Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Wedding layouts with my Quickpages

Hello, loooove just being able to slide the photos behind the pre-made quickpages of the Wedding kit, so quick to do while not having much time ! Yeah, I'm teasing as well.....before I actually put the kit into the store,lol.
hmmm...Nat is still feeling the effects of her hangover,lol. Sarah was still knackered when I saw her last night and my own voice still sounds rather husky. We have been drinking water and replacing the fluids the past days like crazy, my mouth felt all dry the whole time. Well known fact that alchol dehydrates you. Well, at least I wasn't the one drinking from the bottle....so lowers the tone , don't you think?
In case you wonder about the dress...yes,I did buy a floor length cream dress, but loking at the wet weather and the grassy soft grounds of Somerleighton Hall I decided not to ruin it and chose a little shorter black dress instead.
Here you see Sarah, Roy and Nat - my drinking and mischief buddies,lol

And  we had a piper and drummer there, I wanted to know if they are true Jocks , but they refused to show.....go figures,lol
These pics outside were taken in the few lucky moments between all the rain showers ..... more coming ,lol.
Hugs Snowy

Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene has been busy , and Snowy as well...

Hi all, first of all Irene has been causing some problems among a lot of my friends, but some are still able to post via their phones. From Nikki : Report outages 800-465-1212 New England and 800-867-5222 NY. This is from national grid
Then, I have finally recovered from my hangover ! Here are the first photos.The location-Somerleyton Hall
The Bride and her maids
The Groom Eric
This is the hall with all the tables , nicely decorated
The decorations were beautiful
The meal was a starter of Melon topped with Parma Ham and Rocket lettuce, then the main course a Traditional Roast beef with Potatoes and vegetables , for afters it was Strawberry sundae.
The table decorations were not only popular with the kids -I collected the feathers not only for my dreamcatchers,lol- happy mood and laughter at our table !
Sarah caught me sticking the feathers into my hair while waiting for Desert.
That's it for today , more to show in my next post .For now I have to grab some beauty sleep because I am working night shift for the next 3 nights. Till next time-Hugs Snowy

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene has started

Thoughts are with friends in the path of Irene in the moment.I have just read that they are feeling the impact now. I have a few friends there,like Morgana etc,so I hope they are all safe.I know a lot of  friends have been preparing for it,like drinking water for those with wells which don't work if  power goes and more.Here is a link which shows what people experience so far. Be safe http://www.weather.com/social/fullfeed/Morehead+City+NC+USNC0464

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sewing progress

Hi and good morning,
thought I pop in quickly and show what I've done so far....
First cushion.....
...with number 2  it gives a better idea what it might look like when it's done.
Hmmmm I wonder if Shaun complains when I pull out the next one from under his ass?
These cushions are the easier parts to do, it's the huge cover which covers the whole sofa underneath the cushions which will be the real challenge.It's made up from 8 pieces which have to be sewn together just right to fit the sofa. Plus I will do matching covers for the scatter cushions -this will take some time to do, and once back at work I won't be able to do as much. But looking at it with it's bright new material -it will be well worth all the work !I'm even thinking about getting a bit more of this fabric and sewing matching curtains ....
Well, after a lot of sewing I needed to relax and chill out in a different way for a while-so here is a pic I made with pieces of the new kit I'm working on.
Today is another busy day, get last preps for Wedding done , which is tomorrow. That includes a bath tonight, a manicure and pedicure as well, I have to pack my dress etc and take it to work to get changed there, and then straight to the wedding.The card I made for the happy couple needs some last touches as well, plus I want to get a bit more on my sofa done. Oh yes- more batteries as well ! And I need to buy some more cat food. So there- I'll be back,lol .
Hugs Snowy

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hi again,
Wedding kit ready and uploading to go into the store tomorrow evening, another kit in the making and I started on yet another project !  My sofa is a few years old, the only thing wrong with it are the covers. So I have decided to give my old sofa a make-over. Via Facebook I am on all sorts of creative sites , so when I came across this one I said to myself" What a bloody good idea ! " Annabella shows how much difference new slipcovers for the sofa make. http://annabellea.com/blog/2011/07/10/drop-cloth-sofa-slipcover/
So yesterday morning I went to the Come and sew Centre, purchased lots of fabric to do the same. I started last night -will show some pics in another post, but as it grew later Sam seemed to say : "Enough sewing for tonight, I want cuddles" and sat down on my chair.
This is the material for the sofa, a yellow/gold tone with floral shiny pattern
I picked up my electronic cigarette at the post office yesterday. As usual it was delivered while I was asleep after night shift the morning before. And guess what? While I was out picking it up my Amazon packet came....so I will have to cycle up there again today,lol. I charged the batteries for the e-cig and gave it a try. In stead of my normal pack of 20 cigarettes yesterday I made it down to 13 , not too bad for a start. That's counting from the morning before I even had the device and then I had to wait until it was charged up. And I told you I was also busy in between with other craft projects. Here are two of them. A deco heart on my bathroom wall, fitting with the seaside theme. It's painted white and I attached a  ribbon,shell, flower and a baby seagull feather my son picked up for me.
Here is a vintage metal plate which I decorated
That's all for now, need to get ready and pick up my Amazon Packet -till next post.Hugs :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New tatoo and keeping busy

Hi all, came of nights this morning and already had some beauty sleep. I have ben busy. For a start I finished the Wedding kit-but can't show it yet .... then I vreated some more quickpages for Minky and also completed the September Pink Challlenge already.
Yesterday Shaun and me went to Ron and both got a new Tattoo. Mine is very obvious for what it stands for-it's a raven feather which goes into a flock of birds.
These are some of the qps I created for Minky , I make a bunch more and then sshe can sell them for her Star children project.
The Pink Challenge qp -I have to add that not all of the pieces are mine, although I add some of my own from time to time, but I had to put my label on so they cannot be used straight from the blog.
I have more , but will lave them for another time , for now it's catching up with some chores in here, making a Wedding card and whaever else needs doing -Hugs Snowy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Less than a week until the big Wedding

Oh boy, I still need to look for a pair of shoes to go with my dress ! I have to work in the morning but having a pick up directly from work. Will take my clothes with me and get changed and ready at work ,lol. Thought I share the website if you want a look - Christine and myself have known each other for 9 years now. We started in our current jobs and went on the the training course together in 2002. This website shows the beautiful location of the wedding -Somerleyton Hall. Shaun will be up in the evening for the hog roast and party.
Our cats are much better, we still have the occasional flea , but nowhere near as bad as it was ! But it takes time to heal for the flea bites.My legs are still itchy and for some reason they target me and not Shaun ...I must have the sweeter blood, or I'm more hot blooded ,lol .
I'm still working overtime , tonight it's a 12 hour night shift. But I have also treated myself the past couple of days. I bought myself a new jacket for when it gets cooler now, and a pair of new boots. Plus another order from Amazon will be on it's way here , and I have finally decided to give giving up smoking another go. Christine has been using an electronic cigarette for 6 months now with great success ! So I thought I will give this little device a try a well, and ordered the starter pack. I will let you know how it goes and maybe post a pic when it arrives. It will save me a lot of money , the nicotine cartridges can just be refilled  and it comes with a battery charger. all in all it costs me the price of 8 packs of cigarettes and considering I smoke a pack every day that is fantastic.The aim is to cut down first.So while I am inside I "smoke " the electronic device, and when I am outside I will still treat myself to a proper cigarette. Considering I spend a lot of time inside at work and home doing housework this should cut down costs by more than half to start off with already. Then the nicotine strength goes down , until you can just order nicotine free refill , or even flavoured ones like chocolate , vanilla ,apple etc. I always found I miss something between my fingers , so this little device takes care of that. Hey, you never know unless you try - all the other non-smoking aids are free , you can just get them at the doctors, for this device I have to pay myself-so it will be an extra incentive as well. I just have to be careful with my weight. In the past I have put it on when I stopped smoking , hopefully my change of lifestyle now will prevent me putting too much on. Guess I have to work out a little harder if I notice my new smaller clothing getting tighter !
I will get ready to go into town now. My favourite crystal bracelet broke yesterday. It was a gift from Erik which he gave me while I was across there with him last year, so it means a lot to me.Nothing fancy, just lots of crystal chips on a thin elastic. I just need to get some of this thin elastic and put the crystal pieces back on it. I already have beading needles which are thin enough among my craft supplies.
I'm currently working on getting all the pieces of a Wedding kit wrapped up and do previews, planning for release end of the week. So this is all for now, will have some time off coming up soon and pop in again then.Leaving you with two pics .
Shaun and Sam -cuddle time
...and me at work ,lol

Hugs Snowy

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finally - the new kit is in Store

Hi, I have been finally able to get all the previews done and it's in Store now. -Safari.....plus there are lots of tubes to use with the kit which are also CU

 .Plus the free sampler to pick up in Store.

That's all for now -keeping busy as always and lots to do before work .
Hugs Snowy

Monday, August 15, 2011

ughhhh.....the work doesn't stop!

Hey all,
I'm busy having a War ! A flea war !
We have a year with lots of fleas here, seems the weather has been perfect for the little b****d to breed. So now the communal stairwell is full of them and without noticing they must have been carried or jumped into the flats. So yesterday I was busy bathing and treating our 3 cats, fumigating and cleaning the corners and floors , washing all kind of soft furnishings, cushions and pet bedding. It seems to pay off, the cats are a lot more comfortable today. But until the stairwell is done ( we have reported it to the housing association) we still have to keep up and watch out for them. That wasn't how I imagined my Sunday to be ! For a start I was still tired cause I was out dancing till the early morning hours and had not fully recovered from the 12 hour night shift before. But , as I always say-no rest for the wicked ! Will I ever get this kit ready,lol? It seems every time I plan on working on it something comes in between. But hey, I'm not someone to give up -I'll get around to it eventually. But for now I'm off - still upstairs to hoover and make sure those horrid little critters won't survive and lay more eggs. The steam cleaner has also seen some action to kill them off.Hopefully next post I actually have something to show. I want to start creating some printable spell cards ......
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Night shift recovery again

Hi again,lol
It was a busy night last night at the second day of the Air Show. There were events going on at several pubs and Clubs before the fireworks at the end of it...and it didn't end then.There were people out and about until almost 5.00 am this morning. I took a break outside for some fresh air when the fireworks was on and for a picture shot with my phone this isn't too bad, I think.
After it got more quiet it was a case of keeping myself awake, and what's better than plenty of coffee and nice company to chat with ? So I was chatting to my friend Eddy early morning hours again. Now you are going to laugh.... we carried on chatting when I was home and already in bed via my phone....until just falling asleep. When I got up it didn't take long until he was up as well, and when I asked who of us actually fell asleep first , he didn't know either. I thought it was so funny , literally passing out with the phone still in my hand,lol. I must be getting old !
We have our very own food supply for our lunch breaks at work growning over the fence. Blackberries-these are so juicy and sweet , I often stand there just picking and eating.
This afternoon I played a bit with Minky's kit and made another quickpage. I will make some more and you will them on one of Minky's blogs in future. That's all for now, dinner is ready and I want to go out later. Hugs Snowy

Friday, August 12, 2011

I have recovered,lol

Hi all, I needed to recover from yesterday, I was out at the Air Show all day , until it finished. Great time with Hog Roast, Ice cream and several beers -yes,I admit ,I was tipsy. Then home Shaun mixed me an Amaretto coke, -oh dear! I had the snacks ready for the evening as well and the first Pats game of the season went fantastic !They defeated the Jaguars 47:12 , with 3 touchdowns by new player Steven Ridley. So Snowy is definitely in Football mood - and I make this look good ,I think,lol .
Here are some pics from the Airshow. Cheers everybody !
Watching the show

All in all a good day.But today I needed to recover -slept until 12 and then slowly got ready , out for some fresh air into town, and now waiting for dinner to be ready and then will have to peddle off to work for a long 12 hour night shift. Let's see if I finish off this kit on my days off . Till next post -hugs :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Airshow Day

Well, today is the 1st day of our yearly Airshow, I'm just getting ready to go out. Must remember to buy some batteries for my camera on the way ,so I can take some photos.
Plus the first Pats game of the pre-season tonight. A busy day,lol - so maybe later or tomorrow I can post some pics here for you to see -till then ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I earned my money....

Wow, was that a busy shift ! I really earned my money yesterday. Police were told they had to stay on and do longer shifts , rumors about looting and riots in our town....one said that MacDonalds windows were smashed in, another two said Argos and BHS were looted, yet another said the Britton Centre is on fire -nope, not true, but it still kept us busy with calls coming in. Asda , normally a 24 hour store, same as Tesco closed in the evening and shut their gates,but when I went home everything was peaceful....I really wish people would stop listening and spreading those rumors, they only cause people to worry or panic.
Friends on FB keep asking questions-why did it start ? what is going on now -or - hope everything is ok where you are . Eddy sent me a message :
hope the pucks give up on doing all the damage, stay save babe, watch out on your way home now, babe....
.. bless him, the sweetie ! -so nice to see that my friends care about my safety.
In Fen Park -a childrens play park ,a table and wooden bench , plus a hedge were set on fire by teenagers - I fail to try and make any sense of it, bar needless destruction.More unrests last night have shown that this is far from over, so I am prepared for another busy shift. I tried to design a bit more to get the kit finished but my brain was on strike last night and so I just went to bed in the end. But I have a few pictures to show instead. This was last night during a much needed 5 minute break outside at work , catching a breath of fresh air and taking silly pictures with my phone,lol
And of cause I had to show off my Patriots jersey on Facebook
I also ordered cute little pentagram nail decals from California - will show you what they look  like on the nail when I have time to put them on.
And another Dreamcatcher is done .
And now I have to do some work , get to the shop for some milk and then off to work. I'm running a little late as I already had a chat again with Eddy this morning straight after getting up while I had my first coffee, before I sent him to bed,lol. Of cause  the subject was what was on the news this morning and it's interesting to hear that the news foootage shown in Canada gets the same reaction and thoughts as it does to myself and lots of other people. We don't have enough Police ....this new Government has a lot to answer for ! Till next post -Hugs from here