Thursday, June 05, 2014

Logging in again :)

Been a while since I have been on here last time. A few new things and life in general has kept me busy.
Yes, I'm still with Reggie and will flying across again in 2 weeks time
And I have a new laptop .... but no design programs on there yet. In fact, I'm still thinking about having Windows 8 wiped off it and going back to Windows 7. My Poser program will not work with Windows 8 and I am not impressed with it at all. It really was made more for touch-screens.

My possessions are about half of what they used to be. I was able to get rid of one tall shelf which used to be full of books as well. Now I get all my books on Kindle dust catchers, less clutter , more space and they are cheaper to buy.

I still do various art and craft projects. I have been recycling or re purposing old jeans.
A laptop bag
Kindle cover with front pocket for my phone
2 little crochet baskets for the bathroom
And I made a new skirt by cutting the top of from an old dress and using a pair of jeans for the top of the skirt.

I'm hoping to have the at least PSP and PS installed on my laptop before I leave for NC....and who knows.... once I can start playing again my inspiration will hopefully come back as well.
Till then , hugs