Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Next parts ...ready...and go ;)

have you all survived the Christmas days?
I've been working. Today is my only day off and tomorrow I'm back to work for another 5 days before getting a break. It would normally be 6 days /48 hours, but I managed to take off my last nightshift.
I organized my desk this morning to make room for some Christmas presents , which were- no surprise= art supplies ;)
Like this beautiful calligraphy set with a real owl feather
Obviously I had to try it out ! I will need to practice more with this ...
The definition of lettering : The goal of Hand lettering is to turn letters into visual art ....not my design though. It's from the book "The ABCs of Hand lettering" .
I copied from the book as lettering practice and want to frame this and hang it over my desk.
But now to the next downloads ...
here another qp for a little look what's inside this kit
So here your links


Just one other thing.... Have you thought about learning to do hand lettering? If so , January is the perfect time to start , because
The happy ever Crafter is doing a FREE class/challenge. It's called " Show me your drills" and we actually get lettering homework to download. Practice makes perfect ! I just downloaded and started my first page already ;)
You can sign up here to get the printable free lettering sheets straight to your email
Then join the Facebook group , and it's also on Instagram where we post and show proudly our lettering .
There will be a list of what you need as well It starts easy with practicing up and down strokes before we will start with letters. This might sound boring but is an important part of neat writing,lol.
So come and join us :)

Or Dawn has a new challenge for the New Year as well.
It's called the "Color challenge"  and you can doodle or letter , or even both daily. She gives you a color and you do what comes to your mind with it.
Facebook private group and Instagram to share our creations also. Not to mention awesome freebies from Dawn as well if you sign up on her page.
So much fun !

Anyway...I'm off now. Enjoy the downloads and I'm back in the New Year
Till then ...
Hugs Snowy 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Winter Solstice kit , first 2 parts

Hey all,
quick post before bed to give you the first 2 parts of my Winter Solstice kit.
Overtime days have started and I seem to spend more time at work than at home right now. But only until after Christmas , then it's back to normal again.
I did a few drawings , but not as much as usual due to lack of time .
Gold marker on scrapbook paper ( Sharpie pens)
Lotus flower  ( Faber Castell Artist Pitt pens)
Candy canes(Tombow Brush pens)
That's all ...so I get straight to the downloads now.
White drop shadows applied to give a frosty look , but you will get all parts without shadows.


This kit will have 7 zip files all together and you'll get the next parts over the coming weeks.

And that's me off to bed now .
Have a blessed Solstice on the 21st and a lovely Christmas. I'll be back next week .
Hugs Snowy

Monday, December 12, 2016

Last 2 Christmas Dreams parts

Hey :)
Back with the last 2 parts of the kit . I want to make this a fairly quick post as I'm on nightshifts and really want to go back to bed for another nap before I start another one later.
But I'll still show off some of my artwork.
Lettering and hand drawn snowflakes on scrapbook paper

Watercolor candle scene

Lettering "Cup of cheer"
Chain of lights

And now .... "drum roll" ... the freebie parts


New freebie next post , although I will have to see when I find the time. 50 hours overtime on top of my full-time working hours this month and Cinema to watch Star Wars , Chrsitmas party at work ..... yeah, you get the meaning,lol. Busy days !  But I'll sneak in some time ;)

In the meantime , stay creative and till then ...
Hugs Snowy

Monday, December 05, 2016

More Christmas kit parts ...

Hi again,
Time to check in and post the next parts ! I'm off work this week and finally have time to get a lot stuff done I normally don't easily find the time for.

I just had a look through some of the old pictures I did when I first started the art challenges and I can definitely see improvement :) It's true , practice makes perfect,lol.
I have the  ISKN Slate on my wishlist for my birthday , so with help of that little gadget I will be able to digitize my future drawings and paintings .Can you imagine that? I can add my own drawings and paintings to kits !!!
You wonder what the slate is ? Watch this

Fantastic little device , huh? Now to some challenge entries I did for December .
 Watercolor decorations
Lettering in black and gold (Tombow Fude and STA Metallic brush pen)
More lettering ( Sharpie pen, Posca paint-marker and Tombow brush pens)
Watercolor on canvas
Poinsettias ( Tombow Brush pens and Blending palette and Tombow Blending pen )

Anyway, freebie time ...the next 2 parts of Christmas Dreams
and a little preview in form of a QP
1 Zip backgrounds
...and 1 zip elements

2 more parts next week ...I'm going back to my drawing now ;)
Stay creative
Hugs Snowy