Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Checking in again

Hi, yes-I'm still alive , no I'm not on vacation,lol. Just not in the mood to design or scrap sitting on the PC for hours. But let me show some pics I have randomly taken of my activities.
Snapshot during a walk-Lowestoft Lighthouse
And  my pale yellow Oriental Lillies.

Fresh home made and still warm bread ...yummmieeee !
Creativity in the house ....
My newest creation-the Chakra Dreamcatcher with real crystals.
And another one, the Amethyst Fairy Dreamcatcher, also with real crystals.
In the moment I'm just baking a bunch of Whoopie Pies and already finished the filling for it, a Marshmallow Cream concoction which is just looooovely !Then there's tons of movies to watch.... the new Harry Potter , the new Transformers, The Avenger .... tonight is Psychic Night at the local Center , Friday another band playing at Notleys. All this in between work and you can be sure I am not getting bored.
That's all for now - I will be back ,lol
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Good you left a little post on the blog again. Was going to worry a bit about you! But as long as you absence means you have lots to do and you are enjoying it, all is okay then LOL.
Are you only busy with bread making, walking working, watching movies etc. or is there also some time reserved for a man in your life ???? ROFL. You know I am always curious!
Girl, keep going on enjoying your life, that's the most important.!

Edna B said...

I too was being concerned. It's good to hear you are having a wonderful summer. Your new dream catchers are lovely. And the bread!! It's making me hungry. I love the smell and taste of fresh baked bread!! You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.