Sunday, May 20, 2018

Start of new freebie kit again

Good morning :)
I'm enjoying the peace of a weekend off work this time. It doesn't happen that often that I have a long weekend off , so for me it's something special to have all that time to myself.
And I made the most of these days off with sunshine , spent time outside but I also did a lot of painting in the early mornings and evenings.
I discovered a new challenge called "things with flowers"
 Having so much fun with this :)

And I completed another Skillshare class , painting feathers.
By the way , if you are on Instagram you can see more on my account there than I post here.

I'm currently taking a break from that never-ending sorting on the external 3 TB drive ....the weather was just too nice to stay in and spend so much time at the computer. But I will get back to it when it rains :)
I bought some new resources for kits and just had to play with some straight away. made some backgrounds and a quickpage .
The gradients, brushes and other stuff in this pack are just amazing !
I love the vintage look I can get with this :)
And with these kind of backgrounds not many elements are needed , otherwise you would only cover up the gorgeous brushes.

I will skip the "favorite things" and painting tips this time , because I still have lots of previews for the new kit to show. But I will get back to it next post.

Are you ready for the previews?
Here comes the new freebie "Magical Seas"

Here the first links

and elements

Enjoy and I will be back with more next weekend :)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Last 2 parts of Dreamscape kit

Hello :)
After a  nearly a week of dry and sunny weather I woke up to rain and a grey sky this morning. Perfect opportunity to spend time painting.
When the weather is nice I rather be outside instead of sitting down at my desk ;)
But I got stuck at the desk the last see, I bought this 3 terabyte external drive a while back, because my other 3 terabyte drive was getting full. You won't believe the amount of graphics and resources, e-books, photos and music you collect in a space of over 10 years. So I decided I needed to go through the folders and split /tidy half of the files and transfer them to the new drive.
....whose freaking stupid idea was that? Oh was me ! I long can it take to sort through 3 terabyte of files??? ....forever ,it seems,lol.
In 8 hours I have only just scratched the surface. Make that another year long project , I think :)
On the plus side , it's amazing what you find . There is so much stuff I forgot I had...

I painted this tropical bouquet this morning. See the white bits on the leaves? I will get to those further down in the post...
Tropical leaf
And an abstract sphere ...see the white bits again? And the texture?

Yeah, I'm getting to those now.
There are a few tools for special effects out there.
The white dots are white ink. And the lines are white gel pen.
These two are probably the "special tools" I use most. I have tried and tested a lot of different white gel pens, and one brand stood out.
Same with the ink. I tried white watercolor paint, acrylic , gouache paint, but one brand of white ink couldn't be beaten and made it to my favorite things.
This pen came out best in my trials. With some other pens you can barely see the white on watercolor, but this one makes wonderful white lines.
Same goes for this ink. It beat all the other paints. And the good thing: for really fine lines or lettering it works with nip and dip pen , not just a brush. It also blends beautifully with watercolors to add highlights or texture
Talking of texture.... try sprinkling grains of salt on to still wet watercolor. Let it dry completely and then carefully brush the salt off. It will give a lovely texture effect. The size of the grains also makes a difference. You get a finer texture with fine salt and the larger salt grains a more pronounced texture. I always have a small tin with salt in on my desk with the paint supplies.

Ok, let's get to Dreamscape.
The last 2 parts

That means another new kit next week. Hmmm...what do I have on this external drive?
I know ! Let's go to the seaside....
Have a wonderful week and until next weekend .
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Dreamscape freebie starts

Good morning .... and a good one it is ! The sun is shining , the temperature is more pleasant and it's really looking like spring outside now :)
I don't start work until 11pm tonight , so I have the day to do what I like.
Yesterday I finished my painting for the " Mermay" challenge and competition.
Those of you who know me , know I am not the cute little mermaid person....but a sexy merman ...yes ,please ! :) And I can't wait for the Aquaman movie to be in the cinemas later this year.

My loose style flowers are getting better . The phrase "practice makes perfect " is certainly true :)

Ok, let's talk about brushes. For watercolor painting beginners I recommend round brushes. You get them with synthetic and with animal hairs.

I like the Royal and Langnickel brushes. Of course you get more expensive and better quality brushes , but these will do nicely to start.  They are synthetic hair , which is softer than animal hair and better for beginners. The rounded tip let's you paint finer lines , but by pressing down you get thicker brush strokes.
I would recommend  at least 3 to 4 brushes. A really fine one , size 0 for fine lines and detail, a size 4, a size 8 and a large size 12 . There are a lot of special effect brushes out there as well.

For larger backgrounds or washes it's handy to have a large flat brush.

So...we had paper, paints and brushes. All we need now is water and tissue paper or an old cloth.

It's best to have two jars with water . One for washing the brush , and one with clean water to activate paints and load your brush. You don't want to use the dirty water for that. The colors wouldn't be pure anymore and might get a muddy dirty tint.

The tissue paper or cloth (I use kitchen roll) is for dabbing excess water from your brush or the paper.

Next post I will tell you about useful tools and special effect stuff.

Now it's time for Dreamscape , previews and links

I'll be back with the rest next week :)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, April 29, 2018

"Forget me not" part 3 and 4

Good morning .....
well, if you can call a cold ,windy and rainy day good...
UK seems to be skipping most of spring . It feels like winter again and we're having temperatures under 10C/ 50F degrees. Yeah, I turned the heating back on , which I switched off when we had lovely warm weather last week. Some parts of UK reached 27 C /80 F , but then a sudden drop and no more warm weather. Back to warm padded jackets and boots !
Yesterday was my nightshift recovery day and apart from sleeping I always take it easy and don't do many energetic things . In this case I opened up my design programs and actually managed to make not just one, but two new kits :)
With weather like this I need to think warm summer thoughts :)

Not all papers and elements fit onto the previews , so there is a lot which isn't shown on these previews.
I took part in the "Show me your florals" challenge this year and also purchased the 2 available workbooks after the free workbook and challenge. With each workbook also come video lessons with step by step instructions. So during the week I got busy with paper and paints and started working my way through the first book and video.
This is about loose painting style , which is harder than it looks ;)

After painting single flowers as practice it then ended with a floral bouquet composition. 

There is still a bonus lesson and project before I can start the second workbook. Also Skillshare have many new classes out ...I really need more hours in a day to get everything done :) 

OK, let's talk about paints (continued from last post)

Paints in tubes are great ! You only need small amounts and mixing your own colors is easy with them. 
Don't worry about using them all up , they will dry and just re-activate with water. I use 2 different mixing paint palettes. For paints from tubes I use the big one ...

It closes and let's the paints dry , ready for next use. Or sometimes , when I don't need as many colors I use my smaller palette to mix. It's also more convenient for travelling or taking outside.

The brands, I have two examples.
Windsor and Newton are a good buy and value for money.

And Sennelier are excellent quality.
For mixing you really only need the basic colors. Yellow, red and blue. You create all other colors from the basics.

There are other brands , but as usual I'm staying in the medium price range. All pictures are from Amazon again and you will find these products there.
So, I talked about paper, paints and all that's needed now is the brushes. There are so many that it can get confusing. But that's the subject for my next post. To be continued ....

Time now for the freebies
These are the last two parts below.

Next week is the start of another freebie again .

Nope, it's not meant to be religious themed, despite the angels , but you can make it so if you wish.
Here a qp I made with the kit.
Detailed previews next week with the first links .

Until then ... I better get off my butt now and get some housework done :)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, April 22, 2018

"Forget me not " freebie starts

Hi again,
I just read through the comments, and yes....we are having nice weather as well. Although it's not as warm as further inland. Shaun reported 27 degrees Celsius from his day trip , while it was only 18 degrees here at the coast that day. So there is a bit of a difference with that coastal wind here. Still, loving the sunshine! And that sunshine is also the reason I didn't get much painting done. However ,I finished the miniscule calligraphy alphabet and got quite a bit done in my little garden corner. It still doesn't look like much , but give it a few weeks and it will be blooming :)
 I planted a tiny little Christmas tree. It was one of those cheap table decoration trees you can get at the £/$ store. It survived on my windowsill since December and now it was time for a larger pot and the outdoors. We will see how this little guy will be doing ....

I am behind with my watercolor challenge/course, but the good thing is , once signed up to the free challenge I can access the tutorial videos forever.
Here is one of the class results ....watercolor peonies in a loose painting style.
The funny thing is ,I find the loose painting style much harder than the more detailed painting styles, but the point is to learn more than just one style.

I love that I inspire some of you ...thank you :) In a world where computer games and TV rule , i's nice to see that some of us still can be creative with our hands and mind. Don't get me wrong...I love doing some digital design on the laptop from time to time. But years back it was nearly all of my free time I spent designing in PSP ,PS or Poser. Now? I spend a lot less time at the computer and do a lot more different art and crafts. More variety. There is so much to learn, experiment and try out. :)

OK, favorite things time !
Let's talk about paints. Watercolor paints part 1 ...because there is so much to write about those , it won't all fit into one post.
So today I just tell you about my current favorite paints.
There are cheap watercolor paints. they are fine ...really.... but they have very little color pigment in them and more binder. So when they dry they can sometimes appear a little chalky.
The more expensive paints contain a lot more pigment , hence they are more vibrant and richer in color. You need less of them , so they last longer. So cheap isn't really cheap when you consider how much more paint you need to achieve the same color richness and vibrancy on your paper.
My favorites :Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections
Each tin contains 12 colors (but fits a further 6 in the middle if you want to add more) and is about the size of my hand. That means easy to travel with, take out etc.
They come in different themes like "TROPICALS" " "WOODLANDS" "PASTEL DREAMS" or "ODISSEY" .
When a color runs out just buy a replacement half pan , no need to buy a whole new tin. The empty little containers (half pans) are great to put you own color mixes in , so don't throw them away. (I will get to the mixing part in another post)
These paints are medium price range. There are more expensive paints , but these are perfect for someone painting as a hobby or learning.
What about watercolor tubes? I will get to that subject next time....
For now it's time to post the first of the freebie kit.