Thursday, February 12, 2015

Moving on

A little bit older and a little bit wiser again. Oh yes, and I have given up smoking. 7 weeks without a cigarette now. It took a lot of determination and a fantastic Motivator who kept encouraging me with messages every day for the first weeks and who was there for me whenever I needed a little push.
Crafting has helped to keep my mind off the nicotine and my hands busy . Here some things I made.
Owl Dreamcatcher 

...and another cute little owl ..hand stitched

I also created a Memory Box and will carry on working a scrapbook about my time with Reggie.

But there will be new memories to make soon. In 10 weeks I will be flying again....away from the West coast area of the USA.... this time my travels will take me to the wild Wild West and the Desert ....more to come, the story will continue,lol.
Till then , see ya :)

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