Sunday, May 01, 2016

Success ! ...and a freebie

Yaih ! Fitbit definitely works for me.  The little device makes it easy to track what you're eating and drinking and watches that you don't get over the recommended amount. The challenges with others make it fun ,lol. Yeah , I won the weekend challenge .

And I lost 8 pounds in these 2 weeks since I had the Fitbit...yup, I call that success ! :)
Apart from that I'm trying my hand at doily making. I wanted something for my white furniture , to protect the surface from scratches. And I couldn't find a nice doily like I wanted , so I'm just making it myself. Ordered myself some very fine crotched hooks and some yarn and just started.
Love this set...lots of sizes. I found it on Amazon.
I have never used such fine yarn before, but it's getting larger slowly.
Today I finally found the time to wrap up some papers as freebie. Hopefully I manage to get the matching elements ready for next post.
Here is the first part of "Lavender Rose"
Enjoy :)

Till next time
Snowy :)

1 comment:

smiekeltje said...

Congratulations on your win and loss of weight!
Your doily looks great, love the lolor. I once was pretty good at doily making, and even in quite difficult patterns. It takes some patience making them of real fine yarn, but it looks so much prettier.
Have a lovely day!