Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring pictures

So much for getting creative on my days off,lol. But the weather was just to nice to stay indoors today. Still cold and windy , but in the sun it was lovely ! I took some pictures on my walk, and let me tell you ...I was pooped. I was out walking 3 hours and winter has made me soft. Not being able to get out and walk much in some horrible stormy and rainy, cold weather and my fitness level has gone down a notch.
Never mind being on the bike and cycling each day to and from work .... the muscles used for cycling are different ones you use for walking. So after 3 hours walking my legs felt tired and after sitting down when I was home kind of like rubber and started aching a little ;)
Well, I treated myself to some motivation gear. I just ordered the fitbit charge.
You can set coals, track calories burned , count steps...and so on . With summer coming I definitely want to be out and about more on my days off.
But here some pics from the walk today.
This one was watching me shoot pictures, so I figured he wanted to be in one as well ;)
The Bluebells are appearing....
...and Primroses....
...and together with the Daffodils...'s one amazing colorful spring carpet.
Picturesque, huh?
And these beauties are in bloom as well.

Gotta love Spring time !
But there's rain on forecast for tomorrow again, so I'm glad I got out today.
And that's all for I said, I'm pooped ,'s bedtime and I know I'll sleep well  after that walk ;)
I'm off to Dreamland ....
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Yes, outside it looks really like spring, it just needed a few days of sun.
But you are right about loosing "fitness".
That happens quicker than you think, might have to do a little bit too with getting older, but also because not doing it for a longer time.
Yeah, walking for a longer time is definately different from boiking to work each day and such.
Yesterday was real nice and we did some garden work. Today also is said to be a nice day,with temps of around 17C or so, only pity is that there is too much wind at times. Oh well, let's be happy with what we get hey?
I am sure you had a good sleep after that demanding walk LOL!
Have a nice day,
P.S. every time I post a comment on your blog I get a mail back with: mail delivery failure.
Do you have any idea why? I hope you see and receive my comments.
Oh, please send me our mailaddress please. I guess don;t have the good one.

Edna B said...

Your photos look wonderful. I just love the cherry blossoms. I think that's what they are. I have a little cherry blossom tree in my yard, but we don't get very many blossoms.

I must agree with Kyra, I get the same email after posting a comment here. Sometimes I think Blogger is not running on all of its cylinders. haha.

Your kit is lovely. I never got back into designing kits, but I do love to make the quick pages. I have too many other projects to spend a lot of time on my laptop. Besides, the warm weather will be coming in soon and I want to be outdoors as much as possible.

Right now it is raining, but the rest of the week is supposed to be warm and sunny. If it keeps up, we'll be able to do some work in the gardens.

Enjoy your time off, hugs, Edna B.