Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas freebie starts

Damn.... I just noticed 10 days have already passed since I posted last. Double damn , how the time flies when you're busy ,lol.
I normally wanted to be back within a week , but always something else came up that I had to do .

Hope all of you who celebrated across the ocean had a nice Thanksgiving and peaceful Black Friday. I didn't venture out to the shops at all that day , but did plenty of online browsing.
As a result I ended up with a half price Soundbar and subwoofer, and a new cooker to be delivered in about 2 weeks.
The Soundbar already arrived today and I had fun trying it out. "Chuckles" I will never be able to turn up the volume and bass fully ,unless I want the guy in the flat underneath to fall out of bed from the vibration ;)
I also put up the Christmas tree. I decided to downsize this year. Instead of the 6 feet green tree we had for years I went and got a little 4 feet white tree. Space saving , no need to move any furnture out the way and looks utterly cute ! And it fits on top of the corner unit in my living room.
I'll be working over Christmas , so this is perfect ;)

As usual I have been lettering and drawing by taking part in Dawn Nicole's challenges.
This one was the prompt "Rainclouds"
For this I tried out the new metallic STA brushpens I ordered for under $8.00 from Ebay. You can't really see the metallic sheen in the picture , but I'm very happy with this set of metallic pens.

Prompt lettering "Don't be afraid to be great"
And another prompt for lettering "Grateful" , also done with STA Metallic Brush pens
And Challenge Watercolor Cornucopia

But now to the freebie kit. It's called Christmas Dreams and is also an ex Store kit.
All together there will be 6 zip folders over the next weeks.
And the first two today. It truly is a beautiful kit. One of my favorites I designed over the years.

Here a qp I quickly put together for a little detail. I used a white drop shadow on this, but you obviously get the kit without.
I will give you Zip 1 Backgrounds

and zip 4 , some elements

I leave you with a pic of these stunning autumn colors I encountered on one of my bike trips. Till next time , stay creative ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

And she's back with the next parts :)

are you all staying warm and cozy in this November weather? It's rather wet here , but so far the temperatures have not been too bad . If the weather forecast is right though we can expect a drop for the weekend.

Kyra , in answer to your comment about starting coloring and drawing with something easy, give Dawn Nicole a try.
She has free coloring pages to print on her site , an extra section which is members of her art class with a lot more stuff , and lettering as well. Come and join us in our Art and Lettering class on Facebook :)  Lots of friendly people with the same interests , even some scrapbookers as well. It's for beginners as well ...because you know ...practice makes perfect. All you need is paper , felt tips (I started with cheap Crayola Supertips,which you can get everywhere) pencil, rubber and ruler :)

Or if you like Zentangle and Mandalas  drawing there is "Mindful creativity with Tangles!
I just started there 10 days ago myself and it's really fun.You learn all the different patterns in this group.You are given a tangle each day and from those you create all kind of Zentangle and Mandala art. I made myself a work sheet where I draw my daily tangle on each day and will eventually end up with a huge library of patterns,lol.Still busy catching up on October tangles as well.

Talking of drawing , I just got post from Japan today. I ordered a set of metallic brushpens and they arrived perfectly in time to start on those Christmas doodles in December.
 But for now it's still other challenges, like this one.
The task was the sentence "Have some courage" lettering.
Another one today was to draw a City Skyline....
This is what I came up with
Challenge "Winter Mittens"

And another Mandala ....

 Anyway, I better get to the freebie parts now . Here are the last two zips.

I will be back next week with a new kit ...till then :)
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Next freebie parts

Hi again,
Finally got the day to myself and time to post the next freebie parts.
I'll be starting nightshifts later so I have time to catch up with a few things during the day now.

Not much to tell and bad weather get in the way f having adventures,but at least I can get some challenges and coloring done in between ;)
For some reason challenges turned into a coffee theme this week.
I got a few new goodies and one of them was the white Posca Paintmarker., Of cause I had to try it out ! I love the effect of white on dark paper :)
The theme of this one was to draw a houndstooth pattern. I decided to use the pattern for a frame. Done with Tombow Brushpen and Sharpie Fineliner pen.
Lettering challenge "You are my most favorite..." .
Combination of gold paintmarker and black Tombow.
Did you know you can use Tombows as watercolor?
For this challenge I decided to try it out ...and I love the effect ! Blending is real easy.
And I decided to learn more about Zentangle art. There are so many patterns, it will take me ages to remember the names of them. But it's so relaxing ! This mandala took me about 3 hours to do. First rough sketching in pencil and then filling in patterns and coloring .
I was surprised how much time had passed when I looked at the clock ;)
Anyway , time for the freebie ! Here the next two parts
Part 2
and part 3

Two more parts to come in the next post (more than likely Thursday, before I start early shifts again) and then it will be time for a Christmas kit.
Stay creative and until then
Hugs Snowy

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Winter is coming ....

It definitely is !
Hi  all ,
it has turned rather chilly here over night. We're down to 3/4 degrees Celsius ( that's roughly 36/38 F).
My heating has been turned up , my winter woollies and warm coats are out , and my fleece PJs ,thick socks and boots in use now :)
And I'm lovin' it ! There's something cozy about layering up, hot tea and hot chocolate, candle light , warm blankets etc coming home to warm up, the wind howling around the house , scattering leaves and short days.
I'll probably be complaining about the weather come January but right now I'm still liking it ,lol.

I'm getting ready for my last nightshift and then a few days off again , but I'm early , so I thought I might as well be efficient and do my blog post while I'm sitting here.
First : I finally made an Instagram account . Even though I wanted to cut down on Social media, I discovered that Instagram is perfect for Inspiration and learning , following my favorite and fellow Lettering /Design/Painting artists and connecting with other like minded peeps. Unlike Faceboook it's more about the images , no drama , political crap etc as I'm keeping it purely for all kind of arts and crafts.If you got Instagram and want to follow
I have also started to update my blog list of people I follow. Check it out in the side bar , there are some amazing creative people ! 

November challenges have started !
Enjoying to design a picture , first in black and white , and then coloring it in.....

Watercolor cat
Inspired by Guy Fawkes
...and early morning lettering /doodle practice while warming up after coming home .

Plus searching for freebies,lol
I have 2 for you today.
The first is a mini kit which I already had as freebie years ago. But if you missed it , here it is again in time for Bonfire Night .
Remember , remember ...the 5th of November ....Gunfire , treason and plot

And the first part of a new freebie kit , an ex store kit " Eleganzia 2011" part of the Eleganzia series I used to do ( maybe I will make more new parts for Eleganzia this winter ...let's see,lol)

The first zip with Backgrounds here

...and there will be 4 more downloads to come over the next 2 posts from this kit.

For now "Ciao" till next time . I have to go and do this work thing and make my millions ;)
Stay creative! 
Hugs Snowy