Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Checking in again

Hi, yes-I'm still alive , no I'm not on vacation,lol. Just not in the mood to design or scrap sitting on the PC for hours. But let me show some pics I have randomly taken of my activities.
Snapshot during a walk-Lowestoft Lighthouse
And  my pale yellow Oriental Lillies.

Fresh home made and still warm bread ...yummmieeee !
Creativity in the house ....
My newest creation-the Chakra Dreamcatcher with real crystals.
And another one, the Amethyst Fairy Dreamcatcher, also with real crystals.
In the moment I'm just baking a bunch of Whoopie Pies and already finished the filling for it, a Marshmallow Cream concoction which is just looooovely !Then there's tons of movies to watch.... the new Harry Potter , the new Transformers, The Avenger .... tonight is Psychic Night at the local Center , Friday another band playing at Notleys. All this in between work and you can be sure I am not getting bored.
That's all for now - I will be back ,lol
Hugs Snowy