Monday, March 19, 2018

Nightshift recovery, another Winter storm and the next parts

Good morning....
...never mind, it's already afternoon but I just had breakfast ;)  My day is slightly confused until I adjusted back to days from nightshifts  again.
Which is why I'm posting late again. I was just too tired yesterday and needed another nap before my last shift.
We had another Winter storm here and many parts of UK got covered in snow again. We were lucky this time. Only a few very light snow showers , more like a white dusting in places , but the wind was insane ! Still is actually. It looks like a lovely sunny spring day until you feel the temperature of the wind. It's brutal !
But there seems to be a light at the end of the ...aahhh...endless winter... temperatures are supposed to start going up tomorrow , on the Spring equinox. About time ,I say.
Advertising e-mails from various shops make me laugh. "Spring spotters" "New in ! Light and colorful spring fashion" Seriously? I'm not going to buy a sleeveless thin t-shirt , no matter how much in fashion the new style is , when I'm still wrapping up in thick sweaters ,padded coat, hat, scarf and gloves. Screw fashion....I just want to stay warm !!!
But staying warm is another thing right now. 30 minutes ago while having breakfast I was starting to feel cold. So I turned the heating up . 10 minutes after that I got too warm .... so I opened the window slightly. Another 10 min and I look for that fleecy warm blanket to wrap myself in...can't bloody win !!! Menopause is a strange thing ;)
So what have I been up? Apart from getting more grey hairs learning to write with the oblique dip pen I did some watercolor.

This one got me featured on Instagram.
I would like to say I'll get out my paints after this post , but I feel to sluggish and tired. So I doubt that I get anything done today apart from more sleep.

Which brings me to the freebie parts.
More backs and elements for you

I won't be on nightshift next Sunday , so hopefully I manage to post the next parts then ;)
For now I'm hoping for warmer weather so I can get out and get some planting done and more sleep .
Stay warm and crafty ...and until next week(end)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Looking forward to Spring and new Easter kit

Hello again,
It has been another rainy day here at the east coast. It's an improvement to the snow and sub zero temperatures we had the week before , but I really would like to see the sun a little more.

I found some photos I took 2 years ago and the crocuses were in full bloom and daffodils poking out their heads at the same time of the month. Not this year ! It seems we are a month behind and in for a late Spring. So I have to stick to Spring graphics for the time being.
 I worked a little more on that new watercolor kit and took a screen shot.
Even in my paintings you can see me looking forward to spring .
But I had a nice surprise this morning and woke up to a lovely bunch of flowers from my son. It is Mothers day here in UK.
And now let me get to the Spring/Easter kit freebie.
Here come the previews and a quickpage I made with the kit.

Here the first 2 links

Enjoy and till next weekend again
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Last parts of Valentines Dreams

Hello :)
Yup , made it on time this week :) And what a week it has been ! England had quite some snow, and people don't seem to be able to cope. As someone who has grown up in Germany and is used to the white stuff being much deeper than we had here ,I can only shake my head about people not turning up for work, businesses closing early or staying closed, no rubbish collections , no deliveries to the shops etc.... Is it really "safety" which is given as an excuse, or a we breeding wimps? I always get the impression ,the more we put safety first , the more unable to cope people become. Or is it just me who thinks that way? By the way ...I walked to work...through the snow ...I got up 30 minutes earlier to make it on time. Just like I did as a young girl ,having to walk a few miles to school and back in all kinds of weather.... Which earned me an " OMG ! I couldn't do that ! "  from those younger than I am. As I said -wimps !
Bad weather meant it was definitely painting time (plus I knitted a few squares)
It was a week of botanicals ...
And I worked on some Spring designs...
...pastels and blossoms. If it's not spring outside I just create some inside ;)

But now to the last links for Valentines Dreams

And I think it's time for a colorful Easter kit. This is coming up as freebie kit next.More previews next Sunday and the first parts.

So see you next Sunday again .
Stay creative ,peeps :)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Flu break, but finally back with next parts

Good morning :)
I have to apologize for not posting last weekend, but things don't always turn out as planned. In this case I was down with the flu for a week. Anything that didn't include sleeping , chilling on the sofa , plenty of fluids and my meds was just not happening.I even had to take off a few days from work. 
But I'm better now....still coughing and sniffles , but no fever and chills anymore.

Still, it was a bummer ! I had so many plans for my days off work as well. And guess what I got done? Nothing ! Not a single thing. I didn't even feel like I had enough energy to hold a paintbrush.
But no point stressing about it. I just take each day as it comes right now and work on getting rid of that snotty nose and cough completely, and get my energy and strength back.

So what have I been up to since I felt a little better? Back to work for a start. And falling exhausted into bed at the end of my shifts. But I have found a little time for some creativity as well.
This morning I did another Skillshare class and painted a wreath with hand lettered quote.
Some Butterflies.
And I made a few more lava bead bracelets
 But let me get to the download links now.
I'm a week behind , but hey.... so here are the next two parts.
More background papers

and elements

There will be two more parts for this kit. I say next weekend,lol......hoping nothing prevents me from posting this time ;)

Till then
Hugs Snowy

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine Dreams freebie kit

back with the Valentines kit and more paintings.
The Watercolor challenge of 2018 continues and week 2 of February theme is " Macaroons"
I don't even like them , but they sure are fun to paint !
And even more fun when the new watercolors arrive , which I won via Gift card in last months competition.
The pigments in this set are just out of this world  :)
And I also completed this "Steampunk Journey" painting.

But now to kit previews ...

This kit has 6 parts and can be used for more than just Valentines layouts.
I give you the first 2 downloads today.

and elements

Enjoy! And see you with more parts next week :)
Stay crafty
Hugs Snowy

Monday, February 05, 2018

Last part of Frosty Winter Nights

Hello :)
It's Superbowl Sunday and I'm sitting here watching the game while writing this post. It's rather late here in UK fact , it's already Monday here. I finished my late shift at 23.00 , rushed home and just made it for the game to begin.

This last week was a success for me because I won the watercolor challenge for January. The prize was an Amazon Gift card and obviously I spent it on art supplies. I will just have to wait a little for it to arrive from the USA.
I took another Skillshare class with food items. The February challenge is gearing up to paint and illustrate a recipe.

All in all a creative productive week. But now to the last part of the kit. 

Next week will be the start of a new freebie kit again .
A Valentine kit in rich red and gold tones , suitable not just for Valentine layouts. Detailed previews next weekend .

Until then .
Stay creative :) 
Hugs Snowy

Monday, January 29, 2018

More frosty Winter Nights

Hello :)
Yup ,I'm one day late posting...sorry. I came off nightshift yesterday morning , had a bout 3 hours sleep, caught up with housework and some other things, cooked dinner and sat down on the sofa in front of the TV. Big mistake ! I got sleepy and instead of posting ,I forgot and went straight to bed. This morning I had the "oops" moment when I remembered. Ah well, I'm human , and not a machine.

Okay, let's start with art news. Did you ever want to learn about colors? About mixing ?
Over at you can do a free month long class (weekly tasks) in your own time. It started beginning of January, but better late than never. I just did week 1. All you need is the 3 primary colors (yellow, red ,blue ) and from these you will learn how to mix lots and lots of different colors and shades.
I just did my first color wheel and i's so much fun creating your own watercolor palette.
All these and more from just 3 colors.
Inkstruckstudio's 2018 Watercolor challenge continues with Food items for week 5 -theme Donut.
I get hungry looking at them :)
Week 4 theme was Squares.
I used metallic fluorescent paints and filled them with gold floral doodles.
 And the grey weather made me buy some daffodils. I wanted some color inside for a little spring feeling. I will take some close ups and try to paint them.

It's my weekend and I have lots of plans. How much of them I will actually get done remains to be seen.
I'll let you know next post ;)

For now it's Frosty Winter Nights time....
More backgrounds and elements

You have one more part coming next week and then ....well, I don't know about you, but I have the desire for some more colorful designs now. We have Valentines Day coming up and it's not long until Spring. So enough of winter and let's start a new season.

For those interested in knitting that patchwork blanket, I will also try to do some updates on that page soon.
Stay creative
Hugs Snowy