Friday, February 01, 2013

New Freebie and Blessed Imbolc

Hello all,
Did you hear the news from the Scrapping World?
Divine Digital is closing down I was told and Scrap it Sassy has also closed it's doors. It's a shame that 2 sites which have been in the Scrapping Community for years won't be there anymore. But hey, that makes room for the little site I want open. And to tell you the truth,I didn't buy much there because some of these sites were just too expensive. Nobody can afford to pay a lot these days.
Yeah, okay- designers will argue that we have to live as well , but why pay a lot when there are lots of freebie sites around?
Maybe if they would have made stuff a little bit more affordable people who like a certain Designer's style or theme would have been willing to spend a little and the sites could have survived? I don't know.
I like giving freebies , but with the planned move, having to pay all the fees for Visa, travelling costs etc I also need to save every penny I can get. But I would never charge unfair prices for my designs. I like to think when I finally do offer kits for sale again, that the quality and quantity will be worth the price I ask. And there will still be freebies as well.

We think we might have found a name for the site.....but I am not going to reveal more yet, apart from that two well known Designers , who are "old school" and have been known in the Scrappers community for years (maybe even longer than I have) are on board with me. It's going to be a partnership. More in time......

I have an order for three Dreamcatchers , so that keeps me busy in the moment. One is ready, for a little girl who wanted a pink, black and white one. I hope that it will help and her nightmares will stop.
I already did my Spring cleaning in time for Imbolc -which is on the 2nd of Feb, tomorrow. I have also been busy with some Valentines surprises, packed the parcel for Reggie (ready to be sent)and planted my seeds for the season and waiting for my new herbs to grow.
 With all this there wasn't much time for designing or scrapping last week. But I dug out a new freebie for you. I'm giving you -how fitting is this? - Imbolc , an ex store kit with 21 papers and 27 elements.Here the first two links- part 1 and 3 , one with papers and one with elements.

Enjoy ! :)
And for now have a blessed and Happy Imbolc

Hugs Snowy  :)


smiekeltje said...

You look VERY mysterious on that photo!!
Haha, giving away already a bit plans hey? Yes, I read too that those two shops will close down. As you say, it gives perhaps a bit room for new ones.
Will try to contact you one of these days.
Have a blessed Imbolc.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

NICE photo, lovely! Thanks for the freebies, they are so much appreciated.
I never bought anything from those sites, because on a very tight budget (disability) and on my own, there is not much left for anything frivolous and...there are always generous designers like you that still offer freebies. If the only way to get freebies you have to join the store....I don't get those either as I don't need the temptation of what I cannot afford!
Conceit that your stuff is worth more turns people off, right?
Glad you are getting closer to your dream of the store and your big move! Not too far away now!
Have a great week ahead. Hugs, Mat