Sunday, November 25, 2012

New freebie again

Hi all and good morning,
Finally checking in again with another freebie after one hell of a week. First my bathroom light went and the whole fixture came out the ceiling, then my sink ,which had a small crack had to be replaced as well. So we had the Electrician and a Plumber around to fix things. Then my camera died a death -OH NO !!! I will need to get a new one before I fly across to spend time with Reggie again.
Slowly the pictures were degrading with stripes on it a pic of Sam on the soft and warm cushion I made myself for the cats using a fleece blanket and filling from an old quilt.
It got even worse -So no more pics with this until I have a new one.
I have been working on more designs as well and made some layouts as well.

And I always wanted to make a silhouette from a photo....guess who,lol....
I will not be putting a Christmas tree up this year as I won't be home. But I will place some other seasonal decorations during my days off work.
All my Travel documents, tickets, Insurance etc are ready .I just need to pack and go !!!
But now the first Christmas freebie parts. This is from 2010 - the small part was a freebie for "Christmas around the world" , but as usual I couldn't stop and made a lot more. These 3 additional parts have never been published free before.
This my version of Christmas around the World :)
2 parts today and 2 next week. The first is the original freebie part- so you might have got it from the "Christmas around the world" blog in 2010.. and as I said the other parts are the unpublished stuff

Enjoy , and till next post again :)
Hugs Snowy

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekend freebie parts again

Hey all :)
I'm off for my rota break and as always I'm keeping busy. Also had some great news from Reggie....they won the tournament !!! His team are the Champions of the darts League ...fantastic ! I had so hoped they would win this time after they made to to the semi finals while I was there in summer and then lost in the finals. Reggie has the mug he wanted so much ,lol.
Here is the winning team -all great guys , had so much fun meeting them and watching them play while I was there.

And of cause my personal Champion Reggie (wearing the birthday present I sent him-glad he likes it ). Tradition is that the very heavy trophy gets filled with beer and the winning team drinks it from the trophy....I think he's waiting in line here,lol.

That brings me to design news.... I did the Football Kit, a Hockey Kit, a Chess Kit ...... now it's time to create a Darts kit , and what you are seeing are the first pieces of it.
I'm waiting to be set up in the soon as that is done I can start uploading and open my store with all the new designs I have been creating.
Talking of creating ... I found a Monogram font the other day and wanted to do something with it. Here is the result. I printed the monogram to use as a template , transferred it onto thick cardboard and cut it out (which was a pain in the ass to do ,lol) Then glued it onto the base I had prepared.

I also created a Winter Door/Wall decoration with some letters and a snow garland from the £ Shop. Add some scrapbook paper for the cardboard base, some cotton wool , snowflakes, a bow.....and here you go ....

That not being enough I got crafty with a cereal box ...yup, you read that right ! Here is the tutorial on how to make a stationary organiser from a cereal box
And my result...perfect for the kitchen to store those coupons and money of vouchers , plus it actually matches my little chest in which I store my seeds

 But now the last of the freebie links for this kit
Enjoy-and another new kit next week
Until next post
Hugs Snowy :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In full swing :)

Good morning ,
yup- I really am back in full swing, Edna and Kyra, thanks for your very nice, it amuses me that others can see how I am in my designs ;)
In the meantime I have just finished another kit ! I won't be showing the full preview yet, but here are 2 more QPs as teasers ....

...and I was busy with some altered art again. I had one of these cheap plastic clipboards from the £ shop. I have been debating to throw it out , but ended up giving the thing a new look.
This is how it was before-cheap yellow plastic
...and after a bit of modpodge and decorating I am happy to display it on my desk.
Tonight is the time for the first night shift again ,after that batch I will be off a few to recover let's see what I will do then,lol.
Catch you all later ;)
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New freebie again :)

hope you're all having a nice weekend :)
I have been working early shift today, but have taken a day off for tomorrow to have some more time for Reggie and of cause Football is on.
I have been designing more and also created some more layouts.Plus I've been doing some photo art.  There is a website which puts words onto a pic , but I thought I don't need this app to do this. So I did it myself ...still , if you are interested , here is the link to it
This is my result without any help.

I used words which both of us used in messages at the beginning of the year.
It says : Snowy:I could not ask for a better man in my life and I know he feels the same. I am not someone who gives up easily , but sometimes its better just to let fate take over .... you never know who or what fate sends you.....sometimes by letting go you end up with something even better ~the perfect man for me ♥
Reggie:I'm just a man, the man I am is because of you,
you have shown me that love is real and really does know no bounds.
Yeah, we do have a romantic streak.
Then I made a layout put together of two pics on bits and bobs of the new kit I am working on.Hell, we do look nice together !

And new layouts..., Marianna aka Tutu commented on the FB page that she can see that my muse has returned -it sure has,lol.

I have never shown this before. This is the Valentine's Picture I got from Reggie on 14th February ,one of the reasons we are together now. Kind of ironic he send me this kind of pic considering he is allergic to bee stings and needs to carry and EpiPen... but you definitely get an impression of is kind of humour,lol. I thought it was about time to make a layout with it.

Anyway.... on to the freebie. Some of you ,who have been following me will remember this kit from layouts I was showing at the time. It was made for my autumn trip across to New England in 2010 which ended so horrible when Erik was assaulted and ended up in a coma. It's been on my external drive since and I didn't touch it . It's very personal for me , and connected with a lot of memories....good and bad. With Remembrance Day being tomorrow, I though some folks could use it. For me it's a different kind of remembering, but one which doesn't hurt anymore.Erik had his purpose in my life - he kind of "freed me" and for that I will always be grateful.But I have moved on and happier than ever, so it was time to dust it off and finally publish it. Here the first links...1&3 , so you have some backgrounds and elements
Enjoy, -this would look great for Remembrance Day layouts....and for those of you who cannot use the USA elements.... there are two British Poppy Day kits on the freebie page. The backgrounds and neutral elements from this kit can be combined with the pieces of the British kits.
Have a great weekend all - see ya :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Checking in again

Good morning,peeps :)
It's one of my days off work, so I thought I check in again.
I came off night shift yesterday morning and have been a busy bee since. First I went shopping to stock up the fridge again,when I came home and had all the stuff packed away I wasn't actually tired.So I carried on with the household chores to catch up and get things done which always have to wait while I'm on shift and don't have so much time.
After that a nice bubble bath to treat myself and relax , some mulled wine and a 2 hour nap before an evening with Reggie on Skype, and shooting some Mexicans in an old Mining town, no I'm not drunk , it's a game on line we played while chatting away :)
But that mulled wine I found is really a Goddess drink ...yummmm...
Hot and sweet , perfect to relax and warm up on a chilly evening !
I don't drink much alcohol, so a little bit is enough to get me into a rather good mood ...I'm such a light weight when it comes to drinks,lol.

I also got crafty again and made a new wreath for my door. Tinsel, a pearl garland from the Pound shop, bows I already had and half a pack of mini baubles from last year ...the total price £ 2.50 /approx $ 4.00 and a lot of fun

I got the last kits I was working on finished .....(just some more teasers)

...and started a new kit straight away with New year theme.
It's so nice to know I got all my work done yesterday, so today and the rest of my time off I can concentrate on more designs , crafting and whatever I feel like doing at the time.
Today I will be in my kitchen a lot , I am planning on doing some baking - I still have another pumpkin to kill and a Pumpkin Cheesecake sounds like just the thing to do.
Tonight Reggie is home (his Tuesday Dart season is finished for the time being) and he'll give me a call as son as he's home after work and voting. I'll be nosey to see who will win .... my guess is that Obama will do another term-just a feeling I have, so we'll see if my guess is right or not.
But I have more to show . I have actually been making a layout each day in November. We have a thing going on Facebook where we write each day one thing we are thankful for. I didn't just write, I made it into layouts, one I already showed in my last post. So here are a few more , I'm keeping the rest for next post,lol.These are made with kits which will be published either for sale once I'm starting again or as freebies to come.

There will be a new freebie again on the weekend , but I might pop back in before to show what I have been up to. Until then -hugs Snowy

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Weekend Freebie parts again

Hey, I'm back.....and I survived the Fashion show !It was a successful chaos. 20 woman in a small overheated room with poor lighting , getting changed while the guys from the room next to us walk through to get on the cat walk. roflmao....some woman next to me standing there in bra and knickers screamed when one of guys walked through :) ... it was sweat breaking, stressful , absolute chaos ...but what a laugh ! One small mirror with 20 woman adjusting clothes and hair,Shaun almost tripped off the stage having to take off a sweater,Model Dave posing in the door in boxer shorts and a crowd of woman staring and cheering(we had models in their 60ies as well)-chaos in the back while everything went perfectly at the front. £330.00 were raised in a couple of hours (approx.$532.00) for Help for Heroes ....not sure how much was contributed to the bar , but Tracy even held on to her wine glass while getting changed and judging from Shaun's moan the next morning they must have had a good quantity of alcohol sales. The "Palmers dragons" trying to keep order ....a hilarious but successful night ,rofl :)
Sadly so far I have not come across any pics of myself yet. but I found Shaun and took some before and after the show.
 ughhh....I look like a bingo lady,lol
  Shaun however.... well, he scrubs up nice,lol.

In the next one he is talking to me...I'm just out of view.
But here are some  before and after show pics...
Full make-up, before the show....a rare picture ...and I was glad when I could wash it off again.
 Shaun is pointing at me ...."WATCH OUT-MOTHER WITH CAMERA !"
...soooo glad to be back in my own clothing !

Shaun and Dan at the bar

lol, Tracy had a bit to much wine ...but still not letting go of the glass :)
Anyway, enough photos !
I have been designing as well and almost got another kit ready a little teaser. I don't know about you, but for me Winter and cold weather is the time to get cosy, hot baths, pampering , hot chocolate, chilling out on the couch or bed watching movies when the whether is bad. I meditate and relax more than I do in summer.So I wanted a kit which still goes well for Winter pics , but also shows a kind of tranquillity and peace.

And now the links for the freebie kit  and a layout I made this morning

Regarding blog comments , here is one : eevee-lily said...
just wanted to say, I love your site : ) I am going to have a good look round and it is nice to see someone else in Uk !! I am in Cambridgeshire
love and light )0(
Lol, I'm only a little way away from you...the most easterly point -Lowestoft/Suffolk. But I have strong ties to the USA, which is why you will always see me incorporate their holidays as well. Oh, and I'm German....or rather a "Brit GerCan " as my best friend Deb in Florida calls me :)
Thanks for all your comments-so nice to see that my kit will find good use. And if you would like to show off your layouts made with any of my kits you can either send me a link or post on the Facebook page if you like. 
More freebies coming , have a nice weekend
Hugs Snowy