Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Would you beliieve it?

Hey hey....I actually did some scrapping last night . I think part of the problem is finding enough photos to scrap as well. Shaun is on a "no pics" trip and does not allow me to take photos of him, no other relatives here ....you get the point. I can only take pics of  events , work mates and of cause myself,lol .Plus getting back into other hobbies again is fun and makes a change. Anyway I have things to show.
For a start -Shaun has a motorbike. Here is his mean machine -and let me tell you, I plan on getting one as well eventually.
Then , reading blogs last night I came across Minky's and the challenge -so I downloaded the mini kit and got busy with it. I can show you a preview, the quickpage I will offer to Minky to put up if she wants. I changed the colours , used my own frame  and added some overlays and swirls.
And Goth is not so much Gothic anymore , I'm actually wearing more bright colours now. I made two layouts , the first pic was taken 3 months ago , the second one last week.
Layout 1 I used my Disco kit.
For Layout 2 I used my kit "Softly", there is a distinct difference in the photos - the second was only taken with my phone. But I was really in mischief mode then. Anyway- I have come home from night shift and need my beauty sleep now , so till next time :)

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smiekeltje said...

ROFL!!!!!!! Whenever did you really behaved yourself?????
I can say I like it that you also wear some brighter colours, it looks good on you.
Whoops, great bike from Shaun! And I know the trouble with having one around who doesn;t want to be shot on pictures. Jan doesn;t like it either, well, sometimes it;s okay, but under prtests LOL!
Lovely quickpage you've made for Minky!
Glad you are okay and having fun and enjoying lots of hobbies again.
Have a wonderful day,