Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The next two freebie parts

Hi.... it's my last day off work. Normally I would still have tomorrow off , but I'll be working some overtime again.
And that's why I'm already posting the next parts today. 
But first some paintings again.
Watercolor practice
Different ways to letter "S"
I'm still working on a "Starry night" painting , which I will have to show next time. And as you probably notice I gave the blog a new Autumn look last night. Love how it turned out.  I will have to start making my Christmas cards soon, and carry on with some presents.
I think I said it before ...so much to do and never enough time for everything I would like to get done ;)

But at least I can't complain about being bored ...

And now the links for the kit


Enjoy and catch you next week sometime for more parts  ;)
Hugs Snowy

Friday, September 23, 2016

New freebie kit

Hello again,
thought I best post this today before I start my nightshifts and am too tired to function properly,lol.

Creativity will be down to a minimum the next days when I sleep during the day and turn into some kind of nocturnal creature ;)
So what have I been up to? Well, apart from walking and some weight training to transform some more puppy fat into muscle and working not too much. There just hasn't been enough time for adventures.

I'm inspired by this craft idea this morning ...I have so much scrap paper that I could easily put something like this together. Maybe I will on my next days off work ...
Found on Pinterest

But as always I've been drawing and painting ...
Watercolor pencil
Zentangle art letter A challenge
Watercolor and brushpen lettering
Watercolor pumpkins
Yes, you can do it as well !
Do you know how many painting , drawing and lettering tutorials you find on YouTube? They show step by step how to do it. Plus being in the Art and Lettering class Dawn Nicole does for free on Facebook makes it so much fun. Just pop in and join us .....a new month and new prompts will be starting in just one  week for October again.

Anyway, now to the new kit !
I chose "Grace and Beauty" this time. And while it's not a typical Autumn kit, it has Autumn colors and can be used for all kind of layouts. It's one of my ex-store kits and actually used to be a Mothers Day kit. But it's far too nice and versatile just for that ! 

It's a large kit , so I will give you the first two parts today.

Part 1

Part 2

And with that I'm going to get off here now and get some housework done, get ready and outside a little while.
Enjoy, have fun and stay creative ! :)

Hugs Snowy

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Autumn Symphony elements freebie

Hey again :)
Back with the other part of the kit !
Yesterday was a rainy here, so I did what most woman love to do best and went on a shopping trip to Yarmouth.
Having lost more inches ,not weight as I exchanged the fat for muscle which actually weighs more, I need to replace some items in my wardrobe for smaller sizes.
That's my excuse to buy new clothes for autumn and winter...not that I need an excuse , but it sounds good,lol.
And I really like the fall colors and check flannel shirts they got in the shops now, so I ended up with 2 of them in different colors, plus a lovely dark green sweater and jeans.

Plus I ordered a pair of ankle boots from Amazon , so I'm ready for fall.
September is the month Reggie passed away 2 years ago, and although I'm over the "bursting into tears" part , this month still has me remembering him all the time ...with a smile on my face, but a little bit of sadness and missing him.
So I dedicated two of my pictures to him this month.
Silhouette and lettering
Zentangle moon and lettering

I painted a watercolor galaxy as background for the challenge prompt "somewhere out there" and noticed I need a better brush for writing with gouache paint. Live and learn ,lol
I won't put myself down for something that didn't turn out as I imagined. Next time I will try a better brush ;)
And the challenge prompt "Fall boots" certainly turned out the way I wanted :) I used Tombow dual tips for those.

One thing I love about fall is the warm spicy scents. I know you get a lot of artificial pumpkin spice stuff , but I prefer natural scents from essential oils and rather make my own mixtures to use in my oil burner.
So it was time to stock up on my oils ...
 With just a few drops you can create a lot of different scents :)
Mmmmmh....I love the small of autumn !

Anyway.... Freebie time !
Here's the second and last part
and I will dig another kit out for you . Do you like word art ?
If so ...here is another surprise freebie I made from a few of the Art challenge prompts used in my drawings and lettering . These are CU, so you can use them to put on tags or other ways . Enjoy :)

Ciao for now , and I'll be back with more soon
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Time for Fall designs

Hi again,
yup, it's time for the first part of the first fall themed kit . Ye4s, the first ...I have more,lol.
It's my last day off work and I wanted to get this post done before I have to go back into the old routine.

While browsing I have come across a lovely little project the Graphics Fairy has on her blog.
Watercolor Labels. I always have plenty of glass jars which I could pretty up this way.
This is definitely a something I plan to do soon.
 As for lettering practice, drawing and painting...I have been busy a usual.
A watercolor apple...

falling leaves ....
And the whole place smelling of herbs after cutting and making bundles to dry. And I have a nice amount of home grown red potatoes I dug out in my little garden area.
I bought myself some wool , lovely variegated yarn in autumn colors for another project and am in the process of getting some of my fall decorations out , plus have some other little projects in mind to make some new ones or pretty the old up a little bit ;)
Yeah...I'm very rarely bored,lol.
And with fall and winter coming I will spend more time being creative when the weather prevents me from being outside.

Now to the mini kit ...only 2 parts for this one.
I will give you the backgrounds today and the elements in the next post.
Here some previews

And here the link for the papers

As always ....stay creative , and I'll be back towards end of the week .
Hugs Snowy ;)

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Last part of Happy Summer

Hello :)
Back again with the last part of the kit. I'm off work for this week and it's lovely not having to set the alarm clock and to be able just doing what I like :)
So far I have finished one Christmas present , 2 watercolor paintings and a lot of lettering practice.

If you are interested in learning to letter Dawn Nicole has not only a lot of practice and coloring sheets to print on her site,http://cf.bydawnnicole.com/ and a FREE art and Lettering class on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/dawnnicoledesigns/permalink/939183546172838/?comment_id=939758339448692&notif_t=group_comment_reply
 but Tombow also have a 17 page lettering practice book to download and print .
http://blog.tombowusa.com/free-printables/ and http://tombowusa.com/lettering-practice-sheets.html
To get the calligraphy effect you have to get used to do light upwards strokes and press a little more to get the fat down strokes.
Plus the drawing , doodling and watercolor practice is so much fun !
Here are some of the September challenges I completed.
Fall leaves and acorns (here's a close up)
Another challenge was the keyword "Harvest Moon"
And then pattern and lettering practice : learning to draw argyle and plaid patterns as backgrounds
 It's a lot easier and quicker in Photoshop , but it takes patience and some skill to do it by hand .
As with everything ....practice makes perfect !

And if you do traditional scrapbooking or want to create your own greeting cards , this kind of hand lettering will look great on your pages.

But now the last part for Happy Summer

And for the next freebie I will be giving you my Autumn Symphony , a little Fall themed kit .
First part next post ...so you have something to look forward to ;)
Until then , stay creative !
Hugs Snowy

Thursday, September 01, 2016

...and here is part 3

Hi all.....quick post before I have to head to work again .
It's gradually getting cooler in the evenings and early mornings, and also a little darker when I head out for my early shifts now. The days are definitely starting to get shorter.
I'm quite happy about it because my bedroom under the roof doesn't feel so much like a sauna anymore.

Fall is also the theme for the September DND challenges this month. I finally found time this morning to letter and doodle the first two days.
 Loving the fall colors I can work with now.
The Tombows really are fantastic !
The colors literally pop out at you :)
 My smilie turned out a bit wonky because one of my cats decided to jump up and nudge me,lol
Not much more to tell right now because I have been literally going to work , coming home and doing the housework that needed doing and off to bed , apart from a little drawing.
I have 2 more shifts to work before I can enjoy some days off again.

So for now I will just give you the 3rd part of the kit and then get ready .
Here is the link

Next week will be the last part and then I will start getting something autumn themed ready for you.

Enjoy and till next post :)
Hugs Snowy