Saturday, June 13, 2015

I have something for you :)

Hi all,
Back from Nevada and I was glad to be home. Desert is just not my thing , I will stick to the east in future. I miss my woods, lakes, rivers and the sea too much,lol.
The concert we went to in Vegas was fantastic though ! Over 4 hours of music and 3 bands.
But it's something I can cross off my bucket list ...been there , done it , got the t-shirt.
Back to earning my millions (I wish) and on to the next thing. The next journey is already planned. But not as far this time. I will spend X-mas in Germany with the family this time.

As always I have kept busy with various craft project and my plants.
A pebble candle holder...
A re-purposed cushion cover , made from an old knitted cardigan , I don't wear anymore.

And I have some simple Pinwheel papers for you. I saw this post on Pinterest , how to make Rosette Pinwheels and wanted to have a go.
So I decided to make some papers and print them. You will need to print 2 pages of the red/white striped paper and 1 each of the others. Cut 4 stripes red /white , glue together and fold , then 1 circle of the blue stars paper.

And this is one I made with the papers .
Have fun, here is the download link

Till next time , stay creative,lol
Hugs Snowy

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why did people become so lazy?

Hi all,
I really wonder why people became so lazy and wanted everything done ready for them.... Over the past couple of years I started going back to to "home made" and cooking from fresh is so much better than Ready Meals, warmed up in the microwave or all this pre-processed food. And it's better for you. No preservatives, artificial colorings or other chemicals. You know what is in your food , and it really isn't that hard or takes much more time if you plan it right. It's better and healthier for you.
I'm not saying I'm a Saint ...I still like a fast food snack from time to time. You couldn't keep me away from Poppey's Fried Chicken  or Bojangles (McDonalds can close down as far as I'm concerned) but with people eating too much of it it's no wonder we have so many problems with Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes,Crohn's disease and other food related problems and allergies.
Today I made my own Mustard. All you need is
-Mustard powder
-Mustard Seeds ..brown, yellow...the darker the color the hotter the mustard
...that's the basics, you can add wine, herbs , honey , sugar etc as you like. If you google Mustard recipes you find even some with beer , horse radish and more.
Water/or wine temperature is important, the colder the hotter the mustard, If you use warm water your end result will be more mild , or if you like mild you can cook it down for a bit.
But that's really it ...simple !
 I used an old fashioned mortar and pestle to crush my seeds , and added them to the powder.
As for Crafting ...I have been sewing quite a bit. A cosmetic bag...
...and a coin purse
CD Suncatcher Chimes

It keeps my fingers busy ...I have not smoked for 10 weeks now ! Apart from the health benefits it saves a ton of money. With UK prices of £ 6.49 up to £7.99 depending on brand for a pack of 20 cigarettes I have saved roughly £650.00 so far ! Just right for buying a flight ticket.
In 8 weeks time I'm off into the Nevada Desert ...LAS VEGAS , Baby :)
Until then there'll be still a bit to do, some overtime at work ...and I need hiking boots suitable for that terrain. Sun screen is a must !! There are no trees in the desert where I can find shade like in North Carolina... unless I find a humongous cactus,lol.
On the 30th of April it's concert favorite band Nightwish is playing at the House of Blues in Vegas.
Here their new song and till next post
Hugs Snowy

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Moving on

A little bit older and a little bit wiser again. Oh yes, and I have given up smoking. 7 weeks without a cigarette now. It took a lot of determination and a fantastic Motivator who kept encouraging me with messages every day for the first weeks and who was there for me whenever I needed a little push.
Crafting has helped to keep my mind off the nicotine and my hands busy . Here some things I made.
Owl Dreamcatcher 

...and another cute little owl ..hand stitched

I also created a Memory Box and will carry on working a scrapbook about my time with Reggie.

But there will be new memories to make soon. In 10 weeks I will be flying again....away from the West coast area of the USA.... this time my travels will take me to the wild Wild West and the Desert ....more to come, the story will continue,lol.
Till then , see ya :)

Friday, January 09, 2015

Big Changes

Hi ya :)
Just to let y'all know,I'm still alive.
A lot of things have changed since my last post. Reggie passed away in September 6 days before his 47th birthday. He'll always be remembered and  in my heart.
But life goes on and once again I had to get back on my feet after picking up the pieces.
You know what they say :" What doesn't kill you , makes you stronger" and it's certainly true.
I'll post some pics of what went on in the meantime soon ....
Until then

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

As rest for the wicked (Witch) ,lol....and give for a good cause

Hi all,
keeping busy as always! Not only are we short on staff at work , so there is a lot of overtime, but I have tons to do here at home as well.
Yup, been back in UK for two weeks now ...not that I want to be, but I have to earn more money, pay the bills and save for my next trip. Which will be December, so it's not too far away.
Missing waking up next to Reggie, being able to do things together in person and the generally great way we get on and live together.
Partner in crime and mischief, best friend, partner, lover and Master.... vacation over and back to normal for some months, and nightly Skype calls.
This is us at cinema, popcorn in hand,lol
When I saw in the news that Boston area was hit by a tornado I had to think of Edna, Was she ok? I quickly hopped over to her blog to check. Thankfully her area was not hit hard. But that brings me to one reason for this post.
A lot of tornado victims have lost everything and need to start completely new. I don't know about you, but I don't trust many charities. A lot of the donations get used for other things and only a small percentage of money actually goes to the victims.
But there is one I trust unconditionally, and that is my friends True's and Cyber's BIKERS UNITED DISASTER RELIEF TEAMS.
They keep nothing for themselves, have teams who drive out to victims personally to deliver goods etc , and have teams in a lot of States. Currently they are also collecting "Back to School" things for the children of needy families.
If you want to do a good deed, donate or buy one of their patches
I will proudly wear my North Carolina patch on my jeans Jacket.
There is also the Facebook page, which contains a lot of pictures and videos of the good deeds they have been doing.
They need furniture, clothing , every day living items to help those families who lost everything. If you have anything to give away check out the FB page, they can put you in contact with the Team leader who is possibly in your State and arrangements can be made for donations of items.

There ya go... my good deed of the day,lol. Hold on, just grabbing a glass of sweet iced tea and I post a couple of pics of what I've been up to.
....yup, I seem to take on some southern habits ... I love sweet tea ! Oh yes, and fried chicken. Preferably Poppeys. Bojangles is damn good as well. Anything Creole /Cajun really. Before long they probably succeed to teach me proper Redneck , but I don't think I will ever be one of those southern Ladies.I swear too much to go through as any Lady,lol.Besides....naughty and mischief is more fun !

It's decorating time! It's been 6 years since I did my hallway.(damn, where has the time gone?) And I got sick of the dark colors, the white of the door frames and stairs had turned yellow... it was time for a make-over !
It's a three story stairwell , so far I have done downstairs and the first set of set up to the first landing. I chose a very light antique white with a hint of a grey tone in it.
Pictures and wall decals with quotes make a statement.
Next job will to strip that dark wallpaper in the background there. Slowly working my way up. It's slow progress because I worked overtime as well.
 So for now it's back to paint and wallpaper stripping , and I'll be back hopefully with some scrap goodies soon.
Hugs Snowy

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Getting back into design

Good morning
I'm slowly finding my way in the new programs again and have been designing a few parchment backgrounds and a couple of simple layouts.

Otherwise life here is peaceful. Reggie is working overtime which leaves me with a lot of time to myself to do what I like.
I've been cooking and baking , trying out my new appliances. We have mostly all new things in the kitchen now. A brand new set of pots and pans, cutlery, dishes, I got a new mixer and 5 piece baking set , a new Iron...and and and....
Craft supplies are slowly getting stocked and I already made some yummy smelling candles
I also finished hand sewing the kitchen window curtain, matching the back door curtain I showed in my last post.
I can't wait to get my hands on roller,paintbrush and paints and start to give this house a make-over. But not yet... but that doesn't stop me from planning and doing a virtual make-over on the computer. I want to make this place brighter and more cheerful.Something like this...
But enough of that now,lol.
Yesterday I started cooking and ...oh damn... noticed that we were out of Cajun Spice mix ! What to do? Well, I looked up several recipes on the net which varied with the ingredients. In the end I made my own version of what I thought would be right and go well. BINGO !
Reggie's comment last night "You've outdone yourself with this, It's perfect" Now who doesn't like to get a compliment like this? So I decided to share my Cajun Spice mix recipe. I will share the recipe for Cajun Chicken Pasta, in which I use this Spice mix, in the next post.
Here it is... you will have plenty left over with this amount, or just make a jar full straight away, Unlike the Store bought mixes there are no additives or artificial colors or flavors in this.

This is one of the backgrounds I made , and in this layout I used another one
You will get all these things I make for scrapping eventually,lol.... I'm working on a kit with a Woodland theme.
For now I say "until next post " though....Snowy has some housework to do , and after that I will see what the weather is like. We have showers fore-casted , but if the weather stays nice I will probably sit on the deck for a while and work on a cross stitch table cloth, and later on design a bit more.
Hugs Snowy :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Good morning from beautiful North Carolina

Hi all,
I've been here a little over a week now and finally taking the time to blog again.
The last week I have been really busy here with settling in, doing some late Spring cleaning and sewing.
I'm busy leaving my mark in this house and my project last week was to hand sew a new curtain for the back door, which leads out onto the deck from the kitchen. Currently I am working on a matching curtain for the kitchen window.
This is one I made for the wall in the Dining room.The heart with string was bought in a cheap shop in England and I just made it a little prettier with bow, piece of ribbon,heart and butterfly embellishments.

I'm slowly getting used to the new programs and have been experimenting a little. Although I don't think I will ever get back to only digi-scrapping/designing anymore. There are just too many other things in my life which I enjoy doing as well. So I have decided this blog will really also be a mixture of all kinds of things I do.... depending where the mood takes me it might be design, recipes, various art and craft things, pagan related stuff or simply a subject I find worth blogging about.

Currently my other half Reggie is at work. Yes, that's right.... he has no vacation while I am here this time.So it's more like "real life" and I enjoy taking care of the house while he's at work and having dinner ready when he comes home.I just like spoiling this man.
And as Reggie says " moving in a little bit more each time" you can see, I have taken over the second bathroom,lol
We are slowly replacing old appliances and other kitchen items.I bought an electric kettle, iron, Belgian waffle maker and when I arrived here I was surprised to see we had a new pot and pan set, new cutlery and dining set.
Eventually we will start to decorate this place, Walls and ceiling need a new touch of paint, same as the doors and skirting boards. New PVC in the kitchen and a new carpet in the bedrooms.
Yes, this is home ! Even though I don't live here 24/7 yet. I was greeted with "Welcome back home, baby" when I arrived , and it really feels like it.
I love this area , North Carolina is beautiful and I so enjoy our walks by the River Eno.
I'm slightly soaked there after Reggie splashed me with water, but I gave as good as I got :)

Anyway, I have 2 little freebies today. One is a leave overlay in gray scale

and the matching seamless texture

Excuse the plain look, I don't have my external drive with logos and labels here in NC.

Here is a layout I made with both. First I used the overlay on a green background , adjusted opacity until I was happy, and then I applied the texture to the background.

Have fun playing with it  :)
And I will start my work in here now and then chill outside on the deck later with my sewing.
Hugs Snowy