Monday, April 25, 2016

Rain... Arctic Winds and maybe Snow? Winter outside, but Spring inside

Daily life.... trying to catch up while working.  And it's bloody freezing here ! For the past days we had rain , hail, ice cold winds and frosty nights. It's nearly May and I still have to wear winter coats and boots ...bah !

I'm way behind with challenges , but hey ... I just do what I can. I'm hoping to catch up next days off work and create a little freebie as well. 

Regarding the comments .... I still get all of the comments on the blog here. Not sure why blogger comes up with funny messages. Maybe because I have not used the g-mail account for so long? 
I will leave you a message with my main addie, but I'm definitely getting all the all comments on the blog here. 

My fitbit arrived and I'm loving it. I started off with 8000 steps daily and wanted to see how much I get together on average without doing anything extra. I have already noticed it has problems with the sleep stats during my night shifts and it told me off for not sleeping,lol.
I like the calorie counter showing how much I burn off by moving around. It's easy to keep track of not overeating and putting in more than your body needs. Most days I have more burned than I eat ,which is great :) 
I'm not getting all the goals done while working nights , but that's fine. I didn't expect to be able to with sleeping during the day.
For week 2 I have raised the step goal to 10 000 each day and it definitely makes you realize how much you have sat on your lazy ass before ;)
The Challenges and badges you can earn are kind of fun as well. I already have a little collection together ,lol.
Verdict : Worth the money , shows  Blood pressure and alerts when it gets too high or low , makes you more aware of food , drink and moving . A good thing which I'm sure my body and health will be grateful for :)  .

As for moving around-I did plenty of that renovating my hallway and putting furniture together.
From dark and small looking with darker colors to a light "shabby chic" kind of look.
I chose duck egg colored paint for the walls.

  This used to be offices before they were converted into flats , but they left a window in the wall , which I never liked. So I decided to make it look nicer by wallpapering over the glass.Plus it was time to build up those new white furniture for my hallway.
A few finishing touches and the end result looks like this. ( I had to put boxes and other things on the edges of the rug to stop the edges rolling in over night )

The curtain on the wall is there to cover an old ugly fire door and my step ladder hanging behind. With limited space you have to be imaginative and find storage solutions which look good but don't break the bank ;) I love how it turned out !

And as cold as it is out there, the plants by my window are doing well.
My mini cucumber and tomatoes are flowering. Also the Sage and Rosemary upstairs by the window.
I'm hoping for Spring to return soon and I'm ready for Summer weather, but it seems that will take a while yet. In the meantime .... let's be creative and stay fit ,lol.

Till next post
Hugs Snowy 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring pictures

So much for getting creative on my days off,lol. But the weather was just to nice to stay indoors today. Still cold and windy , but in the sun it was lovely ! I took some pictures on my walk, and let me tell you ...I was pooped. I was out walking 3 hours and winter has made me soft. Not being able to get out and walk much in some horrible stormy and rainy, cold weather and my fitness level has gone down a notch.
Never mind being on the bike and cycling each day to and from work .... the muscles used for cycling are different ones you use for walking. So after 3 hours walking my legs felt tired and after sitting down when I was home kind of like rubber and started aching a little ;)
Well, I treated myself to some motivation gear. I just ordered the fitbit charge.
You can set coals, track calories burned , count steps...and so on . With summer coming I definitely want to be out and about more on my days off.
But here some pics from the walk today.
This one was watching me shoot pictures, so I figured he wanted to be in one as well ;)
The Bluebells are appearing....
...and Primroses....
...and together with the Daffodils...'s one amazing colorful spring carpet.
Picturesque, huh?
And these beauties are in bloom as well.

Gotta love Spring time !
But there's rain on forecast for tomorrow again, so I'm glad I got out today.
And that's all for I said, I'm pooped ,'s bedtime and I know I'll sleep well  after that walk ;)
I'm off to Dreamland ....
Hugs Snowy

Friday, April 08, 2016

Freebie kit

Well, it's been a while since the last kit...but I finally got one done. I was too tired last night to do much and playing in my design programs seemed just the right thing to do after my night shifts and not having much energy.
I still need to catch up with my art challenges but first I'm getting this kit uploaded right now .
I forgot how long it takes,lol. Glad it's only a small kit and not one of those mega large ones I used to do ;)
This is what I have been up to during work breaks and to chill out. This is a coloring page from Dawn Nicole.
And one I created myself ....but not colored in yet.
Guess I show you what you're getting as well ...I love how this quickpage turned out. Only 1 background and 2 elements ...simple is good,lol.
Here is the download link for the QP
A layout I made (I changed the color of the flower on the frame for this one)

And this is the full kit
It's one zip file with background papers and 2 zips with elements.

Enjoy !
As for my days off, I have some decorating in my hallway to do .But first I have to break up and take this old wardrobe apart. I'll be getting a new one around the 19th ;)
Yeah, it's white,lol. Not Gothic black ...told ya I have change a bit ;)
Hugs Snowy