Thursday, February 23, 2017

The next parts ...

Hi all,
back with the next parts of the kit .
I'm finally off work again for a few , still coughing but I'm working on getting rid of that bug for good !
Today our new Lidl store opened after being closed for 8 months to build a bigger store. It's my favorite Grocery store , so I had to visit and look what they had done. Glad to have it back and being able to buy some German goodies again here in UK.
On my way out a shop assistant handed me a lovely bunch of flowers with the words " Thank you for shopping at our new store" .What a nice surprise :)
 Aren't they gorgeous?

Valentines Day I treated myself...because I love me :)
Obviously I went for art and craft supplies. I got some air drying clay and vases to paint . I'm only just starting ....
...but I will post a pic to show how it turns out.
I have so much lettering homework to catch up on after being sick and work. But I'll get there ! Instead of one letter per day it's two instead. I need to catch up by 5th of March , because that's when the new work book is released and we'll start on the Capitals.
In the meantime Sam is enjoying boxes from my ordered goodies. His ass just about fit into this one ;)
What is it with cats and boxes?
Anyway.... time for links
More papers

and elements once this sneezing fit stops..." hatchou!"

 I'm still carrying on with the decluttering , by the way ...tomorrow will be the Tupperware corner and pots and pans. Working my way through one bit at time :)
I managed to wash curtains and windows downstairs last week and it's looking so much brighter now :)
And I'm waiting for a sunny day to tidy up my little garden corner.
For now until next post though ... I have another layer on that vase to paint :)
Stay creative , peeps
Hugs Snowy 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sickness sucks ! But have new freebie

Hi all,
first of all apologies for being late posting . The plan was to post before Valentines day but I had a lot of germs and a virus attack me and ended up rather sick. So far it's been 5 days with fever on and off , no energy and coughing fits so hard that whole rib cage hurts.
I spent most of these days in bed , and didn't even have the energy to do much. 
It sucks !
I don't do sick often ...but when I do , I do it in style,lol
Even though I have been bored just resting I didn't have any inspiration to do painting, lettering or much else.
I didn't even sit on my desk these days and only switched on the laptop a short while to check e-mails and then back to the bed or couch. So not much to show this time. I did make some rose scented heart soaps just before I got sick .

And some new books for education ...
I'll give you the first parts of a colorful kit today , called "Rapture"
I had lots of fun playing with those little devils horns when I made it ;)

Here the first links

Have fun, stay creative and hopefully I'll be back to my old energetic self by next post .

Hugs Snowy

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Last 2 parts of Enchanted Winter

Hi again,
I'm currently on my few days off and trying to get as much done as possible before I'm back to work on Monday.
The clean up is still going on. I did the kitchen tools and cutlery drawers and cleaned out and disinfected the fridge. On my next days off it will be the shelves and the freezer and then the kitchen is finished.
As daunting as a spring clean can be , it's nice to have it all in order and smelling nice and clean when you're done :)
And then on to the next room ! I know my curtains definitely need washing ! 
So let's add that task to the rest of the Spring cleaning. Ughh...and I just finished the laundry , including the cat's bedding /blankets...
I also planted some more seeds and let's see whether I make it outside tomorrow to clean up the garden corner, weather permitting.I have not looked at the forecast yet.
Edna , have fun in Florida ...and I'm jealous too,lol. I would love to have a little greenhouse.

The "Show me your drills" challenge has ended and on February 1st we started the "Show me your letters" challenge. Small letters for now, but it will be followed by the capital letters of the alphabet.
It's like being back at school times :)
I also started another challenge called "February in Bloom" which is painting another flower each day. I don't know whether I can keep up with it during the days I work , but I'll try my best. I have already done 3 paintings in watercolor.

Enough of that now- time for the links!
Last 2 parts today and another kit starting next post.

And let's finish with some music.
I listened to this song once and couldn't get it out of my head. That tune is so catchy I was humming and whistling it all day ! Here's some great music from Germany

Enjoy and stay creative ! Hugs Snowy