Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

2010 was an amazing year despite some things. I met lots of awesome people,found new friends, met my soulmate and lots of things changed..FAREWELL to all the Trials and Tribulations of 2010- Looking forward to a bright and exciting 2011. Happy New Year to all

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shopping nightmare

Oh dear ! I was sooo brave and actually went shopping to ASDA ! It was a f****** nightmare. I knew there was a reason I hate going shopping during busy times. It was packed ! The thing is, here in UK they decided because Christmas was on the weekend ,to declare Monday and Tuesday as Holidays. So today was the first day the post worked , the shops were getting deliveries etc. And it showed.Everybody seemed to have run out of something and was hurrying to get the cupboards filled up before the New Years weekend. And because that's on a weekend as well, next Monday is another Holiday ! One more week of crazyness !!!The positive side to it-I spent less money because I was hurrying to get out of there,lol.  At least I finally got Erik's parcel sent off today -I'm sure the poor guy thinks I have forgotten about him. Damn Holidays ! First I get sick, then I'm stuck at work and then the Holidays mess up my routine ! Roll on New Year and let me get back to normal .My cold has developed into a chesty cough , which doesn't bother me much. My energy and strength are back to normal and that's what counts.
I carried on  stitching the Lighthouse picture today - you can see it slowly taking more shape.

And my next project is starting already - a photo scrapbook (not digital) to send to Erik as well. He doesn't remember everything still, only bits and pieces -so this will help him to refresh his memory of the things we did while I was there. It will be mostly pictures as he cannot read much yet.His brain refuses still to let him concentrate and retain information. So there is no point in writing long letters or sending books with much writing yet. Short quotes and poems with lots of pictures are fine, and photos with very short descriptions are ok as well.
So this is what I'm starting to work on as well in between now.
I thought the leaf pattern on the book matches well, as the photos are very "Autumn" due to the time of year I was there. But hey- I got one layout done last night ! The words on it are describing how I feel. If there is a quote already which is like this , copying wasn't intended.The words are just what is in my own thoughts.And it's a little teaser as well - this kit will be released on the 1st of January.

And now I will raid the fridge a little. I'm quite comfortable after work here, got candles and incense on , but my stomach is saying "feed me" after Julie made me hungry with telling she's pinching fries from the "pre-game" Happy meal .Hockey mum is off again - this time it's Plymouth vs Barnstable.  She says "Watch the Panthers on the web" ...hmmm...I couldn't find it- but I found this.Erik's nephew is the number 7 ,lol.Hugs Snowy