Friday, October 13, 2017

Last of "Journey" ...and what's next?

better early than too late , right? Yup, this post is early.
It's 7 am on a day off work and I woke up an hour ago with a stuffy nose and sore throat.
Damn , this sucks! OK... echinacea, hot tea with honey, lemon and honey, Vit C and keep the tissue box close.... and do my blog post , because I don't know how I will feel after work on Sunday .
I have been busy the last days with pyrography, watercolors and knitting. The crochet snowflakes are currently taking a break while I do some Christmas gifts first.
Talking of Snowflakes ....I posted the pattern for you on the "CRAFTS" page. Just look at the top under my header picture for the link, and you can even watch the video how to make a snowflake.
Here are some pyrography projects I did

I have one more wood slice to do and I think I might make it some Holly or Ivy (or both) to stick with the tree theme.
But I might have to purchase some more slices because I think a set of woodland animals would look great as well :)

As for knitting, I finally finished the white scarf I started with the bobble yarn.
There is really no pattern to this. Just knit away...the yarn texture is all the pattern that's needed. I added some fur pompoms at the ends ( £ /$ store handbag/key charms from which I removed the metal key ring and chains)

And I did some floral drawings ..
..and then decided to add some color.
Happy with how they turned out.

My next project "watercolor leaves" is not finished yet.
 I  need to paint some more , and then I plan to scan and digitize the lot as png files.
I think these would make great elements for QPs or kits.
I really have a thing for using hand painted watercolor backgrounds and elements. They might not look as "perfect" as digitally created elements , but I think this imperfect, naturally painted look gives the elements that extra charm.
It's so easy to get a shape and color it in with Photoshop or Paintshop. But with hand painted elements there is so much more involved. You achieve a certain style that just can't be copied with a computer program. It takes a lot longer and more work is involved as well, but it's well worth it !
Now.... what should I give you as next kit?
Would you like the Autumn kit ?

Or rather "The Mage's Chronicles" first?

Leave a comment and I will post the most wanted and voted for first :)

But for now, the last part of Journey.

And as an added bonus I give you the pack of the Victory ship as well.

Have fun, stay creative and until next post.
Hugs Snowy


Angela Hobbs said...

The Mage's Chroniclesc
Thank you for all your freebies btw, and I love the pics you post of you're home and projects...

Sandra Anderson said...

Oh yes, The Mage's Chronicles please.

Edna B said...

Either kit will be just fine. They are both wonderful. Snowy, your painting is getting so very good. I love your watercolor flowers. The tree slices are really nice too. And now you are knitting too? Goodness, your energy is to be envied. Keep it up though. This is what keeps you young when you start getting older.

Now I'm off to do some laundry. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.