until then , stay crafty :)
Hugs Snowy

Monday, July 30, 2018

Finally more freebie parts

Hi all,
sorry I'm a day late . My excuse ...I was too damn tired after more DIY . After the kitchen was done I had a lot of paint left over which I didn't want to waste. So I decided the bathroom could do with a little do over as well.
I love how the swirly leaf border turned out.
Yeah, the floral wallpaper is kinda girly , but it really brightens up the small room (which has no window).
Thursday I will have a new hanging mirror cabinet and towel rail delivered, and a shelf still has to go up as well.

So not much time for painting yet again. But do you remember the last painting video I posted?
I started on that series of 3 paintings.
Here is one...
I'm still working on 2 and 3 .so hopefully have them done next post.

I promised element previews for the Tuatha kit though, and took time to create those for you.

Here the next links as well

There will be two more files for this kit next week.

Once I get a little more time again I will carry on with doodle and painting as well. I have a little series planned which starts with drawing different kinds of leaves and then painting them in two versions. The first being a spring/summer look and the second an autumn/winter look. I will take step by step pictures so you can draw and paint along. As we get more towards winter I will include winter/Christmas greenery and plants/flowers. These will make great motifs for hand drawn and painted X-mas cards. So get yourself some pencils, black fineliner pen and some watercolors and paint along. Oh yes, not to forget watercolor paper. Cold pressed texture at 300g/m is best . It's a nice thick card stock which you can either cut out and glue to a regular card , or fold and use as a card as it is .

That's it for now though. Time to start cooking dinner. And I'm planning to bake bread and make a sourdough starter.
Till next post
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Start of new freebie again

did I say a week off would give me time to do a lot art and craft ?Think again ! I managed one painting and that was it.
The company doing the kitchens changed the way they do things. Before they would do the whole lot , including painting and wallpapering. But not anymore. Now they supply the chosen painting supplies , but you have to do it yourself.
So after their days work I busy first painting the ceiling, then wallpapering myself. In this heat and no A/C in British flats I was pooped !
Then over the weekend the task of emptying the boxes and sorting everything into the cupboards again. Once that was done the big clean up. The kitchen arts were custom made in my flat, so I had fine sawdust practically everywhere. Ah well, it's over and done now, but I was I would have taken a couple more days off from work to recover from all this :)  Back to work tomorrow...

But enough of this..
Here is the only painting of this week 
Summer Window 
But I have managed to make a new kit.

It turned out a bright and sunny Summer kit .
...but now to the new freebie
It's preview time
Here are some background previews. I didn't have time to do the previews for elements yet, so I hope to get the chance to do that for next weekend.

Here the first 2 links

And that's all for today. Next weekend there will be a draw and painting tutorial again. And hopefully some paintings to show :)
Until then
Hugs Snowy