Sunday, November 19, 2017

It's still fall y'all :)

Hi all :)
I'm tired from working nightshifts but happy this morning .... 2 weeks off work for me :)
Part of that time I will be visiting my parents, visit the Christmas markets and also go to a concert.
So....what have I got to show today?
Watercolors !
Watercolor patterns and a kiwi ...
...and coffee
And I digitized some of these.
Love how they turned out :)
The CU stuff I'm making in the moment will be eventually be on this blog as well. Some for free , but also some for sale.
Making these costs paper. And not just normal cheap paper , but watercolor paper. And paints. And time and effort. I'm not looking to get rich, but a little towards the materials I use to make them would be nice. So I will have a Blog sale page. Everything will be from $1.00-$3.00 (depending on file size). I'm planning to have it set up in the first half of January.
That's one of my New Years resolutions,lol  
How cute is that add-on I made for the current kit? That hedge hock is just a cutie !
You'll get that next weekend . For this weekend there's still other parts
 For now it's more elements

and fall overlays

The last 2 parts next week will be word art and the add-on.
And then we'll be rushing into Christmas ! 

And that's me off to bed now....nightshift recovery and beauty sleep...
Stay crafty and creative
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, November 11, 2017

"It's fall y'all " part 3 and 4

Hi again !
This past week has just raced away in time, it seems.
I always want to get so much done and then there's never enough time. Working overtime and giving up one of my free days doesn't help.
I seems I wasted hours on the laptop today sorting out folders on the laptop and external drive. I have nothing physical to show for it , even though I got a lot done :)

So after all this sorting I needed to relax with something simple ! I decided on the "Christmas cuties" doodle Skillshare class. Aren't they adorable ?

Of course I did some coffee related stuff as well.

Nightshifts do not leave much time for challenges, so I'm 2 days behind now.

But I was lucky and found some items for little money to make my living room really cozy and nice for the season.

When I saw this stag sculpture I knew I had to get it. For only £ 4.99 it was a great deal :)
And to carry on with a warm , slightly rustic feel , the faux fur rug and footstool adds a warm furry touch and the stool is great for putting my feet up while watching TV or doing my knitting/crochet work.  £14.99 for the stool and £12.99 for the rug didn't break the bank :) All were from our ALDI store .

I don't like wasting too much money on decorations and home furnishings (even my furniture are all flat pack stuff), but having it look nice and cozy is still important to me as well. After all , the surroundings do play a role in having a relaxing space after coming home from work and to chill out.

Talking about chill out items and crafts- I have not received any more of the Knit and Stitch mags. I will have to contact the company because the money has gone off my account but I have received no further issues yet. So I can't carry on with patches for my knitted blanket until I get them delivered.
Once I do I will update the pattern page again.
I've also been busy with some wintery , festive watercolor paintings , but will leave that for next post , because I'm still adding to it.

For now it's time for more freebie parts.
Background papers  and more elements

3 more parts to come for this kit and I might even have another little add-on as well.
Still working on it....
So for now I say "till next weekend " and it's time for a nice cup of tea :)
Yes tea ! I only have coffee in the mornings and go over to tea in the evenings. Less caffeine and better sleep :)
And as it's nearly 11 pm now I'm off ....
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, November 05, 2017

New freebie kit

Hello again :)
It's been a busy week for me with work, painting and a little Christmas shopping as well.
I decided to take part in a "Coffee challenge" ...meaning a whole month of painting , drawing and lettering everything coffee related.
Of cause I had to paint with instant coffee again as well. And.... my picture for day 1 was liked that much that I got a little award picture :)
Day 2
Day 3
That's enough...I don't want to bore you with lots of coffee paintings ;)
A cactus makes a nice change . I'm also still knitting in between all this , but had no chance to take a picture yet.
For today I have the first two parts of my new Fall kit for you.
Ready for lots of previews?

Today I give you the pack with tartan backgrounds and another  part with elements.

This is quite a large kit with 6 folders and not everything is shown in the previews(I had to stop myself ! I could have made so much more). So there'll be more parts the next 2 weeks , before we start to get "Christmas-sy"
I will have to make up my mind which of the Christmas kits to give you ....or I might let you vote for one again :)

And now excuse me. I have a painting to finish this morning and still do some housework before work this afternoon .
Hugs and enjoy

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Surprise Freebie

Happy Halloween everybody !
I have a surprise freebie for you today :)
While most people are busy with their Halloween stuff , I am starting to create some Christmas decorations. It's amazing what you can make out of a simple twig wreath when adding some decorations.
That glue gun is running hot :)
I like mostly natural decorations. Too much glitter and tinsel is not really my style, so wrapping the ribbon around the twig wreath, a matching bow, some leaves and berry decos ,plus the wooden "Merry Christmas" words is already enough for this wreath, I think.
I might add some snow spray for that frosty winter effect.
And this twig heart wreath got some felt leaves , berries and white pearl decorations glued on.

I'm enjoying a lazy day at home today , with plenty of crafting, painting and coffee/hot chocolate.
Well, apart from the normal household chores , that is.
And while we had an extremely mild October with above average temperatures, they have been dropping the past 2 days with a cool northerly wind and cloud cover.
It's starting to feel more like "Winter is coming" to the surprise !
I have a Halloween kit surprise for you !
 Halloween Hauntings

And here the links for you. Yes, all 5 parts in one go ;)

Boooh !!!! Enjoy and happy Halloween scrapping :)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mage Chronicles parts and Coffee painting

yes ! Coffee painting ! Did you know that Instant coffee makes a fantastic paint? Depending on how many coffee granules you use in a few drops of water the result is a light sepia brown with only a few , or a rich dark brown when using half a teaspoon and making a thick paste.
The bonus? Your painting will even smell of coffee ;)
When I saw the coffee painting class on Skillshare I didn't waste any time to mix up 5 different tones of coffee in my mixing palette and got painting.
Very pleased how they turned out :)

Cute , huh?
I also finished "Sunflowers in 3 different styles" class and got my certificate :)

Oh yes ! And I updated the "Pattern" page.
I found this lovely crochet granny blanket and posted the link for a free PDF instruction download .Just register on the website to have access to this and 110 more pages of free downloads. So if knitting isn't your cup of coffee or tea , there is a crochet version.
And I will update the "Pattern" page with the next square knitting patterns after this post.
We had the switch over to Winter saving time today and due to that I am up early this Sunday morning. Seriously ? Saving time? What is the point when I have to turn on the lights being up so early ?

Today I'll give you the last 2 download links for "The Mage's Chronicles"
Then next week I start with the Autumn kit before we slowly start heading towards Winter and Christmas themes.
And I might just have a few "extras" as well....

More papers

and more elements

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to you all.
Stay crafty and 'till next week 
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, October 21, 2017

New freebie kit : And the winner is "The Mage's Chronicles"

Hello :)
Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend.
A massive 3 blog visitors have left a comment and voted what kit they would like next. That's amazing considering I have 60-80 downloads for each part on average ! (insert sarcasm,lol)
It's a good job  have a sick sense of humor and love what I do, otherwise I might have to follow the trend of being insulted (insert sarcasm here as well)
Just kidding...thank you to those who did leave a comment. You rock :) 
As it is, I'm having a weekend with no work and tons of time for my projects, and am in a really good mood :)
So I completed digitizing the first of my Watercolor Autumn pictures and made it into png files.
Yes, those are the leaves I painted with watercolors last week.The digital version turned out amazing :)
I completed a Skillshare class " Watercolor whimsical Birds" and the final project "Fantasy Peacock"
I finished another botanical drawing for the Floral challenge on Instagram.
(more to catch doesn't leave much time for daily challenges)
I knitted another scarf (for a guy this time )
And I started a year long project of knitting squares for a blanket. Each square will be a different pattern. It's a great way of learning new patterns !
The first one starts easy with stocking and garter stitch. 2 squares stocking and 2 squares garter stitch , which will be put together in the end for the reversible blanket.
 If you fancy to knit along , here is the patterns library so far. More will be added.
A square takes less than an hour , so it's an ideal coffee break filler.
I think I might post the different patterns on a separate page for reference. Any interest for a Pattern page ? 
The snowflakes are on hold until I go on vacation to Germany. I will take those with me and make more then.

And this is the kit you're getting for the next weeks, with the first parts now.


And now I feel a nap coming on.... chilling out on my bed sounds like a good plan. With my book. And a hot chocolate. And then nap...after all , I'm still recovering from working nights. Do I need an excuse? Hell no! I do what I want anyway,lol.
That's the beauty of being single and not having to deal with kids anymore at my age ;) Free time really is my time ! And I have decided to stay in PJs all day and just do what I like :) So until next post ...
Stay creative !
Hugs Snowy