Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why did people become so lazy?

Hi all,
I really wonder why people became so lazy and wanted everything done ready for them.... Over the past couple of years I started going back to to "home made" and cooking from fresh is so much better than Ready Meals, warmed up in the microwave or all this pre-processed food. And it's better for you. No preservatives, artificial colorings or other chemicals. You know what is in your food , and it really isn't that hard or takes much more time if you plan it right. It's better and healthier for you.
I'm not saying I'm a Saint ...I still like a fast food snack from time to time. You couldn't keep me away from Poppey's Fried Chicken  or Bojangles (McDonalds can close down as far as I'm concerned) but with people eating too much of it it's no wonder we have so many problems with Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes,Crohn's disease and other food related problems and allergies.
Today I made my own Mustard. All you need is
-Mustard powder
-Mustard Seeds ..brown, yellow...the darker the color the hotter the mustard
...that's the basics, you can add wine, herbs , honey , sugar etc as you like. If you google Mustard recipes you find even some with beer , horse radish and more.
Water/or wine temperature is important, the colder the hotter the mustard, If you use warm water your end result will be more mild , or if you like mild you can cook it down for a bit.
But that's really it ...simple !
 I used an old fashioned mortar and pestle to crush my seeds , and added them to the powder.
As for Crafting ...I have been sewing quite a bit. A cosmetic bag...
...and a coin purse
CD Suncatcher Chimes

It keeps my fingers busy ...I have not smoked for 10 weeks now ! Apart from the health benefits it saves a ton of money. With UK prices of £ 6.49 up to £7.99 depending on brand for a pack of 20 cigarettes I have saved roughly £650.00 so far ! Just right for buying a flight ticket.
In 8 weeks time I'm off into the Nevada Desert ...LAS VEGAS , Baby :)
Until then there'll be still a bit to do, some overtime at work ...and I need hiking boots suitable for that terrain. Sun screen is a must !! There are no trees in the desert where I can find shade like in North Carolina... unless I find a humongous cactus,lol.
On the 30th of April it's concert favorite band Nightwish is playing at the House of Blues in Vegas.
Here their new song and till next post
Hugs Snowy


Edna B said...

It's so good to see you back posting. I am so sorry to hear about Reggie. It's good that you are looking forward. What brings you to Nevada? New friends? That would be nice. I have a friend who lives in Nevada through the winter months. One of these years I may wander out that way to visit with her.

Right now, I'm getting ready to head back to Florida for a couple of weeks. Of course, I'm taking my little dog Pogo with me. I wouldn't think of leaving him behind.

You take care Snowy. Hugs, Edna B.

smiekeltje said...

Good to read you are "on track"again. Still busy with crafting all kind of things hey?
and yes, it is nice to make your own food, cook it from fresh and it takes perhaps 10 minutes more, but is so much better.
Oh, never tried to make mustard. Would be a nice project to try.
Some bad luck struck us yesterday, well, specially Jan, I will write it in my post, which I am going to do right now.
Oh, so strong of you to keep the non-smoking up till now. I am not yet that far to really quite with it, but you are right, it is better for helath, but surely too for the wallet, saves loads LOL!
Stay safe, sweetie, till next time