Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's official....I'm insane ...

...I must be ,lol! I agreed to be model and strut the Cat Walk at the Mayors Fashion Show . It's going to be a busy week ! On Monday Shaun and me have to go to Palmers to be measured up , Tuesday early shift , Wednesday Halloween party in the evening after early shift , Thursday fashion show ... I'm not sure if any other appointments will come up. Tone's Hair designs and Tranquillity Spa are sponsoring the show -most likely they will do the make-up and hair for the night. So at my old age I will be strutting my stuff up there ...bahahahaha...OMG ! Well, it should be a fun night.
So today I have t start to pretty myself up a bit roots are showing, so I have to get a pack of hair dye and get that done , a bath and I can't have hairy legs,lol ...
Anyway, I was creative again and got busy on a hybrid project. I created a my own canvas with paper, stamping and embossing. It was a mess with all the powders and ink ,but I like the result.

 It's getting cold here ! And with Sandy on the way a lot of my friends are preparing for the arrival of that hurricane. Be safe , where ever you are !
My cats are also feeling the cold coming .... how can I tell? They spread out on the heater ...taking turns...

Apart from Sam ....his new favourite is to balance on top of the TV ... can't be comfortable!
But now the freebie... Happy Thanksgiving ...the first parts .1&3

Last 2 parts next week again ... till then:) although I might do an update middle of the week again if I find the time.
Hugs Snowy

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creative high :)

Hi all,
I rock ! Lol, I know ...I'm boasting , but I'm so happy with my designs in the moment ! I created a new kit in record time and I loooove the result !
Oh , and Kyra, I found what I need for my Halloween outfit,lol

Edna is asking : Will you and Reggie be doing anything special for the Holidays?
The most important thing is :no stress , plenty of chill time ! We have a cinema visit planned. The Hobbit is being released on the 14th of Dec , so we will go and watch it together. Reggie will be cooking our Christmas Dinner (he mentioned Ham ) so we'll have to do some shopping for that. There are 5 of us in the house together with Sharon, Joe and Jessie.I suggested to go for a nice meal for New Year , maybe to the Melting Pot again , but it could be that Reggie knows another great place - let's see. We don't make that many plans , rather go by what we feel like doing at the time.
In the moment we are both tired and exhausted from work , so the priority is definitely to recover from that and get new energy.I'm hoping for a few nice days so we can go for walks as well.
What else ? My herbs have been cut down and are ready for Winter , that sage , which was tiny seedlings two years ago is now a bush.

And in front of my window it looks like a pumpkin storage place - makes a good decoration .... but these beauties will be used up soon

There's still a huge Butternut squash in the kitchen as well , and a bag full of sweet potatoes .... I already have some recipes lined up for my days off. And I will be baking .... pumpkin mmmhhh...yummie :)
And my Samhain altar is done as well.

lol, did I mention I have beaten my beloved Reggie playing darts ? It's only a game on Facebook , but considering I'm not much of games person and had never played it before two weeks ago , I'm patting myself on the shoulder:)
Reggie said :Yeah, but it's not the real thing ...I know .
Shaun suggested to get a Dartboard , he said he wouldn't mind playing ...we might just do that. Certainly something to do for us together besides TV , Monopoly or Yatzi .
So watch out, my love .... I might be a natural born dart player ...who knows???

Anyway , here a few teasers with new designs

The new kit is called Winter Rose , still have to make previews, rename some files etc.
At the weekend it's freebie time again ...still have to make up my mind which kit I will put up . I have two store kits in mind , but which one first...hmmm????
Until then
Hugs Snowy

Friday, October 19, 2012

Last parts of Halloween freebie 1

Hi again,
I had a few nice days off this week and got a lot done in here. Apart from that it was hibernation time,lol. I really only went out when I had to , just did what I liked and chilled out a lot.
My kitchen had a little of an overhaul as well. The Housing Association only put 3 rows of tiles above the cooker. That means when frying you easily end up with greasy fat splatters above the tiles on the paint. I tried to clean it up, but scrubbing too much only results in taking a layer of the paint off. So I cleaned up first and then applied a new coat of paint-it's clean again !
I thought by having some images or artwork on the plain painted wall any reoccurring splat marks would not be quite as out came my stencils and stamps and the wall above the cooker became a trial for stencils,lol. It's different , somehow adds a sort of vintage Country Cottage style to my kitchen , which I was aiming for.
I was also lucky to find a bargain this week. A chalkboard which colour and design was a nightmare , but for only £1.49 I wasn't too bothered about that. I had planned to give it a new look anyway. So printer on,paper in ....and I literally wallpapered over it with modpodge ,lol. The papers are from, a favourite place for this sort of style.This is what it looked like before ...
...and in between ...
...almost done ... final touch ...a little bird on the chalk tray :)
My master piece is proudly hanging in my kitchen now.
Besides that I made a few more Christmas cards as well....same blog page where I got the images from , just printed out and cut.
 I have a few more projects planned ... and I have my Halloween costume ready ....just planning on some awesome make-up now....and should I wear a wig??? Shaun , his GF and myself shall be having some fun , will get to see eventually :)

Anyway, with all this there was no time for scrapping or designing , but I have the freebie parts uploaded for you.
Here you go :

Today is shopping day, I have to stock up the fridge,freezer and cupboards before it's back to work tomorrow.
Next freebie next week again -till then
Hugs Snowy

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time off and being crafty

Good morning
Thought I quickly pop in again ,show what I've been up to and clarify regarding the comment Su left .I put up parts 1,2 and 4,5 so you don't end up with all the backgrounds and no elements to play with,lol. Part 3 and the rest will be up next time. I think there's nothing worse than starting to collect a kit and you have only the backgrounds and have to wait another week for any elements to play with. So I always mix it up a little.
Kyra, you are right - time is running faster than we think.I'm down to 64 days now until I fly to be with Reggie again.....doesn't seem so far away now.
This Christmas /or Winter solstice will be different. Normally me and Shaun celebrate on Winter solstice Day because I have been working the holidays for the past 10 years. This time I'm not even there , so Shaun and myself will have our day when I come back.
Also,I will only send cards/gifts to closest family. Costs of flight, train , coach and some pocket money swallow up all my savings ....and quite frankly,having enough cash and being able to have a good time with Reggie is just priority. I won't see him again until late Autumn next year, if I'm lucky he can take time off for Halloween next year that will be a loooooong stretch of time until we will be together again. So let's make this time memorable and fantastic! The memories will have to last 10 months.
Anyway....Snowy was crafty !
I made a Halloween wreath  out of a Styrofoam base, wrapped with black tinsel and added some decorations.Total cost £1.49 for the foam ring, £2.00 for the tinsel, the decos from the Pound shop and I already had that piece of ribbon in my craft draw-total £4.49 = $7.20

Then it was time to start some Christmas Cards ...I don't have to make that many this year, which is a good thing with not having so much time.
I have used papers and tags from
which I printed out.I love her vintage inspired designs. 

I still have tons of ideas and things to make , but first I have to get ready now and bring some more books to the Second Hand Book Lady on the market. She buys all my books of me, so the first shelf is almost empty. I have 5 shelves though .... still a lot more to go !
As for fun.... I'm practising playing Darts ...only on FB in the moment. I told Reggie to give me a couple of weeks and I will challenge him.Within 2 days now I'm using half the darts to finish a game and doubled my points ....still need to improve more ! I probably don't have a chance of winning against him, but hell...I'm certainly not planning on making it easy for him,lol. Shaun says:Why don't you get a proper dart board and we can play here? ...hmmm...maybe I will.
Talking of that boy- he is taking part at the  Mayors Charity Fashion Show
As a Model !!!!Damn, why do I have to work at that time....I would have loved to see that,lol. But we are all going to the Halloween Charity Fun Night at the Harbour Inn. Psychic medium Samanda will be there...this could get interesting,lol. And I better get my costume ready !
Anyway, I waffled enough for today. I will be putting the last parts of the freebie up on Friday. And the week after another freebie again. So till then
Hugs Snowy

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finally ! First half of Halloween Freebie

Good morning,
Hope you're all having a great weekend. Mine is just starting this morning. Due to sickness at work I have been doing 12 hour shifts, which is why I only find the time today to write my blog post and put the new freebie up.It was literally leaving in the dark for work, coming home in the dark and not long until bedtime.
So what have I been up to in that little spare time I had? I have been designing like crazy for a start and got a a nice little x-mas stash done. This is just one of the CU material
My x-mas kit is ready as well ...
And I have done some small craft projects ...wall decor for my desk corner.

Plus Fall and Halloween decorations are being created.All are ideas found on PINTEREST. The little Witch hat is made entirely out of old newspaper pages with some added decorations put on. The Fall banner is made from printed sheet music with collected leaves , rose hips and chestnut attached.Who says you have to spend tons of money for seasonal decorations?

Okay, now the freebie ! This used to be a "members only" kit when I was still selling at Scraphead. I thought not all of you you would have got it back then so I dusted it off again. I put it up over two weeks for you. Half today and half next week :) Enjoy !

Today is "Cleaning Day" and catching up with things I didn't get done during the week. And I will get my bread machine started , it can bake a fresh bread in the meantime.More laundry to do as well , Football to watch tonight and hopefully will be seeing Reggie on Skype later as well. Let's see if I can fit some crafting time in between ,lol. I have some time off now , so there will be plenty of time to be creative :)
Till next post
Hugs Snowy

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Next freebie and the first Christmas Designs

Hi all,
It's my first day off after a busy week and a couple of days getting a few more grey hairs ( if the hair dye wouldn't cover them,lol)
I blame Shaun. He turned on the hot water tap in the kitchen -and we couldn't turn it back off ! It had become completely stuck. End result: I had to turn off the water completely and phone the repair service of the Housing Association, explained the problem and then the wait..... they promised a quick response. I explained I am working night shift and could they please ring my phone in case I don't wake up from the doorbell. No problem -they said.

 4 hours later ...still waiting and another phone call. Yes, I am on the list , they confirmed. Then time to leave for work.....Next phone rings. The electrician is at the door for repair. Hold on ! I need a Plumber ! They sent me the wrong man. Another phone call.

I go to bed, I need sleep ...another night shift to do....wake up rather drowsy after 3 hours....doorbell in ringing. quickly into some clothes and by the time I'm down the stairs he is driving away ...WTF???? Call again...they tell me he's on his break and will come back after. Pheeeew.....

Plumber finally there , repairs the damage and says the storage water tank will just have to fill up now , heat the water and I'll be okay.Tired ...only 3 hours of sleep

This morning after a night of struggling to stay awake : Water is warm , but what comes out of the tap is a small dribble...there seems to be no pressure....oh joy, I will have to make another phone call.....

On the bright side , I have started with a Christmas kit. And already done a couple of QPs as teasers. Here you go ....

And I just couldn't resist this one,lol know me, always up to some mischief ;)
 What else? I'm continuing with some more Fall and Halloween decor
It's very easy to do,these birdies are printed , cut out and stuck to the wall .I found them on
That is also the site where I found the printable leaves.
If you like crafting this sort of stuff follow me on Pinterest, I have a lot more on my boards there. The link is at the side.

I went for an Autumn walk and feeding the squirrels...although walking through the woods made me miss Reggie something rotten. It reminded me so much of our walks in NC , and walking on my own just wasn't the same.

But enough now, let's get the freebie out of the box !
Here is my other Mabon kit

And next week the Halloween freebie will be about to start.
In the meantime I will carry on designing and I'm having a Hibernation weekend ,lol...I will not answer the door or phone, I will be lazy , recover from my night shifts and pamper myself. The only one I want to see and talk to for these two days will be Reggie.
I need some "Me-time" , total relaxation and being lazy ;)
So 'till next weekend
Hugs Snowy