Monday, January 15, 2018

The next parts of Frosty Mornings

hope you all had a lovely weekend . I, myself , just came home from work , at 11.20 pm . So  will make this a quick post and then get my beauty sleep :)
And I really don't have anything to show this week.
It's not that I have been lazy, but I concentrated my energy onto other areas the past week.
I did my "New Year's de-clutter" . So far I have managed 2 rooms. The kitchen and my bedroom ,including all clothing, have been done. I got rid of at least 1/4 of my wardrobe contents. I'm down another clothing size , so these too large tops and jeans had to go. Same as a few old sheets which just didn't look nice anymore and the elastic was practically gone.
Sorting through the kitchen I got rid of old baking trays and forms, and replaced them with some new ones I found in the sale.
It's not a quick job to get everything out of the cupboards , but it's satisfying in the end when everything is sorted and in order.
So no pictures of artwork this week, but straight to the freebie parts.

These are the last parts of this smaller kit....but here comes the preview of the next kit. We go from Frosty Mornings to Frosty Nights :)

Detailed previews in my next post .

Until then
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, January 07, 2018

I'm back with new freebie

Hello everybody and happy new year :)
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas as well.
For us it was an early one on the 21st , the Pagan way on Winter Solstice day , because I had to work Christmas and New Years eve as well.
And I turned 50. Fifty years old...can you bloody believe it,lol ? I'm never going to be a dignified old Lady. I like my metal concerts too much.
Creativity wise I have been busy again. Not busy enough enough.There never seem to be enough hours in a day for all the things I want to do.
But I'm taking part in a watercolor challenge which will run all year by Inkstruck Studios.
January theme is shapes, and week 1 circles. The perfect opportunity for some planets .
I love painting galaxies !
Week 2 is already done as well. Theme is triangles and I had that "aha" moment when it came to my mind that cut gems are made out of a lot of triangles.
And then I finished another new kit. It's a planner/journal kit and will have add-ons throughout the year.

But now to the freebie. It's still Winter ....
...and there will still be a few "Frosty Mornings"
This kit has a selection of snowmen, the Ice Queen and lots of wintery backgrounds and elements.
Here is a simple layout I made with it, showing my son and the snow angel he made.

As always 2 parts today.


and elements

The next parts next Sunday. Stay warm and keep creative :)

Hugs Snowy

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Last of Funky Christmas

Good morning
hope you're all keeping toasty warm ! If your weather is as cold as it is here this morning ,it's really time to wrap up in layers to stay warm. We had a nice frost over night , and even without snow everything looked white when I first got up earlier.
It was the perfect weather to also wrap up and finish this new kit I have been working on the past few weeks now. I even manged to get the main preview ready.
Wanna see ?
Happy how it turned out , and with 30 backgrounds and 41 elements it's not a small kit ;)
I couldn't even fit all the elements on , it looked far too cluttered.

Here is also a Quickpage I made with the new kit.
Apart from this I did some snow paintings.

 And I'm proud to have been featured on Irina Tzarkos page on Instagram.

Irina is one of the Skillshare teachers and I have learned a lot from taking part in her classes. Those colorful fall leaves in the picture are mine.
I'm looking forward to a lot more classes with Irina.

But now to the last parts of Funky Christmas. I decided to give you all 3 of the remaining parts today.
Many of you will have plans over the Christmas days and I , myself, will be working. We will be having our "Christmas " on Winter Solstice day , the 21st of December, this year.
So I will take a blogging break and will be back again on the first day in 2018. With a new freebie kit of course !
That doesn't mean I will be bone idle during that time. Apart from work in my normal job I will be working on more new designs, painting etc...etc...
I have actually already started with some Valentine watercolors which I have to finish them and then convert everything into png files for elements. And I have ideas for another new kit. But more about that next year....
Here are your last 3 parts of Funky Christmas now.

Have a merry Christmas,blessed Yule and Happy New Year
...and stay crafty :)
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, December 10, 2017

More Funky Christmas

Good morning.... it's a cold ,wet and windy day here. I think I might stay in my PJs all day. It's a day off work and in this weather I don't fancy going anywhere outside !
So I will catch up with some chores , as always on my first days off , and then chill out, watch a movie , paint or read a book in the comfort of my home.
I already finished a painting I started a while ago this morning.
Happy how it turned out :)
I love Christmas florals
And I had great fun creating this snowy background yesterday

Apart from that I have been a little busy designing as well. Want a sneak peak of what I've been working on?
Winter is coming ! Or rather it's already there in some parts of the world :)
I just noticed I put the holly branch on twice ...ooops :)
My creative juices are flowing ! I already have ideas for the next kit, even though this isn't even finished yet. I'll tell you more of  "new kit" ideas in one of my next posts, but for now it's Christmas time.
Funky Christmas time !

Here come the new parts for you.

Detailed previews were in the previous post.

Here is a quickpage I put together from this kit.

That's it for now again. Stay warm , healthy and crafty.
Until next weekend
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, December 02, 2017

It's getting Christmas-sy

Hello :)
I'm back as promised with the Christmas kit.
And it's getting Christmassy everywhere it seems. We had the first snow falling , but it only stayed half a day before it was gone again. As much as I like the look of fresh fallen snow getting to and from work is easier without ;)
And my tree and decorations are up. I went for a kind of rustic /natural look.

It's looking cozy :)

I could show some more paintings but I have a lot of previews from the new freebie kit to show.
So let's start !
The kit is called Funky Christmas.

This kit has 7 parts and I'm posting the first papers and elements for you today.

Enjoy, have some stress free pre Christmas weeks and stay crafty :)
Till next week
Hugs Snowy  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I'm back ....with the last Fall parts :)

apologies for the late post but I have been abroad and only returned late last night.
This morning I had lots of cleaning to do after being away. Leave a 25 year old young man home alone and it seems you come back to a sink full of dishes and piles of laundry each time :) Not to mention pizza boxes. I still don't know how long that half eaten pizza in the fridge has been in there either.
I had a great time at the Lord of the Lost concert and as added bonus they filmed a DVD during the show which will be released next year. We were encouraged to sing along , snip our fingers , raise our fists up in the air (which is the name of one of the songs as well) and Chris Harms delivered a fantastic show with some talks as well and had the crowd laughing with his wicked sense of humor.
This is a pic they took at the end of the show from the stage and yes, we're on there as well. (If you know where we were sitting ,lol)
Guess who will pre-order this DVD as soon as it's possible?
We visited a few Christmas markets and had a fab time .

And also explored a castle dating back as far as the 11h century.
I think I was most fascinated with the colorful wall paintings.
If you look at them closely they are telling a story of life in the past.

OK, but now to the download links. I still have tons to do. No rest for the wicked (Witch) yet...
Plus I have a new toy to explore. I got myself the new Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet on Black Friday. With £40.00 off it was too good not to get it after I had my eye on it for a while now.

Here the last 2 links

And this coming weekend we will start with the Christmas kit . Nope, no preview ... you will just have to wait a few days ,lol ;)

Thanks Edna, for informing me about this so called "Virus" :
Upon downloading, a page comes up warning that it has a vicious virus. Norton says it was a fake warning.

I can assure everybody that I have and pay for a very good anti virus and security program. All my files get scanned regularly, not only for download parts for you but also for my own peace of mind. Believe me, as a designer there is nothing worse than catching a virus and suddenly all your hard work is gone.
Still. things like that can still happen despite extensive security programs. It always pays to be vigilant and careful with any downloads ! 
Hugs and stay creative

Sunday, November 19, 2017

It's still fall y'all :)

Hi all :)
I'm tired from working nightshifts but happy this morning .... 2 weeks off work for me :)
Part of that time I will be visiting my parents, visit the Christmas markets and also go to a concert.
So....what have I got to show today?
Watercolors !
Watercolor patterns and a kiwi ...
...and coffee
And I digitized some of these.
Love how they turned out :)
The CU stuff I'm making in the moment will be eventually be on this blog as well. Some for free , but also some for sale.
Making these costs paper. And not just normal cheap paper , but watercolor paper. And paints. And time and effort. I'm not looking to get rich, but a little towards the materials I use to make them would be nice. So I will have a Blog sale page. Everything will be from $1.00-$3.00 (depending on file size). I'm planning to have it set up in the first half of January.
That's one of my New Years resolutions,lol  
How cute is that add-on I made for the current kit? That hedge hock is just a cutie !
You'll get that next weekend . For this weekend there's still other parts
 For now it's more elements

and fall overlays

The last 2 parts next week will be word art and the add-on.
And then we'll be rushing into Christmas ! 

And that's me off to bed now....nightshift recovery and beauty sleep...
Stay crafty and creative
Hugs Snowy