Friday, April 29, 2011

Lots of plans !

Hello again, I think I'm officially booked out this summer. Have you seen all the trailers of the new movies coming out soon? It's just awesome ! Here is one I want to watch
Next month "Thor " is coming out,  Then there is also "The Avenger "coming out.  I think I'll be watching a lot of movies this summer ! Tomorrow evening it's off to the Flying Dutchman Pub in the evening - live band and a few Guinness It's gonna be a rush-coming from work , shower , getting ready, cook and eat dinner and then go.Luckily I don't have to be at work till 3pm the next day, so I can stay in bed longer in the morning.Soooo...looking forward to tomorrow night. The Band starts at 9pm , but it's best to be early to get a good place.Maybe next week I finally find the time to finish doing the previews and zip up the files of that new kit. It's 7.20pm, two hours and I'll be off to bed. I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow !
Till next post-Hugs Snowy

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last day off again

That's it- the last day off and back to work tomorrow for two early shifts. This morning I have finished the painting, got everything cleaned up, ironed my work clothes for tomorrow and late afternoon I will be meeting up with Date No.2.
We've been chatting and also talked on the phone last night, so I'm nosey what Jack will be like in person.
Saturday night I will be going out with Date No.1 ,Stephen. We'll be going to a pub where a live band is playing-Metal Music,lol. We are both working later on Sunday, so we can stay out a bit longer and have a few drinks...Guinness...mmmhhh. Don't laugh- Date No.3 appeared yesterday evening -but he will have to wait. Three is more than I can handle,lol.I can see Kyra grinning now-she already commented on the two Iam dating yesterday. Hey, I'm in no hurry to rush into any relationship and before I do I really check them out .I know what I want and definitely won't go for anything less. But hell, I am enjoying myself in the meantime !
Guess what I can get here in the moment? Asda is still doing a promotion of Chocolate ! Yes- yummmieee-treat last night ,lol.
In the meantime the cats were chilling out after I finished with the painting, specially Sam looks really cute like this.
Lol, and now let's get ready to
go out ! That's me yesterday,early morning, mischief on my mind again-it was nice and sunny again, just today it's more overcast and dull. But as long as it's not raining I won't complain. Hugs Raven

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Energy restored

Good morning, I had a good night sleep and my energy levels after the night shift have been restored again.Had a nice relaxing bath before going to bed and slept like a baby.
I am really turning into a lazy designer. As long as the weather is so nice I just cannot be bothered to do much. Guess that will change again when the weather gets bad or summer is over. In the moment I'm just enjoying being out. Tonight it's meeting up with Stephen again and we'll be trying out Grizzly's , the new Restaurant and Bar.
Also, my herbs have been growing so well that I was able to cut for the first time this year. Mint and Sage are now bundled up to dry and will then be stored in jars for autumn and winter time.These are just taken with my phone, so not that fantastic.
lol, here's a snapshot of me chilling out and on the laptop chatting.
Otherwise nothing new to tell or show, I do not tend to take the camera with me when I ride my bike-I should really, because I have come across some nice things worth taking pics of on the way. Anyway, I'm off , get this mop dry and into town, then do some work in here.Have a great day.Hugs Raven

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm off ...hoooray !

Hi all, hope you're having a nice Easter. The weather is still absolutely gorgeous here, sunny and temperatures in the 70ies. It really is shorts and t-shirt weather as long as you stay in the sun.
I just peddled home again after coming off my night shift, now it's 4 days off...well...3 1/2 really as will be asleep for half of today. Gotta make the most of the time off,he's back to work Wednesday and myself on Thursday.Won't be possible to meet then, even though he only lives a 25 minute walk away.
I spent the time starting on making all the detailed previews and the main preview for the kit which is now finally completed. But I have no name for the kit yet -any ideas?
Well, I'm off to bed now-till next post
Hugs Raven

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Hi, wishing you all a nice and happy Easter .I have just got out of bed after my night shift. The 12 hour shift I did was dragging on, but I finally got home and into bed yesterday morning. In the afternoon I met up with Stephen for a couple of drinks.We sat in the sun at the Harbour Inn  and had a few drinks, before I had to go home again to cook some dinner, catch a little nap and back to work for another shift.But I managed to get some more parts for the kit done.
Here two more qps with some of the new parts of the kit.

The cycling to and from work is definitely doing the trick, I'm loosing more weight slowly. Although coming off a night shift and having to peddle home is bloody exhausting,lol. I'm definitely looking forward to my bed after that ! Today will be a quiet mellow day , I will just tidy up a bit and cook dinner, switch on one washing machine, maybe have another little nap later , chat a little and then on the bike for one last night shift. And then I'm off work for a few again, hooray !
Here's another tune I like -"Don't hold your Breath"(move on-don't look back) by Nicole Scherzinger
Hugs Raven

Friday, April 22, 2011

More pics from the "work madness"

Morning ,lol
I came home from work with stomach ache from too much laughing yesterday.Every day seems to get worse! Don't get me wrong , we do what has to be done, but in between there is plenty of laughter and mischief. It's a rare occasion to have the whole team working one shift together, so we are making the most out of it. Here some more pics.
Roy our domestic God(dess)- frilly pink apron will be his Christmas present. The team will get a collection going for him
Christine making us all hungry-naughty girl !
...and yet another break to catch some sunlight and have a cigarette...not sure what Chris is looking out for there...
this next one is a pic Chris took-just love Roy's face in this,lol
So it was a lot of fun on our last day all together ,today it's back to normal. Twelve hour shift from 7pm to 7 am , that will drag.... but I have messenger on my phone , so can still chat in between,lol. . And now it's time to do some work here- have a good day, all of you as well.
Hugs Raven

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preparing for Royalty

...only kidding,lol -Good morning , We have our own Royalty ie. high management coming to see our new work place today. So we have been told what to wear (Company Polo -shirts and trousers) and make ourselves look nice for this occasion. I was up at 5 am , already showered by now and on my second cup of coffee and breakfast. I normally wanted to go to bed a little earlier last night but totally forgot the time while chatting.If not for Stephen reminding me I would have carried on,lol. So today all the official  stuff  and introductions, finish work at 4pm ,then quickly to the Cycle shop to pick up some stuff from my order which has arrived, home, cook dinner , tidy up a bit , chat again as usual  and bed .I really am getting nothing done this week. Further program : Friday 12 hour shift from 7pm -7am , on my bike , home , catch some beauty sleep out, home get ready for another night shift , and then a third one on Sunday .... sleep half of Monday , get some things done in the afternoon , meet up with him in the evening.Tuesday ,Wednesday,Thursday off-whooohooo ! Maybe I can carry on with my kit design then. And now I have to plug in that hair dryer and get this mop on my head dry -have a great day.
Hugs Raven

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Get me a straight jacket -in violet if possible ! What a boring day,lol. Have you ever sat around 8 hours doing nothing? If this week carries on like this I will really need that jacket. We cannot do much at work because nothing works or is connected yet, still-we have to be there. We really are getting paid for doing nothing. And the time creeps .... this says it all , cigarette breaks, playing on the mobile phone etc.

 Please let the engineers be finished soon ,so we can go back to normal !
On the other hand, I didn't know doing nothing can be so exhausting - by 9.30 pm I was yawning and ready for bed. After Vampire Diaries that is !Need my favourite Vampire Damon fix first,lol.Let's see how today goes....I'm hoping for a a bit more excitement. And hopefully for working Internet -missed my evening chat last night.Although I was offered a pink straight jacket via mobile phone .... a  (ex) Goth in pink? Yeah right ....I can't see that being a colour for me,lol. to see what mischief I can cause today . Have a nice day :) Hugs

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to work

Morning peeps -that's it !My time off is over again for 6 days . Office is moving , we will be getting training to use the new equipment , and I doubt I will find much time to get on the computer this week. Instead of shifts I will be working 10 am -6 pm for the next days , then a 12 hour shift on Friday. So posting here will not be possible all the time and I won't get much done. As everybody has been posting pics of their plants and flowers recently I thought I give you a quick update on my Windowsill Kitchen Herbs-they are growing fantastic !
And now it's already time for me to grab a shower and get ready for work-have to travel a bit further now and leave earlier to get to work. Quick "good morning" text on the phone (at least I'm not the only one back to work today ,lol) ,finish coffee and off I go once my mop of curls is dry. Have a great day -Hugs Raven

Monday, April 18, 2011

A sunny Morning again

Good morning ! Oh boy ,I really have luck again with the weather during my time off ! The weekend I spent a lot time outside in the sun, and..... I have got my bike now! So I have been cycleing around a bit. My muscles ache a little ,but it's lovely just to peddle along in this gorgeous weather, so I don't let that stop me. And another pound is gone ! All together from when I started to weigh myself  it's now 27 pounds I have lost so far. Waiting for the 30 pound mark, and then I will definitely treat myself. Seen a nice pair of cropped Jeans - just right for Summer ! Apart from that I have spent mornings and evenings chatting to a certain person, been up to mischief with my crazy "sister" and just had a great weekend. So enjoying the sun,lol ! Temperature went up to almost 70 degrees , so it was a case of jacket off and catch some sun.
In between a little bit of designing in the evenings and trying out some new things.You know me, always wanting to learn more and try different techniques.
Here some of the stuff I made. And the templates for the torn paper is made by me-not using any templates.

The work on this will carry on ....slowly. Today I will  clean the windows here, get the curtains washed and tomorrow it's back to work for me. Still have to install the webcam on my laptop as well.... now where did I put that installation disc? I hope the thing still works, it's been such a long time since I used it last. Tomorrow it's back to work , but as our office is moving  it will be no shifts for 3 days-I will just work 10 am to 6 pm, while everything has to be set up and we will get training on the new equipment. I'm off now- have to check my e-mail and then get started in here, and out with my bike again later -let's see if I can't loose a few more pounds,lol.Hugs from the crazy Witch....:) Leaving you with a video I am really impressed with
Katy Perry with ET - that make-up on her is art!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just a quick post

Hi, just came home from my last night shift and wanted to quickly let you know about the chatbox on our blogs.If you are as sick and tired of the spam posted there as I am, -there's light at the end of the tunnel ! Go onto the c-box site.In the menu and preferences you got the option to disable all links and e-mail addies - at the end when you save it , it says at the bottom it requires a new code - click on "get code" and paste it in the place of your old c-box. From now on links will not work anymore ...hooray !!!
As for designs, I have been lazy and spent time chatting  instead. So nothing to show yet apart from another photo taken during my walk the other day- the tress have gone fluffy,lol. And as I need my beauty sleep I will now crawl into my lovely soft bed - hugs Raven

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can't go to bed .....

...ughhh, just came home from my night shift, but I can't go to bed yet.Our bathroom heater has died a death so I have an electrician coming at 8.30 am to check it out. I don't think it will be repairable.It's over 12 years old , so he will most likely order a new one. Luckily I don't have to pay for it. I'm also waiting for a call to have my kitchen window fixed. The handle moves from side to side ,but doesn't open. What good is a window you cannot open...specially in Summer?
Anyway ,I have not only been a little bit creative, but also shot some photos yesterday. They turned out great.

And I even have a shot of myself outside -you can really see on this how black my hair is now -there is no red tint left at all ! It's "Raven black" ,lol-even down to blue tint in it, depending how the light falls on it.

As for design-yup, I'm working on a new kit. Not that much to show yet, but enough that I could make a quickpage with it.
And that's all for now-my bike might be ready to be picked up this afternoon, but depending how long I sleep I might have to go and get it tomorrow. Next week is the big move ! Our office will be closed while we move to a new location.So when my days off after the night shifts are over I will have to go to the new place.
Have a great day-hugs Raven

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sampler in Store and Photobucket should get a grib !

Hi again,
Came home from work last night and Photobucket with my background image where still making changes,As they had these nice graphics announcing that the picture would be back soon plastered all over and nobody could read a thing I decided to remove the background until they have finished.They are close to 24 hours now -how long does it bloody take ?! Not all Users seem to affected , I can still look at pictures in the Scrapravens album, just as soon as I want to log in the sign about improvements pops up and I can go no further. Ah well, gotta wait and check when they are back, my blog looks bare and boring without the background.
Today is photo shoot for the new ID card , so I  better post  the sampler preview and layout I made now, I think the quote on the LO speaks for itself- I know quite a few people this applies to, including myself  when I was still married. Oh, I have learned a lot since then,lol. At work everybody says I'm like a new woman , so obviously the change in these two short years since splitting up is noticeable.  I could make a layout collection soon-Snowy's wisdom quote collection ,lol............F*%£(*&+>*** 4shared won't let me log in and upload the sampler ! Oh yes, I forgot-Mercury Retrograde messing about ! Ok ,let's try, that works, so I can upload,lol
And here the sampler preview-as always to pick up on my Store page.
Now I better get ready to go , it's lovely sunshine out there , so taking a walk is no hardship. Night shift later , so nap time this afternoon. Have a great day :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New kit in Store now

Hi all, I managed to get the previews done and I'm uploading the new kit as I write this .This is a biggie ! I had to pack it into 7 foldersWhich are uploading right now,- OK ,let's start the show again -here are the detailed previews.

I'm not sure what I will get done the next days. Our office will be moving so I have to go and get photos taken for a new ID card, also my bike should be ready to be picked up Wednesday or Thursday , then it will be night shift time again , which means beauty sleep during the day. I'm a busy girl !
Photobucket were doing some upgrades, so no pictures were avaliable , I hope this will be finished soon as even my blog backgrounds are hosted there.
Lol, I know Kyra was expecting an update let's just say I am not rushing into anything ! Unless everything is right with the guy...and that will not be easy. I don't just want "a nice guy" -those would bore me after one week of seeing or talking to them, the guy will have to be very open minded, hard working..Oh yes, I know exactly what I want ! And I won't settle for less,lol. In the meantime I check them out, go out on dates to get to know them and have fun. Simple as that.Anyway, that's me off again , sunny day , but work later -hugs from here .

Monday, April 11, 2011

Good morning Sunshine

Wonderful- another gorgeous day ! Makes getting up in the morning so much more pleasant when the sun is shining through the window. Plus finally a good nights sleep after rude awakening the night before. First there was a fight near the pub a little up the road and the noise woke me up, then an hour later some idiots decided it would be a great idea to ring all the door bells and bang on the doors....and I was awake again ! When my alarm clock rang for me to get up I didn't want to ... but no choice , had to be at work at 7.00am. Thankfully it's back to late shift today.
I have that kit I have been working on the past week finally ready , now I only need to rename some files and pack it all up, make detailed previews and then it can be uploaded. Here is another quickpage made with it  and the main preview.
And a layout-Sam looked so cute when he was asleep there on the couch last night.I had to make a layout this morning.
Just have been looking through Minky's pictures she posted this morning on Facebook - she found a little baby chameleon  in the tree near the compost heap - such a cutie, a great photo she posted there ! That's all for now , time to finish my coffee and get ready.
Hugs and have a great day :)

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Early shift ...boooh ! -but a freebie for you

Arrrgh....I think everyone knows by now how much I hate and despise early shifts.I'm just glad I don't have to do a full week of them.
Today I have a freebie for you - it's not just a sampler, it's an Add-on - a mini-kit on it's own and part of the Hippy Chick kit, which I released yesterday.
Here is the preview and link (This will also be posted on the blog store)
I won't get anything done after work today I think , and definitely not on Sunday after work -because Snowy is going out on a Date,lol -so expect the next post to be Monday -I'm taking the rest of the weekend off.
Last a new song "Sweat "-hell, this is a catchy song ! So till Monday -Hugs :)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Hippy Chick

Hi and Good morning,
It's such a beautiful sunny day-the perfect time to release  "Hippy Chick" ,I think.It's just uploading and I am putting it into the Store after this blog post. So let me show you the previews and layouts I made with it so far.

Here some layouts/qp
Didn't do much yesterday, for a start I had to stay out of the sun- it bleaches the tattoo colours as long as it hasn't healed completely and the ink is settled more into the skin. So I had a completely lazy day and rested my arm. With good results, the soreness and redness is gone, I can finally have a shower as well , just have to be careful not to rub over it so the thin crust comes off. It could result in patchy colour otherwise -yes, you have to watch and consider all these things. It's not just a case of getting the tattoo done, there is such thing as after care , keeping clean, dry , but regularly putting on healing creme. Covering it up before going to bed or wearing clothing over it , as this could rub, plus there is ink coming off for about a week and you don't want to stain your sheets or clothing.  There- learned something new? By the way.... ext messages and each time I get another one I have a huge grin on my face,lol. We'll see..... tomorrow I have a freebie surprise for you , so stay tuned.And now to sending out orders and setting up this kit.
Hugs Raven