Thursday, May 31, 2012

...and in the meantime...

...designing goes on....
 Hi , I have just completed the other kit I started months ago. Have to make the most of it while I have the inspiration and are in the mood to design. Who knows how long it lasts,lol ? I certainly won't waste time on the laptop while I'm with Reggie.I might pop in from time to time but of cause he will have my full attention for the time I am there.
Kyra writes:It's coming real close now!Only 19 days, that's nothing!Some overtime for extra pocket money is okay, but try to be not too tired when the travel starts. Yes, I know, you spend the night over at the hotel, but if possible, take it easy on yourself the last 2 or 3 days before you go.
Have a great day
Hug Kyra
I will come home from night shift the morning of the 18th and sleep as much as possible that day and night. On the 19th I will not get up too late as I have to head into town before I leave in the afternoon. So no chance to take it easy 2-3 days before...I'm working late and nights as usual.But that doesn't matter, Reggie still has to work as normal as well and will be tired....we'll just recover together,lol.We're easy going... and we both like having naps when and as we feel like it.No stress !
But here's the new finished kit.I couldn't fit everything on the preview.
And an LO made with a qp from it.I was having fun experimenting with different metal and steampunk looks.
But now I'm off again....things to do and later tonight talk a little with Reggie again when he comes home from work. Oh....and on Sunday it's time for Kfest again here. I'm looking forward to the annual event and a few drinks with friends while listening and watching the bands play. Will take some pics as always and post them.
Till later
Hugs Snowy

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's to come...

Hi all, just thought I give you a quick preview of what is to come...these will be the next freebies.The first one is an ex store kit, the second one used to be part of a daily download and has some great firworks backgrounds.
These kits will be in several parts again and all uploaded for you before I'm leaving on the 19th of June.
Night shift recovery successful, quite an early night after talking a little while on Skype with Reggie and today I would normally be off work, but I volunteered to cover a overtime it is for me.Rolls reversed, this time Reggie will be home before me.
19 days until I start to travel ... hell...I'm ready to go now,lol ! All I need to do is pack the suitcase and off I go , all the papers , tickets etc are done and on my desk here. I can't wait to get going. But until then there are still days to earn some more money at work and post your freebies...let's hope the time goes quick.And now there's things to do for me before till next post again.
Hugs Snowy

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last parts of free kit

Good Morning,
I managed to get the last 2 parts uploaded for you -have fun playing with it.

There will be more to come soon, so keep popping in.I'm not exactly sure when I manage to get more stuff uploaded , but it will come.
Otherwise.... I spent the last days reading a lot , I am addicted to "50 Shades of Grey" ..I finished the first book and ordered the 2 next ones with the thought in mind to have something to read during the long flight across to Charlotte. They arrived yesterday. How am I supposed to resist this? I started , then put book 2 down , really trying hard not to touch it.....and I failed miserably ! Ah well, guess there is always book 3 ,lol.
Not something for closed minded people , -it's erotica.These books go into BDSM, but also with a lot a lot of humour and I think the characters are well thought out.I have to admit I can certainly often identify with Ana. A lot of times while reading I keep thinking "OMG, this is so me !" ... they are the kind of books that keep you hooked and you don't want to put the book down until you have finished it. I know I am not the only one thinking that way, I have seen comments from other friends saying exactly the same. And from what I hear a movie is planned ...
Personally I would love to see Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgard in the role of Christian Grey, Chris Hemsworth would be another possibility in my eyes to fit the role well.Rofl, so if you want to explore your darker side go ahead and read the books ;)
I also designed another picture after reading the first's another Snowraven creation...and I thought the quote fits rather well.
Snowy style... the bargain hunter was lucky again... a black dress for £12.00 and earrings for £3.49
I never understand woman who spend tons of money on fashion. They are copying a media fashion image but they don't have their own style and are not being themselves. Seriously...have you seen the latest stuff around? Can you imagine me in bright neon colours , flashback of the 80ies? I think not ! I sometimes wonder about the fashion disasters some woman wear ... Walmart springs to mind,lol. These woman should bear in mind that simplicity and covering a bit more than they show creates a better effect.
PS:same goes for make-up... looking like you have fallen into a box of Crayolas doesn't earn brownie points !
20 days left until I leave here for Gatwick and my trip across to Reggie. Can you say I'm getting excited? You bet,lol.We had gorgeous weather here and I even had a little bit of a sunburn on my chest and shoulders. The highest SPF I can get here in the shops is 30, Ivy told me she uses a SPF 75.....I so have to put a higher one on my shopping list when I'm across there.I really don't fancy being fried , and it will take some days to get used to the higher temperatures anyway.I also spoke to one of our guys who spent time in South Carolina, he advised me to go for a high factor sunscreen...he said "I never had such a bad sun burn , us people from over here in UK are just not used to that strength" ....guess what's on top of my list to get,lol... I love sun , but I don't want to get fried :)
Anyway, I have rambled enough for today and shared "Snowy's wisdom".For me it's nap time and night shift recovery today . Till next post -Hugs Snowy

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Part 2 of Another Journey

Grrrr.............. Mediafire won't let me upload , five tries, two days in a row and I'm giving up ! Then I tried 4shared.And that site is p***ing me off as well as the uploads are painfully slow. I think I have to search for a new file sharing site, seems the two I used to upload my stuff to have gone pants!Now I'm just trying Sendspace. Let's see.............
So far I have not had time to design anything more. Early shifts always kill me...not literally , but you know what I mean.I just don't have much energy left when I get up at 4.30am.I'm much more a night person! Although the weather yesterday and today has been fantastic with temperatures in the 70ies and sunshine. Don't laugh...I was waiting for Reggie to be home from work Monday night to chat on skype......wake up and see a message from him telling me he was home which was sent almost an hour earlier ...yup, I had fallen asleep. Sign of old age or what,lol?He was still awake when I contacted him, but with both of us tired we soon went to sleep.
On the way home from work I could not resist to pick a few flowers by the roadside...the colour is just fantastic!
Although I did play a little .... I made new pictures for our Facebook page.
I Iike playing and blending pictures together.Soon I won't need to anymore... I'll make sure I'll have enough to last me until December ;)

Oh, the story of new contact lenses.... 2 appointments and they want me to try out a new lens for my right eye, a torric lens. After wearing it for 3 hours I had enough , it was so uncomfortable! Tried another one yesterday...same result. They can keep their torric lens , I want the same normal ones I had before. And I shall have ! They lost a customer because I ordered them via the Internet...f*ck me about and you will loose . And I paid a lot less as well. But no, they said the torric lense is better and more comfortable for me ... hah? I think I know myself what is better and more comfortable.I have another appointment on the 6th where they want to check up how I got on and hoping that I will order them ... dream on , by that date my Internet order will be already here,lol. I will cancel that appointment. 
Hey , my files have already uploaded- I'm pleasantly surprised about the speed
So here are the links for the second part-have fun with them :)
And I'm off to bed to catch my beauty sleep. Reggie is at Tournament again tonight and I hope he has fun and his team will do well. I will hear tomorrow night how it went.
More freebie parts to follow , till then....Hugs and good night ..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Freebie part 1

Hi all,
Yesterday was busy ! First another contact lens appointment at the Opticians where they gave me new lenses to try out, paid bills , picked up my Coach tickets for travel to and from the Airport, then the shop where I normally go to didn't have the Mineral Powder I use -so on to the next one, where I didn't have any luck either. I was finally lucky at the third store.
Then home, got some work done and finally got out my sewing machine. 3 cats are not good for any sofa cushions -they do like to dig their claws in , so I wanted to quickly stitch up a new pair.... oh no! Machine not playing and finally the needle broke off. Damn ! I just could not be bothered to carry on after that, so I went on FB after going up to my room and getting comfy on the bed, chatted via  pm a little with Reggie's sister, then the man himself was home from work and I was laughing about stories of pranks they used to play in the past.Jeeeze...compared to what that lot has been up to in the good 'ole days I am an angel and have led a very sheltered life! No , I'm not going into details otherwise I have parents complaining to me for giving their youths bad ideas if they happen to come across this post,lol. I leave it to Reggie to pass that sort of stuff on if he wants to corrupt children :)
This morning I tackled the sewing machine... took it apart , gave it a good clean , a new needle in ...and voila , the thing works again. So I finally finished the cushion covers. It's an antique white colour with a similar pattern as the sofa, quite simple.

Kyra wrote on one of my last posts : Good idea to catch a good night sleep in the airporthotel. The travel is already long enough! Can you imagine it's already so near? Must be a real great feeling!
Have a lovely weekend
Hugs Kyra
Yes, it was the best and safest way to get a room at the Airport, I could have slept at a friend's, but the thought of having to change trains and on the underground at six in the morning put me off the idea.I have been counting the days (still am !) and I'm glad the time is going so quick. As for a great feeling ... the greatest feeling will be be when I'm finally there.
But I have uploaded the first part of this new kit as freebie for you. I'm very slowly getting back into designing in the moment. Do you think I can find how to put in onto the freebie page since Blogger changed everything? Nope ... so TFS , it's going on here !
Have fun with the first part , I will still be adding more to this ...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Design updates

Hi all,
Yup, I have been busy over the weekend and designed a little more. I even carried on working on a kit I started quite a while ago after I talked with Reggie last about multitasking.
Oh yeah...conversation with the love of my life is this ?
Snowy: "Please stop me from doing anything stupid?"
Reggie:" Too late ! You're with me !"
hahahaha....should I be scared ,lol?
Today I have lots of plans , first Contact lens appointment, then I carry on going through my summer tops. A few of them are a bit too loose , specially the sleeveless vest tops. But that's easily fixed , a tighter seem and the straps a bit shorter and they'll be as good as new ! So I'll be altering them today. Also my sofa cushions are in a sorry wonder , the cats rest on them and even dig their claws in,so I'll be sewing a couple of new covers to go over , and they'll look like new again....then I have lots of quilt covers for single size bedding-in pairs...but I actually have a double. Nothing wrong with them , so I'll be cutting up the second one , insert a panel into a cover to make it wider and voila ....I have a double size cover!...and the left overs from the set of cream brocade design bed covers will make new cushion covers for my sofa .... there you go , - not wasting anything,lol.
But here qps of what's been added to my designs...these are more parts to the travel part of the big kit.I made sure I have lots of journaling space.
And this is from the other kit I am attempting to complete in between,lol
That's it for now again- Hugs Snowy

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hoooray -it's weekend...

....and I'm off work ! Woke up from a nap not too long ago to a message "hey honey I'm home, totally zonked, gonna take a nap, i will catch up with you this evening. ♥"
So what was I up to? First of all this morning I booked a Hotel room. My flight next month is at 10 am ,I have to be at the airport by 8 am and there is no train or coach which will bring me there this early. So I'm leaving the afternoon before , travel in no hurry to Gatwick and stay over night in one of the Airport Hotels. This will be my accommodation
Resting in style with free wifi , TV and a nice shower in the morning
Full English breakfast included before I leave ...
...and no hassle free transport to my terminal , the coach goes every 15 minutes directly from the Hotel ... the best is I can sleep longer.. the Hotel is only 5-10 minutes drive from the airport (depending what terminal you need to get to) ...much better than last time when I had to get up at 3 am in the morning and was really tired when I arrived.
No wonder ... here some facts -all together I'll be travelling 19 hours ! But spread over two days it only half as bad.
After Reggie picks me up in Charlotte we will have roughly a 3 hour drive to his home.
So apart from waiting for the confirmation of the Travel/ Health Insurance I am sorted and ready :) ...North Carolina , I will be there soon,lol
The background I used is from the kit I'm working on , and here are two pages I made
And now excuse me-gotta wash the hair colour out of my hair , I'm having two wide streaks in violet ...nosey how it turns out :)
Till next time -I leave you with this "sing-along -and ass swinging tune " catchy ,lol !

Monday, May 14, 2012

The newest Addition .... the kit.Holiday Fairy -just right for the 4th of July .This took me a while to get together and find the right parts to it.
Otherwise it's back to work and during that time I don't get much done. So I'm waiting for the weekend when I'm off again to carry on with some more designs.
Till then -hugs Snowy

Friday, May 11, 2012

Seize the moment !

Hi again... yup, that's what I thought yesterday...I had to make the most out of it while the inspiration lasts....and while I had time ! Reggie had tournament last night as he does every week (twice a week in fact) and he is doing bloody well ! No.1 in the division, no.3 in Singles and I hope he kicked ass again last night. I'm looking forward to going with him to watch .... and guess what? "giggles" I'm going to have a try myself. Reggie is putting a set of darts together for me , as I can't use his -too light- and I will give it a go. The last time I did I was half drunk and that was more than 20 years ago.... lol, lets hope I hit the board instead of the wall !
But here are a few more previews of what I have worked on yesterday. Versatility is the keyword again... travel to USA , plus I will be there for the 4th of July as well ... I want something I can use for both... and it's not finished yet !
And I have been in Poser as well and played with some eagles .
It's coming together nicely so far.... let's see what else I will come up with ... tonight I will probably get a little bit more done as Reggie is still doing more overtime...but it's Friday and he could finish earlier ...I'm never sure when he is home and how many hours he does, but if he has to take his Boss's place in the office as well as work on the floor you can guarantee it gets late and he's tired. Anyway- I'm off, and catch you again next post .

Hugs Snowy

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Uhmmm...hello again,lol

Yup, I'm still there ! And guess what this is?
Yes, I've been playing a little bit again.
Well, I do need something to scrap and journal my trip next month,lol.Only 40 days and I'm on my way to North Carolina and Reggie.
Holy shit, this Amendment 1 is really a trip back to the dark ages ! In case some wonder why this Amendment 1 bothers me... this is a world world wide problem, not just NC -it's time to speak out against hate, intolerance and discrimination of any kind and simply accept people as they are !Hypocrisy and judging others on their likes, orientation or believes have no room in my life.
I heard about bullying and intimidation going on when people came to vote, but also about some making a stand against it. It even made the news across here. Bible Belt? - yeah, I know-heard about it,lol.Let them believe what they want. ... For a Pagan like me it makes no difference. The time when I was insecure and used to hide it has been long gone.Anyway, enough of political crap,lol. Here some pics that were taken since I popped in here last.
Oh yes - new Motorbike for Junior as well,lol
And that's all for now-I leave you with a video of a great new band
Hanging Doll -Carnival of Sin....till next time -hugs Snowy