Friday, September 30, 2011

Creativity again

Hi and good morning ,
I'm on a roll again ! I have the day to myself and don't start work till 11pm tonight , washing machine already going and the coffee has kicked in. I just wanted to show what I have been up to since I posted last. The creative juices have been flowing.
First of all I have finished two little projects-bookmarks for the Bookworm Witches -Cross stitch
I started this last year while I was in New England , now I got it out again and want to finally finish the project .
And another finished project is the Vintage Book box , this baby looks like a book standing up, but opens into a box.

Perfect size to store a deck of Oracle or Tarot cards in :)
The weather here is hot hot hot ! Summer has returned and I wish somebody would turn the heating off ! I like the sun , but it doesn't need to get that hot again -personally I am sick of it and the cooler weather suited me just fine. I'm just not someone who likes hot weather , I rather prefer sunny, but cool . So the fan here is running again. I suppose the one good thing about it is that we don't need to switch any heating on the longer it stays warm and save some pennies that way.
Some of my friends have been to Pagan Pride Day and came back with tons of gorgeous pictures and even video. The kids were enjoying themselves with art and craft activities like making masks and there were Belly Dancers and the girls climbed up onto the stage and danced with them. The pics and videos were fantastic ! So made me wish I could have been in Indi with them !
Apart from that its learning , meditating and listening ..... week 2 of my Spiritual Development Course is in full swing and I am getting better daily receiving messages from Spirit. We are encouraged to talk to our guides and it sometimes makes me laugh. Anybody not believing or knowing what's going on would think I'm schizophrenic , talking to the voices in my head !
The hart part in the moment is recognizing if its just your imagination or if I really just heard a voice telling me things. But considering I came up with things for a friend which she never told me and I could not have known, and I just prompted her ..... its amazing to say the least.
The biggest blockage is to put aside that tiny bit of self doubt which is still left. I have to journal about everything which comes into my head , even if I am not sure if its my imagination or not. Needless to say my notebook is filling up nicely and looking back over week one , the synchronicities and messages are getting clearer and more detailed slowly in week two.One of my friends is noticing the same progress , so we will keep going and learning.A good test is if you misplaced something and can't remember where the hell you put it. I literally ask my guides" can you help me find it?" and a moment later I get an answer where to look. Funny thing is I only checked there a few minutes ago and it wasn't there then ! So yeah, working with Spirit and my Guides is certainly an eye opener and very interesting.And this is only the beginning so I'm nosey what else they have in store for me.Anyway - that's it for now again. I want to get ready and go down into town to Craftmania , a new Craft shop here. As you can probably imagine, for me its like being in Aladdin's Cave with all the goodies there.
So hugs from here and till next post :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Moon plans

Hi all, just checking in before I'm back to work tomorrow.
Its new moon , so that means the best time to start new projects and make plans. And I have a few. But first let me tell what I've been up to since last post.
I have sorted through my books and other supplies and sorted out a pile of Wiccan books I no longer need. They will be passed on to a young Witch in this town who is right at the beginning to learn. 2 big bags of junk have gone as well. My motto is "if I have not used not for more than a year its not likely that I will need it again" , so it seems I'm sorting out every 6 months and dispose of the things which would clutter my space otherwise.
and I also got out he box with past spells. Those who serve no purpose anymore have now been burned. Epic step ! This includes the Binding Spell we did 2 years ago.
The gig at the pub was nice even though there were not as many people as I expected. Lol, one of band members thought I am south-african -what's new?
And the kit is slowly taking shape - still not finished, there are too many other things I do in between.
Now to the plans-there will be some changes coming. For a start my shop on the other blog will be closed. - Don't worry,lol- it will be re-opened on here. Instead of having two blogs it will only be this one again. The whole blog will get a make-over. The reason? I don't think its right to call it a scrap blog because that is not the only thing I do and show here. Instead there will be a page with scrap layouts and designs, one with other art and craft things and sometimes instructions how to do it. A third page where everything Witchy'Pagan/Spiritual goes, and even a 4th one with favourite recipes. I have been sharing craft ideas and recipes on Facebook already and there are quite a few followers who are interested. This blog will be so much more versatile and it will be easier to find things from different categories.I have some ideas for 2 other categories as well...but we'll see. Kit sales will all be on one single page. The good thing is I don't have to upload the previews all again. I am thinking about what background to make for this make-over and have an idea already in my little head.I would like all this to be done Samhain , which is the Witches New year , a great time to have it all completed.
Well, now that I told you I will get back to my work here -Hugs Snowy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maine Meeting Plans getting bigger

Hi all,
the plans for our meeting next year are getting better and better. Whoop whoop -now Lori and Jeff are coming as well, and they will have their hand fasting ceremony there. So we have a Pagan Wedding as well ! Plus Jillian and Dave will be coming over from Oklahoma with Ricky and Co  as well. Ricky as our "Father" or Coven /Group leader will be doing the hand fasting. Needless to say Lori is browsing the websites for her Dress,lol.
Plus Pixie and Jesse ,Nikki and her fellow, Eddy hopefully making it from Canada and myself that's 12 people so far .Planning is still in early stages and there is a year left , so I wouldn't be surprised if more will say they want to come to the meeting. Ok, we need 2 houses or Condos , furnished , each with 3 bedrooms ....preferably 2 bathrooms,lol. With 3 girls and 3 guys in each it could otherwise take a while .... cooking will be fun as well for such a big group, I can imagine. Luckily the guys seem to be all "house trained" so hopefully us girls won't have to do all of it on our own,lol. I guess you can read between the lines and see from my enthusiasm how much I am looking forward to this ! Visit to Salem and Witches Ball with a big group of fantastic friends:)
I'm sorting out more things today which I no longer need , 2 big bags full already. I have replaced older photos with new ones I printed last night and Erik 's pics are now in a box together with his letters cards and other bits and bobs he sent me. As much as I loved him and am still grateful to him for being there for me just at the right time when I needed him , I don't want to be reminded of what happened every day.
My Christmas gift box is getting fuller and last night I made the first Christmas cards for this year. Here is the Crafters mess,lol
For today its enough sorted out, I will cook dinner , time for meditation, then have a little nap and tonight go to see a band playing a the local pub.
Hugs Snowy :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Crafts and more pics

Good morning , I have finally recovered from my shifts and lack of sleep. Yesterday was a chill-out day, with just chatting , a glass of Honey mead , DVDs and a bit of crafting while watching True Blood. Before that in the afternoon we took some pics at the back of our house. Here is Shaun with his motorbike.
And there was an audience of the people from our house...Linda ,Samantha,etc and kids
Of cause I had to check on the comfort of it ..... I could get used to this,lol - biker babe, as Steve called me :) - oh yes, very sexy in cardigan and pigtails , because I was too lazy to do my hair being tired after night shifts,lol
And let me introduce you to "Bob" ...that's what Shaun called him, I call him dinner !
Needless to say Bob is gone, but something of him was left behind and found good use on one of my craft projects. I created a shell wreath with lots of my left over clam shells and some other bits and bobs. And Bob's claw made the perfect decoration on this.
Last pic for today: my lucky bamboo has grown double its size since I put it into a glass container filled with stones from the beach. Its perfect on my meditation altar in the living room.
And now its time to get ready for me again. Today I will get another tattoo and later tonight catch up with Eddy,Pixie and the others while carrying on with some of my various Christmas projects. The second present is almost ready !
Have a fab day -hugs Snowy

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pictures and Happy and blessed Autumn Equinox

Hi all,
I woke up after a bad dream and couldn't go back to sleep anymore, so I decided to post some pictures here. I took these two on my way home this morning -it really looks like Autumn now. This is a horse Chestnut tree, one of the first to change colour.
Considering they are only taken with my phone , not too bad !
These are from my last walk.Elderberries and Rosehip
The ferns have grown really tall
 But there are still colourful bright flowers as well ...

....and fluffy ones , reminding me of little cotton balls.
That's all for now, I will do some work here to get really tired again and then try to get some more sleep -hugs Snowy

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello, checking in again

Hi all, short update on the last days I was not posting- my friend wasn't well for 3 days,so we did the usual thing and sent him healing as a group ....with amazing success! He woke up from his nap and said he has been free of pain since ! Love it that we could help.I had a feeling something was not right when he was barely on , and when I was digging and asking questions I had to tell him off for not saying anything,lol. Typical guy-suffers in silence and don't wanna make a fuss. But we caught up chatting for 3 hours after that,lol-amazing how quick the time goes when you enjoy yourself.
On Sunday night I made it home from work just in time to catch the 2nd half of the Pats game- another win for the Patriots-hooray ! 
Apart from that I am doing a 6 week course on psychic development. Week 1 is mainly meditation and keeping a journal about anything to do with intuition , messages or synchronicities we receive. On the risk that you think I have gone completely nuts - during my healing meditation asking the Angels of healing to assist I heard a voice clearly tell me "stop worrying , I am with him now!" was just amazing ! I had quite a few other things pop up as well, but it would be too much to write it all here.
Yesterday was shopping day, and yes, I treated myself as well, some new clothes for Autumn/Winter in bright cheerful autumn colours, and I just could not resist these Earrings and necklace.
Last night I went to bed early after a busy day ,-I was even too tired to chat on cam with Eddy - but I designed a bit more for the Halloween kit.
Today its catching up with household chores , I think I'm high on furniture polish and bleach already , then a nap and night shift tonight. Come Thursday I have 6 days off, I put 2 days leave at the end of my usual rota break, So looking forward to it. On Friday I'm off to see Ron and Diane , and have yet another Tattoo done.-and now I have to carry on with my work here -have a great day .
Hugs Snowy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Pirate is locked up ,lol

Roflmao, hi again-
I just had to post after reading Kyra's last comment. Yes - the Captain Morgan is loccked up for 6 days ! Come day 7 it will come out again because I have found a recipe I would love to try. Chocolate melted in fresh cream with a generous shot of rum....does that sound yummie, or what? Sort of like Baileys Irish cream , but with choc/rum flavour.
Yes, certain people were very amused about me being tipsy ,apparently I'm very funny.
Regarding the pic with the Robin- a lot of my friends were amazed as our Robin here looks so different than the one they have over in USA and Canada. One said ours looks really like ones you see on the old fashioned Christmas cards,lol.
Anyway, not much to show. I tightened up some seams and stitched on some more Velcro to the sofa cushions to keep them in place, I baked bread , I went outside for some air and sunshine before it disappeared again and got myself some new crystals again. The bottom one is called Rainforest Rhyolite and the top is Epidote Amphilobite
The unusual patterns in lovely, protective Rainforest Rhyolite, is where this stone gets its power to heal. Associated with the Heart Chakra, Rainforest Rhyolite is thought to help people deal with past-life issues, by helping one to see the relationship between karma and what is happening now, making these issues much easier to accept and work though. Rainforest Rhyolite will assist one in the laying down of burdens which no longer act to serve in ones life. Using Rainforest Rhyolite may help with healing old and deep emotional wounds in this lifetime as well.

A balancing stone, Rainforest Rhyolite is recommended for help with issues of self-esteem and emotional strength. Rainforest Rhyolite aids in finding your expression in the wake of problems and anxieties. Rainforest Rhyolite helps to stimulate insight into solutions and alternatives.

Epidote will enhance the energy of whatever it touches, including other stones. Epidote increases perception and interaction with spiritual beings, and brings spiritual growth. Epidote is a great stone for releasing negativity and raising one's vibrational energy. It is helpful for those stuck in modes of depression, hopelessness, or other negative thinking pattern. Epidote can inject a sense of hopeful optimism into one's emotional body, helping to bring the mind into a higher vibration. Crystal healers like to work with Epidote for its ability to clear congestion and energy blockages in the physical and subtle bodies. Epidote will help to balance and stabilize the energy flow in the body. Epidote is also used to help dissipate tumors by releasing stagnant energies in the area.
Epidote is an excellent stone for attunement with nature and her healing qualities. It puts forth a simple, calming, grounding, “back to Earth” vibration, which is particularly good for those living in a high energy, city setting.
Epidote opens those who have refused their spiritual growth.It clears the emotional body aura and cleanses old repressed emotions once and for all.Those drawn to this stone are being shaken into spiritual awakening.
This beauty is a Desert Rose/Selenite

A Desert Rose is a naturally occurring formation of selenite gypsum as found in Morroco. These crystals form perfectly in the desert sand from wind and sand erosion near selenite gypsum deposits. They make for lovely home decorations.
Selenite Meaning
The Rejuvenator, helps with relief of stress and enhances will power. Tissue repair, and fast pain relief. Can be used on auric arcs too to clear and cut in a ritual, releasing one form the connections to people or events past.
Magical Use -Meditation, clarity of the mind, physical energy, opening and clearing of the upper chakras.
Healing Use -Fertility, sex drive, skin, regeneration of tissues and muscular flexibility.
And the little one
Variscite-also called the Shaman's stone
Inner Peace, Compassion and Love
The frequency of Variscite connects to the heart chakra. It opens and activates the heart chakra so that one is able to have compassion and radiate love. It allows one to be accepting and non judgmental of oneself and others, and to just "be".
The energy of Variscite supports, strengthens and stabilizes one's emotions so that one is able to acknowledge and release deeply help emotional patterns no longer serving one. Thus allowing for healing to take place on an emotional level, which in turn brings an inner peace and harmony to one's being.
The frequency of the purple variety of Variscite connects to the crown chakra allowing one to consciously align with one's soul, opening the channel to bring the frequency of Universal love to the whole of one's energy fields.

I am finding more and more unusual and rare Crystals , I think I have all the more common ones and am now drawn to some of the more exotic ones. 
I have finished my first self made Christmas present and bought another 2 little gifts, so I am well on my way to get everything together in time. 
I most likely won't be posting regular the next days while working , only if  I find the time to actually do something worth showing. And now I'm off to bed after I just had a bath and am nice and clean now... well my body is , not too sure about my mind, hehe 
Hugs Snowy

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Captain Morgan's is evil, evil stuff ! -and new Kit previews

Good evening ...yeah, I'm running late again with posting. But I only got up around 12  as I had an late night, or rather early morning. We had a girls night last night....well to start with,lol.  Shaun bought a bottle of Rum , tried one bit and said " You can have it, Mum" ....hell, I haven't drunk rum in years ! But last night I got comfy on the computer with glass of Rum and Coke. Unfortunately it was far too tasty to be just one glass. Pixie joined in across in Indie with a bottle of Vodka , and  Deb made us all laugh with her comments. In between a slightly tipsy Card reading  and finally I carried my laptop up the stairs and carried on chatting in bed with Pixie and Lori. I hadn't calculated that the stuff needs more time to kick in , so another 20 minutes later I made Eddy laugh. Tipsy Snowy on the web cam ....oh shame,lol. I tell you , Captain Morgans is evil stuff !

But enough of that, lots of previews to show for the new kit! It's not quite in Store yet, I'm waiting for all the files to upload , but will be available some time later tonight. Here it is -Magical Seas
I have an affinity for Dolphins lately and wanted a kit that is quite calm with these amazing creatures.

And there will be a sampler as usual once I have uploaded that as well.More previews on Store page
For now I am waiting that the 9 !!! zip folders have uploaded, then the sampler next and I can announce it in the Store. In the meantime some more housework and cooking, plus I bought Velcro to stitch on to the back of the sofa cushions to hold them in place. Last day off tomorrow, so I want to get that done before I'm back to work on Friday.
Catch you all later,lol- hugs Snowy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another teaser and Pic

I'm back again, its raining and still rather windy tonight, but we were lucky and had the sun come out during the day as well. I went to meet Shaun earlier and while standing/sitting there by a wall a little Robin came to have a look what we were doing. These birds are usually quite shy , but this one stayed with us for at least 20 minutes at the wall. Of cause I had to take a pic with my phone.
This was just about an arms length away.
And going into my book store I found this.
I had to look up the meaning/symbolism  of  the Robin and I quite liked what I found :Not only is the robin a promise of new beginnings with the new cycle of spring in our midst, it carries symbolic meanings of cheer, joviality and light-heartedness. "Live, love, laugh and be happy" and that is precisely what the symbolic meaning of the red robin tells us too.
I was also busy redecorating my altar last night , besides charging my crystals in the light of the full moon. 
I chose natural elements this time like chestnuts, acorns etc. I like how it turned out , it really has an autumn look now. 
In the background you can see the native American corn dolly I made out of corn husks. If you want to give it a go yourself you can find out how to do it here:
Sam thought they make a great cat toy and started to attack it,lol.
Kyra , so glad I made you chuckle with my last post ,lol - now you see what I have to put up with ! Is it a wonder that I don't like the local species? Well, most of them not,anyway. 
Now I will play a bit with my Animal Totem kit and later tonight I am giving a card reading to a friend and most likely chat with sexy Eddy again,lol. But before I go here is another quickpage. This one is made with one of my photo backgrounds. 
Tomorrow I plan on uploading the other kit and putting it into the Store. So I will have lots of previews to show plus the sampler-till then:) 
Hugs Snowy

Monday, September 12, 2011

Teaser and a chuckle ,lol....I'm too much to handle !

Hi all,
I am really having a good old chuckle since last night. I put up a comment on Facebook which said :Any man can put out the effort to get you interested,but it takes a special guy to keep a woman interested!
Oh my God ! Did I open a can of worms there , or what? It was a lively discussion to say the least. One of the guys who had requested to get to know me  (a local from the town I live in) wrote : most normal women are married, its the stupid ones that are single.- Wrong thing to say ! Eddy answered : what would that make a guy not married then?And Pixie: I think someone reversed "normal" and "stupid" in his sentence.
I was sooo tickled by all this ! My final remark was :one more thought to that....if a guy isn't interesting enough it pays to stick the BOB ! 
In case you don't know what a BOB is ,lol- it stands for Battery operated boyfriend So we waited for a reply this morning which never came. Through my chats I knew this guy had some weird views, but I didn't think he would be that much of a coward to just delete me as a friend -damn, ruined all my fun,lol ! I love it when a guy suddenly realizes I really am more then he can handle ! Its funny how they disappear when they realize they are dealing with a strong independent girl and not some shy insecure woman they can walk all over on ! There's no messing about with me ,I know what I want and won't lower my standards !
And it makes me value and love my friends like Deb, Nikki, Pixie and Eddy so much more ! Yet again I have to say how grateful I am to Deb and Erik who helped me and boosted my self confidence after splitting up and divorce. Without them I wouldn't be the strong woman I am now. Eddy is tickled as much as I am by all this, we chatted about it already when I came home this morning before we went both to sleep. -And before anybody gets the wrong impression-no , he is not my boyfriend ! He is a very, very close friend I click really well with and I can't wait to meet him in person next year. He's seen me at my worst first thing in the morning with messy hair and without make-up , has put up with my whinges, has let me into his life as friend and comfort him when he was at his worst and down , and is totally honest -I would trust this guy in all ways ! A perfect friend. It really is a shame he lives so far away in Canada :-(  Seems to be my fate that the best ones always live far away.
Funny thing is that since then I am minus two people on my friends list....I have no idea who the other one is, but he must have not agreed with the comments either. No loss ,lol.
Hurrican Katia is creating very strong gusts of wind here , so far its still sunny though. I'm loving the weather right now, not too hot and I like the wind. 
Anyway, I have a teaser to show from the Halloween kit I am working on. Its coming along nicely. Here it is and a song Eddy dedicated to me - Thank you ,hun xxx :)-till next post
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another quick check in before bed time

Hi all, finished another night shift ....hooray ! The wind has picked up this morning , I loved the weather so much that I didn't go home straight away but decided to go for a walk and take some pics. I'm working on a Halloween/Samhain kit and these will be perfect for that. Here are some shots from this morning.
There are some amazingly beautiful grave stones around, the older -the better !
For me this is not just a gravestone, but this is actually art.
I know -guess some people find it strange that I enjoy a walk over an old cemetery. I will have to work a bit on the pics, they were only taken with my phone.And now I'm off to bed, Eddy is still signed in after chatting with me during the night , hahahaha...guess he's fallen asleep with his laptop on again.Just wait till I get him later , I have to tease him about this ! He's getting old,lol. Anyway, I'm off before the same happens to me -hugs Snowy