Sunday, July 15, 2018

The last 2 parts for you

Hi again.....I am pooped !
My hallway is stacked full of boxes , it looks as if I'm moving, but it's only the kitchen stuff.
Tomorrow morning at 8 am I will have guys standing on my door mat to take out the old kitchen units, the flooring and wall tiles.
After 20 years I'm finally having a brand new kitchen  :)
But the packing is one hell of a job in this heat ! Why don't English flats have A/C ? The fan can't keep up and only pushes hot air around. We are in our 4th week without rain and I am really looking forward to cooler weather now. On top of that I will have to stay in pretty much most of the next 5 days while I have the work crew here . At least outside we have a nice sea breeze... so there that's my moan while I'm having a break from packing boxes ;)

Needless to say I didn't get much done with packing and work taking priority over art the past week. But I still have a few I have not shown yet .
I painted another seashell...
...and a picnic basket .

Well, with having to stay in I should find plenty of time to paint the coming week , or some other art activities .
Maybe I even get a new kit done.

Today I show you an easy landscape Watercolor tutorial. This uses the wet on wet technique and is suitable for beginners. Kirsty shows step by step how to do them .

And of course I need to give you the last 2 links.

And that's this one finished ...time for a new freebie kit again
How about some myth and legend stuff next?
Tuatha Dé Danann
The Tuatha Dé Danann ("People of the Goddess Danu") were one of the mythical races who settled in Ireland before the arrival of the Milesians, the ancestors of modern Gaels. The Dananns were descendants of the goddess Danu. Her son Dagda was their most powerful leader of the Dananns.

The Tuatha Dé Dananns were a race of deities as well as race of heroes. They were skilled in art and science, poetry and magic.

You can read more about them here

So until next weekend
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, July 08, 2018

The next freebie parts

hope you're all having a lovely Sunday.
We are in our 3rd week without any rain here at the east coast of England and it's starting to show. The grass and even the weeds are drying out and are brown instead of green along the roads. We could really do with a couple of showers.
Watering my little garden is essential and the work is paying off. Where other plants are letting their heads hang down my babies are blooming.
I just spent the morning removing weeds , watering and planting some more.
Hydrangeas, sunflowers, lilies and lavender are loving the weather.
My tomatoes , beans , herbs and squashes are also coming along nicely.

Although with work and having to water regularly I didn't find much time painting this past week.
I'm still working on that knitted blanket and so far I have 44 squares done. Did I say it would be a year long project? Make that 2 years :)
The whole blanket will have 144 squares. Only 100 to go :)
But it will be worth it.

I did find time for another 2 Skillshare classes though.
 Seashell from Irina's class …
...and watercolor silhouette , also Irina's class.

It's really easy to do a silhouette painting. Just find the shape you like ( dog, cat, flowers , face ...whatever you like ) and transfer it onto watercolor paper. Color in the shape (use different shades of the same color) and when it's dry add some details. I used Dr ph Martin's white ink.

And here a video to teach about masking fluid. Another fun effect :)
These cute little paintings make great bookmarks to give as little gifts .

But now to the next  2 parts of the freebie kit.

The last 2 parts will be next weekend again. And if any of you know how to do a rain dance , a shower or two would be appreciated :)
Until then
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Back with new freebie kit

Hello ...I'm back from my vacation and have another kit for you. But first some art !
I took a travel watercolor kit with me and even did some paintings while away.
The #thingswithflowers challenge  was going on and apart from one prompt I managed to get all of them done.
The "Skull" with a tillandsia plant
...the prompt "Paintbrush"
Coffee mill with a coffee plant
And I even did another Skillshare class
This is my watercolor dragonfly from Irina's class

As for learning are 2 more fun video for practicing different watercolor techniques

Next week I post about how to work with masking fluid and show some examples of what you can do with it.
But now to the new freebie kit .Sorry, I have no detailed previews. They must have gotten lost in the computer crash back then, and had no time to make new ones. This kit contains 21 backgrounds and 28 elements , so what you see on the preview is only a few things of the whole lot.

Enjoy, and I'll be back with 2 more parts next week .
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The last of Magical Seas

Good morning (yawn) …
I just came home from my last nightshift , so let's see whether I can write a post and make sense without any sleep :)
It's still June and the #thingswithflowers challenge  goes on.
One prompt was " suitcase"
..then we had an hourglass
a banner
And this is my result of the Watercolor Hummingbird Skillshare class.
Talking of Skillshare, you can get 2 months for free.
This is for the class I'm doing right now, but you are not limited and can take any classes you like. As many as you can do in 2 months. And you might be surprised how much they have to offer and sign up like me. I aim to do at least one class each week. They offer everything from arts and crafts -knitting , crochet, sewing, macramé, painting to photoshop and photography classes. And even Business and Technology stuff .
You won't be able to keep up with the new classes they publish all the time as well. What are you waiting for ? Learn something new :) Ps: By using that link I will earn a free month for everyone that signs up. That goes for every member...even you will get free months when you share a link if you decide to sign up.  Even if you don't sign up, there are free classes as well.
I pay £ 10.00 each month for my membership, can take as many classes as I want -no limit- and part of that goes to scholarships, so you're doing a good deed for students as well.
Money well spent and a lot less than you pay for video classes and teacher support on other sites.
 Of course there is always YouTube :)
Here some theory and practice for glazing, layering and shading
Here you can start learning about simple monochromatic flowers 

Pretty , huh? Here is my one .Go on, give it a try :)

But now to links …. here comes the last of Magical Seas 
And here 2 quickpages with sea/beach scenes which are not part of this kit.

Enjoy ! I won't be posting next weekend as I will be visiting my parents and family , but I will be back in 2 weeks with a new kit for you. 
Until then.
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, June 10, 2018

More Magickal Seas and let's talk about colors

Hello and good morning ;
It's still quite early and the best time to write my blog post before I start to potter around and wake everybody up on this Sunday morning :)
The #thingswithflowers challenge goes on and I have created a few more paintings. But I also have to share some still from the May challenge.
We have the bird cage …
..the clock

and the house .In this case I made a fairy house out of a mushroom. That was May.
The 1st of June prompt was Arrow.
and the next one...
...for June was "Globe" .I had a real model for this one.

Let's talk "Colors" or "Colours " as we spell it here in UK.

Did you know there are only 3 primary colors? Yellow , red and blue. These 3 are really all you need , because all other colors can be created from just these 3. I think you will already know that yellow and blue = green, yellow and red =orange, red and blue=purple. Those are the secondary colors. But you still have shades in between. Those are called the tertiary colors. Then are cold and warm colors. This video explains it all , and a good exercise is to make your own color wheel and chart.
That's basic mixing, but you can also change the color and transparency with the amount of water you use.

This is great for shading. If you look at any object you will notice that the color is lighter where the light hits the object and darker where the light doesn't reach.

 That's probably enough for today to watch and take in . You have a lot to watch now. I already have the next video tutorials lined up for next week though ;)
So go ahead , grab some paper ,brush and he 3 primary colors and practice what they show in the videos. It might seem boring , but understanding how color works will help you in the long run with any future paintings. And not just paintings ...if you knit , crochet , sew or do scrapbooking /graphic design it helps to know what colors complement each other and work well together.

For now it's time for download links.

We have one more link next weekend and I throw in a couple of Quickpages as well.
So until next week -stay creative :)

Hugs Snowy

Monday, June 04, 2018

Hi again,
Just came home from work and thought I better do this post and links before I head to bed :)
Can you believe it's already June and nearly half of 2018 has passed? I get the feeling time flies by faster and faster the older I get :)
Well, I have been busy painting again. I was happy when they announced on Instagram that the #thingswithflowers challenge would continue a second month.
But I still have to show a few from the May challenge.

Maybe one more ?
I leave the rest for next post's just getting too much :)

To answer your question ,Edna ... the blob is where the color is more concentrated and darker. I leave "blobs" where I want to indicate a shadow . or a lighter space as a highlight where the light hits the object. When I paint leaves I often leave the blob where the leave joins the stem. You often have a little darker space there.(shadow)
There are so many different styles of painting....abstract, realistic etc . This is called loose painting style , where you indicate the shape and color , but keep it loose without too much detail.

I dug out another 2 videos which are fun and easy for beginners
I painted and practiced with these videos myself when I started .The first is watercolor basics  and the second one simple leaf shapes to create a picture. The colors make it a really nice painting. You will notice lighter colors always in the background, then the more saturated in the foreground .
That's pretty much a watercolor rule to go by .

Next week I will write about mixing colors . That's an important aspect and will help you to understand colors better. Not only practical to know for painting , but also digital design and scrapbooking. But now....time for the download links. Did I mention it's 9 parts ;) It's huge 

Enjoy nd I'll be back with more as usual next week...till then
Hugs Snowy 

Monday, May 28, 2018

More Magical Seas parts

"Yawn" ...hello again,
I just got out of bed after my nightshift days and the coffee has yet to kick in.
The past days were busy with painting for the "Things with Flowers" challenge , apart from spending time at work . But I got some nice paintings done.
A glass bottle
Watering can....and more, which you can see on my Instagram account

Talking about # favorite things .... two of the most important are your eyes and your camera .
I get funny looks from other people sometimes when I snap pictures of leaves ;)
These for example. These have a stem in the middle and oval shape leaves with a pointed end .

When you look at Morning Glory leaves you will notice that they are like an upside down heart shape.

Then the size.... you have large single oval leaves or 5 or more smaller ones on a single stem. Some have smooth edges, some have little feathered zig zag edges. Also notice the color of the leaves Are they a light green, a rich dark green , are they short before falling off and turning a yellow green?
When you paint these kind of observations are important. I think artists (designers, photographers, painters ) notice these things a lot more when they are out in nature. They are a lot more conscious of colors, shapes and textures even when they just look at weeds by the road side, because even there you can find inspiration.
You can train yourself to be more conscious of these things. Try it when you take a walk next time :)
Maybe even snap a picture or two , or pick a couple of leaves , take them home ,study the shape and draw it. Or better , get your watercolors out. There are some great tutorials on just painted leaves. Just give it a's fun :)

Ok, now to freebie links
Here are two more parts of Magical Seas for you
More papers

and elements

More of this kit next week again ...did I mention it's a large kit ?

Have a great week and be creative.
Hugs Snowy