Sunday, July 24, 2016

Vacation is over....

...and back to work again.
Hi all,
No freebie this time, but I will prepare another kit for download for my next post.

Kyra, the printer I have is an HP Envy 5530 . It's all in one ...scanning, printing and copy . The good thing about the HP Envy is , when you sign up to Instant Ink they will send your ink cartridge in the mail before you run out. And it's cheap, from only £1.99 per month, depending how much you print. I went with the £ 3.99 option for more prints. Here is some info
This is the UK site , but they have one for other countries as well.
You can have it wireless and even print from your phones , or connected ....up to you . If you have a problem they can fix the print quality for you online,lol. Best printer and service I ever had ! Have a look on Amazon for your country , that's where I ordered mine .With each ink delivery you get a pre-paid bag to send in the old cartridge for recycling.

We went on vacation to Germany and had a lovely time , so I thought I post a few pics from there.
3 generations.... my mother and son with me in the middle during a walk through an open air museum. Old houses are built up there and it's like a little town from the past.
Here we're enjoying a ride at a visit to the fair .

Moehnesee dam , which was bombed during the second WW

We walked across . You get a fantastic view over the area .

Of cause I have more pics , but I might just make a few layouts and show them in future posts with the kit to download ;) 

Till then 
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Last part of Freebie kit Natural Flair

Hi y'all  :)
Back as promised with the last part .'s nice to have time off work :) Right now I'm sitting here with sweet tea and having a break. Yes...sweet tea,lol. Some things don't change and Reggie definitely made some things stick. Like my love for sweet tea , Cajun food , Chillies, JalapeƱos and Frank's Hot Sauce,lol.

And I've been experimenting with picture transfer on to plain fabric.
First I created the image in my design program and printed it on the transfer paper.
I was a bit skeptical whether it would transfer in this amazing image quality , but I'm a happy girl ! It came out amazing :)
I chose a plain Calico cotton shopping bag as trial project.
So with these transfer papers I can basically transfer any image I like onto plain fabric.
I'm also restoring an old blackboard and giving it a shabby look. This is the frame after 2 layers , but there's a lot more to do !
 I was recently asked "What's with all that pink? I thought you're an old goth?"
Well, yeah.... I still like my blacks and greys , but I suppose getting older has to do with it. I used to be a bit of a tomboy , but the older I got the more I was also appreciating the feminine side. I still wear a lot of black , but now I mix it with other brighter colors a lot. And from the dark Gothic look I had in my flat it has changed to lighter colors, because I cannot deny that dark colors make a small place look smaller and oppressive.
I love working with colors , and sticking to dark Gothic color schemes limits very much what you can do . And pure black can sometimes make you look older and let's face it  ...I'm not a spring chicken anymore and am fast approaching the big 50 ,lol

Anyway .... here is the last part of Natural Flair

Enjoy and till next post :)
Hugs Snowy

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Freebie kit Natural Flair , next 2 parts

Hi again ,
Came off night shift this morning and made the mistake of not setting an alarm .So I slept longer than I wanted to ....just hope I'll be able to sleep tonight ;)
On the bright side : I'm off work for 2 weeks now ...hoooray !!!
On the downside : Where are the Cleaning fairies when you need them? Today is a case of catching up with those cleaning chores, and the laundry ain't gonna do itself either ...

I found time the past couple of days to finish off that last project and did the matching sign to the heart tray . Happy how it turned out again with those antiquing creams.
And during a trip into town I made the most out of a sale in my bookstore the coloring department. I was chuffed to pick these up for 50% off ;)
Hours of more coloring fun :)

But let me give you the next two links of Natural Flair now , before I get back to dusting and laundry.
Another folder with backgrounds and another with elements.

One more to come....I will post the last part on Sunday for you .

Do you like ABBA ?
Ville Valo from HIM did a solo project covering an ABBA song . I rather like it  :)

Till Sunday
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Freebie kit "Natural Flair"

Hi again,
as promised I'm back with an older ex Store kit as freebie.

I was asked why I don't post about my cats or my son. Well, my son values his privacy and doesn't like being photographed too much for a start. But I also don't want this blog to be about family , more about art and activities ...whether it's scrapping, painting/drawing, cooking ,sewing .....anything that catches my interest really.
Shaun is well, working hard and still enjoying his biggest love -motor biking.I probably get a chance for some pictures when we're on vacation soon ,lol.

The cats are now 17 (the 2 oldest) and 16 (the daughter of the two) years old and still going strong . Here they are all together snoozing on the sofa. How the hell did I ever survive with just one sofa all these years? Most of the time they take over both of them now,lol. They have mellowed down a lot, don't jump as much and high and sleep more , but still healthy
And I said I would take a few pic of my little gardening project.
That's actually potatoes in the large pot , and thyme,sage and rosemary in the small one.
I forgot what seeds I have planted here,lol.... just have to wait and see...
There is a small passion flower which I want to grow along the wall, Some lavender , chives and parsley ,plus another tomato plant I still have to get into a larger container. More pics coming,lol.

I've been antiquing a heart shaped tray and busy working on sign with quote as well. Not finished quite yet but here's a little look on what I did so far.

Painted and some decoupage, but more to do.... is the freebie I'm giving away . The first two parts today and then the rest coming in the next 2 posts.
It contains 18 backgrounds and 36 elements , so quite a large kit.
Here is a preview and layout I made with it, first two links under the layout.

and some elements

I lost the folder with all the detailed previews in , so sorry for not showing all the papers and elements in separate previews. But I try to make a qp with each post to show a bit more. Enjoy :)

And now I have to start getting ready , cook dinner etc because I have to do this " work thing" later ,lol.
For my friends in USA -Have a nice Independence day weekend ! :)

Hugs Snowy

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Freebies for you

Hi all,
I'm off work on my rota break again and thought I would pop in before the next round starts again.

As always being creative, specially with all the rain we're having here. Yes, we had a few days sun ...but always when I'm working. I'm off and's peeing down with rain again !
Typical my luck,lol.

Well, I bought myself a yogurt maker. Fantastic little thing ! From normal to Greek yogurt (it has a filter for that), yogurt dressing for salads to smoothies (using the left over whey which gets filtered when making Greek yogurt)...this thing is great ! Saving so much money , makes us eat more pro-biotic goodness and tastes so much better than the bought stuff. Not to mention I know what goes in it. That little book with recipes is fab as well ...yummie and healthy.
Still doing my fitbit steps , although the rain makes it hard to keep up to my goals sometimes.

On one of my trips to the Wilko store I saw a 3D butterfly picture on their shelf. It was £ 8.99 . I thought I can do this myself a lot cheaper ! I purchased a deep frame , printed the background and some butterflies, cut them out and fixed them with double sided tape onto the background. And there ya go.... £ 2.99 plus some paper, tape and printer ink. Very happy how it turned out ;)
Anyway.... 2 goodies for you today. A printable and a QP . I got this cute bundle pack with graphics and got creative.
Here is a preview of the QP
And the download link

And here the matching printable
Download link

I'll be printing and framing it myself  to hang on my wall ;)
As always everything is 300dpi , making it great print quality.

I hope to catch a sunny moment tomorrow to make a few pics of my little gardening area. It's growing , but would be a lot better with more sun instead of constant rain.
Oh yes, and I'm dusting off some old store kits and will start posting some as freebies soon .

Till next time
Hugs Snowy

Friday, June 10, 2016

Gardening Learning Curves and printable Summer pic

It's nightshift recovery time for me...and that also means catching up with those chores like laundry, cleaning...and I finally found time to wash my curtains today and clean the windows. It's a job I hate but the sun made all too visible what really had to be done !

The gardening is definitely a learning curve. After several days of rain my poor plants were nearly drowning , so I had to drill several holes into the pots to let the water drain off. Next pot I plant will have enough holes before I plant anything in it,lol.
My plant babies are currently loving the sunny weather and growing nicely.

It might not seem much to people who have a garden , but for someone on the 3rd floor in a block of flats this little grow bag and patio pot garden is fantastic,lol......Snowy's mini farm ;) ...making the most out of the little space I have .

Also my chilli pepper plants by the window are doing well. This is what I had after picking this morning .
Last week I transformed an old small shelf which used to be in my kitchen. After I bought a new large spice rack I first wanted to throw this away,but now I'm glad I didn't.
After painting and applying the same antiquing paints as I did previously for the other items it turned out to be the perfect shelf for my pencils ;)
And it matches the rest of my self decorated stationary storage.
Anyway, here is a little freebie. A printable "Hello Summer"  because better weather finally seems to have arrived here in UK.
Download link

I'm going to have overtime at work coming up, so I'm not sure how much time I will have to be creative , but I'll pop in and share whenever I have something new :)

Till then
Hugs Snowy

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Working with Antiquing Creams

Hi all,
I've been so busy,lol. On my last few days off work I made a trip to Norwich and went to Hobbycraft to finally get the much needed Ultra matte varnish I needed to be able to work with my DecoArt Antiquing Creams. And what fun it is to experiment with those !
I started on a couple of small items first to see how they turn out and then moved on to the larger bits. I'm still not finished with all the items I want to do, but I thought I post a quick update here.
These used to be plain wood and cardboard surfaces until the transformation started.
First a base coat of acrylic paint. Then some stamping and embossing powder to create texture.
After that it was time to apply the first rub with Antiquing Cream and after drying remove and create the wanted effect with a damp cloth.

Loving the old grungy look !
Next was the drawer storage box and lid of another box . You apply the cream with your fingers , it's a little messy,lol

And the finished result is so worth the work and waiting time in between several coats of cream and varnish .
I have a few more items to do and will show the end result of all when I'm done. Apart from that  I have started a little garden area behind our house. Will take some pics soon.
Until then
Hugs Snowy ;)