Thursday, January 17, 2013

Next freebie parts ...a few days earlier

Good morning,
hope you're all staying's freezing here and we have 6 inches of snow forecasted for the next days. So far we have been lucky, it's been snowing a lot, but it didn't stay for long.
I'm starting early shifts again tomorrow and knowing myself I will be too tired to post after this when I come home. So I'm putting them up for you now.
I also have been busy with some more crafting and creating layouts. I just love how this one turned out,lol.

These were made with the designs I made in NC

 As for crafting , I'm working on another hybrid project, and some Valentines surprises which I obviously can't show yet. But here is something else. Think that cans and bottles are just trash? Think again !
 Decorated they actually make great vases and candle holders.
And this is my hybrid project.I made rosettes out of strips of burlap....
.... cut a heart out of cardboard from an old box, covered it in a scrap of fabric , added ribbon,feathers and other decorations....
...voila.... I still want to add one of my favourite quotes on a label to this.
But now to the freebie parts-here the next two for more next week.

I have also been searching for affordable web space and found a site which looks ideal .... still in talks with two others , but I hope they jump on board. That doesn't mean there won't be any freebies anymore.That will continue , but we have to live as well and we all can do with a few extra pennies these days. I can promise this, the prices for new designs will be kept low and affordable. We do not want to rob anyone in these hard times,lol. And there will also be plenty of designer resources.
I can't give a date yet.... it's early days, but the first steps have been taken towards this plan. More when I know more, and time to build up more new design stock .... Until then ....
Hugs Snowy

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Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Some really nifty crafting there! Love the rosettes and the heart! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing the other parts of this lovely gift! I adore the page with the dinosaurs and the lovely quote you posted! Have a good week in spite of the snow! Be safe and don't work too hard! Hugs!! Mat