Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Journey" is ready

Hi,wow...I actually managed to get all the previews ready ! That was in between cooking dinner and baking a cake for Shaun's birthday yesterday.Shaun will also be working all day today , so he already got his cake and present last night. It's 4.45 am and I'm just beginning to wake up ...with a good coffee ,of cause. But let me show you what's out now.
Here the detailed previews.

And as always the sampler again.
 Plus a pack of Victory Tubes -CU
I have already shown layouts made with this kit the past weeks, so I won't show them all again now. For me it's time to finish my coffee and head into the bathroom grab my shower and get ready for work -have a fab day !
Hugs Raven

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little bit of Magick

Uuuughhh...this is it ! It's back to work for me and as always ......arghhhh...I hate early shifts! Not only are they boring ,but I hate having to get up at 5.00am as well. Ah well.... that's life !
I spend quite a few hours going through all my resources yesterday to find the ones to copy over onto my laptop. Then the other tasks like dusting ( sniff the smell of furniture polish!) and filing some documents and papers, the joy of cleaning the cat toilets and mopping the floors...all real exciting stuff, but as I will have not so much time again with work I wanted to get it done again before. And of cause a bit of shopping ,so we don't run out of anything.Yup, I think I'm pretty organised -there will be no rushing around the next days , everything is done.
Today I have a brilliant tip for getting rid of negative energy directed towards you. The common method is a mirror and reflect the negativity away from you....well, I found the perfect way of doing this. I went into Claire's accessories yesterday and there was an antique style necklace with a little mirror as a pendant. Wow ! Not only did I like the look of it , but cleansed (sage incense), with a little spell  and blessed this is just the perfect tool. Nobody will know what the purpose handy is that? Oh and beware of Mercury Rerograde.... it has the ability to mess things up and bring up things from the past, I think I had the "messing up bit" already with my laptop !
I'm trying to get the "Journey "kit uploaded and ready later on. This one and  this quote layout are made with it.

I told you before that one of my Dreamcatchers made a long journey across the Ocean. It has safely arrived and my friend Nikki  from Fall River/MA is showing it off.So glad she likes it.

And now I will have to get ready - I leave you with "Champion"
-Hugs Raven

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 laptop is back

Hi again,
got my laptop back in the afternoon yesterday ...well it was only downstairs... Russel did a fantastic job! It's better than it was before the Virus attack ! Windows 7, Photoshop CS5,Paint Shop Pro X3 and various other fantastic programs.Now , today, all I need to do is copy all the brushes,  styles, gradients, actions, Patterns (for PS) and Scripts and all the other stuff (for PS) over to my laptop, plus the resources I want to to work with next...oh yes...not to forget the font folder, I love all my different fonts, specially the dingbat fonts as well ! I still have to install the Preset Viewer, and copy some music files as well-so I can sing along when I design as well.
Definitely the Black Eyed Peas album , that's one of my favourites in the moment, apart from Rhianna and David Guetta.
Deb (my friend and soul sister in Florida) made me die with laughter yesterday ...why? See for yourself...I made a layout.
Yeah, I know -we are bad ! But we have sooo much fun in the process,lol.
ok-I confess: 3 of us girls have signed up on a dating website and it's ...hmmmm...interesting , to say the least. Jaedyn is wetting herself laughing most of the time, Deb got scared (it takes a lot for Deb to get scared! ) with mail from an S&M guy, and me???? Well , post from about 20 guys in 3 days, messages like:"you look hot in your pictures" (delete  ) , and what sort of messages is this? "Hi there sexy,how are you? Up to anything good? "-delete after my reply: "try your slimy pick up lines with someone else, go play with yourself !"
Then there's the"baldy Man"type, they really write quite nice and I'm sure some of them are lovely guys ...but I don't know how these guys think to keep up with me? And I'm really not that much into 50ies music or going to bingo. I doubt they'll invite me down to Hush-which is our local Club , or to a concert(at least not my type of concert)
This one was really nice. How sweet is this? He writes: "My name is .......
I just have to say that you are stunningly beautiful.If you like the look of me ? Then Id love to get to know you." Do I like his look? Hell yeah- he's cute,lol....anyway , this is fantastic entertainment, it's fun to shop around , if you get my meaning.And of cause we share all our stories and have a right good giggle. Deb calls most of the guys "douche bags" ...hence the expression on my layout.So that's part of our evenings, on the dating site and then share the stories and even pics on FB between us. Most of the time I go to bed with stomach ache from laughing too much. 3 bad girls together ....recipe for disaster ! Not for us, but for the guys,lol.
And now I better go.Tidy up,to the shop- I want to fill up the fridge and freezer this morning before I start work tomorrow again, and then get busy with that laptop.I leave you with this- another song I like .....Wonderman
Hugs Raven

Monday, March 28, 2011

First Aid for Laptop

Hi and good morning again, it's lovely and sunny again , I'm so lucky with the weather during my time off.In other things I am not so lucky.My Laptop caught a Virus when I connected it to the Internet for updates after being offline for so long.Damn ! So the poor old things is getting First Aid treatment now.Luckily I have connections , and a friend has already erased the whole hard drive, I am now getting Windows 7 put on, and several other programs I need. Then it will be a case of putting back on and installing all the other stuff I need.Luckily I don't really lose anything, as the laptop basically had the same content as my desctop PC. So it's just a case of copying over again what I need. will take time to do this. So you can imagine what I will be doing later and tomorrow. Besides the fact of having to get used to Windows 7 and finding my way around again, I am so used to Vista. The reason this Virus could get on was because I have not been on the Internet with it for so long. The Virus program had no updates and that's why this thing slipped through. This shows you how important it is to have your Internet security always updated regularly. If my program would have had all the updates this would not have happened ! Last night we tried everything to get this Virus deleted , but it didn't work.After about 4 hours of work we gave up and came to the conclusion just to wipe everything and start new. So no new kit or layouts today, I didn't find the time for it, nor was I in the mood with this happening. Anyway, I thought I let you know what's going on. Now I will wait until I get my baby back and then the work begins,lol.
Just read Kyra's blog after catching the tiltle of today's post "Sex in the Garden". My first thought was "What the hell...? hahahahah.... lucky toad girl,lol.Us poor  Girls here have to stick to the BOB. (battery operated boyfriend,lol)
Have a good day , I will certainly go and enjoy some sunshine -Hugs Snowy

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cozy Earth hour and "Dreamscape" kit

Hi and good morning,
well we had the time change last night.Luckily I don't need to work , so the hour time difference does not affect me at all and I have time to adjust to it.
Earth hour was an hour by candle light-yes, I turned all the lights off. I have to say it was hard to type though. I was chatting with some friends during that time and could hardly see the letters on my keyboard,lol.
It was a rainy day here, I got soaked on my walk into town, so when I came back it was definitely a case of chilling out and staying in for the evening. Good side to that was I got all my laundry done already, something I had planned on doing tonight.
And I got the next kit uploaded and in Store as well. The time off the net was quite good in that regard, I had time to do all these new kits and can publish lots of new stuff now.
This is it. Dreamscape. Love working with this and using different blending functions for the layouts.Some I have shown before , some are new.
Here the detailed previews which I made last night.

And the layouts made with various poems and parts of song lyrics...besides a pic from Earth hour last night

As always I have a sampler for this in my Store as well.

Right, I said I would tell about the Past life reading I had. Actually it didn't really surprise me and matches some of the weird dreams I had all through my life.
Here is what it says:
You were once among the natives of North America, who long before the white man set foot upon this shore, had developed an extraordinarily rich and meaningful culture.  In fact, many things associated with the American Indians are likely to be innate talents or otherwise special to you. (hmm...Dreamcatchers?)
From one or more lifetimes as a native American, you developed a knack for being able to handle powerful changes in your life situation.  You also have an appreciation of the balance and organized interplay of Mother Nature and her creatures, as well this natural ability to move with the flow of life around you. (me being a little  mad with herb and healing plants, crystals, collecting feathers I find outside-my favourites are the hawk, Raven, Owl and Dove feathers I have found )
So that made me think ! Going back to Erik , he said last year that I most likely used to live there in a past life after I told him in detail about the dreams I had, it might also explain why I felt like being at home straight away, even though I had never put a foot on US soil before, and the sense of peace and freedom while I was there ( ok, no peace for the last week I was there due to what happened) Well, I know what the next step will be- I want to do a full  Past life regression to find out more. I keep seeing faces of the people in my dreams and I'm itching to find out who they are as well.It intrigues me, all this past life and reincarnation things ! I have always felt I had known Erik before , and it was indeed like meeting someone I have known for years on one hand, but also learning completely new things at the same time.They say people come into our lives for a reason and you most likely meet up with people from you previous lives as well and they also leave for a reason... so who knows? Certainly something to think about,lol. And talking of leaving...I'm off ... the sun is shining , plus I have things to do and catch up and check for messages from some new friends on another web site....Hugs Snowy

Saturday, March 26, 2011

1...2...and 3rd kit for the weekend

Hi and morning , big cup of coffee in front of me (essential !)  and  somebody has switched the sun off this morning. We were getting spoiled with sunny Spring weather here last week but today it's grey and damp out there. Let's hope it will get better again for a few more days, at least until I have to go back to work.
I watched Paul last night - a damn funny movie-love it ! Here a trailer - see yourself,lol

Then I uploaded the third kit to publish. Slowly but surely I'm catching up, but I still have not finished going through all the e-mails. Shaun  did a 12 hour Night shift last night,and this morning when I came down he was hogging the computer ...bloody games addict! I told him to get his ass to bed.Reply: "almost sounds as if you want to get rid of me."
Yes- my boy, get the hint ! You are disrupting my daily routine. Thank Goddess , he is in bed that means no loud music for me ...don't wanna wake him up-he needs his beauty sleep ,lol. You know what?I look forward to the time when he can stand on his own two feet and moves out to get his own place.As much as I love him , he drives me nuts sometimes.I'm just glad he isn't 14, it would take a lot longer then! My colleague said to that the other day "yes, but then you will have the Grandchildren soon" ....oh noooooo ! No way ! ....doesn't bear thinking about ...I'm just starting to get back on my feet financially (not quite out of the woods yet after the divorce but getting better slowly after a nice pay rise) and want to travel and see places , and.. (excuse the language) ...fuck being tied down ! Sorry , I am too independent for that now and quite like my freedom.
So let me show you the kit in detail. I have shown some layouts with this the past weeks already. This is Midnight Magic

Plus Sampler and Sorceress png Tubes for CU
Today is Earth Day  -read more about it here
154 countries taking part so far. For one hour we switch all our lights off , no hardship-I love candle light ! Plus tonight we switch our clocks over to Summer Time here in UK.
I think this post is long enough , so I leave the music and some other interesting stuff for tomorrow. I had a PAST LIFE READING and the result was very interesting to say the least and made a lot of things clearer- but that's for tomorrow. For now it's enough -have a great weekend !
Hugs Snowy

Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting into the swing again....

Morning all,
I spent a bit of time catching up with reading blogs and some other Internet stuff last night. Afternoon and early evening was mostly spent packing away the thick warm winter clothing and getting the lighter things out. Guess I have to invest in some new t-shirts and jeans. I thought they were getting too big last year, but this year it's even worse. A lot of things are 2 sizes too big. Ah well....good excuse for some retail therapy ! Plus I can see if I can alter some of my favourite pieces with my sewing machine. By the time I was finished with packing and unpacking it was getting dark and I chilled out on the PC for a while. I have just  published the next kit , and will need to have a chat with my fellow Designers, I think. Kyra already said we'll have to catch up soon. Luckily I'm still off work for a few more days, I don't start until the 30th again.
But let me show the new kit and layouts with it -obviously there is a sampler again as well to pick up in my blog store. ELEGANZIA 2011

This is a new layout I made last night.I love the books by J.R. Ward and I can so relate to this quote from her book.
And this is the sampler
The Black Eyed Peas have done it again, I love their music and the newest song has Fergie singing more. This is one of those tunes which sticks in your head ...even through the night ,lol .I listened to it last night and this morning I'm still humming the tune.This was filmed in Japan just one week before the Earthquake and Tsunami. And it's now time to do my work again and get ready to go into town. Hugs Snowy