Friday, April 08, 2016

Freebie kit

Well, it's been a while since the last kit...but I finally got one done. I was too tired last night to do much and playing in my design programs seemed just the right thing to do after my night shifts and not having much energy.
I still need to catch up with my art challenges but first I'm getting this kit uploaded right now .
I forgot how long it takes,lol. Glad it's only a small kit and not one of those mega large ones I used to do ;)
This is what I have been up to during work breaks and to chill out. This is a coloring page from Dawn Nicole.
And one I created myself ....but not colored in yet.
Guess I show you what you're getting as well ...I love how this quickpage turned out. Only 1 background and 2 elements ...simple is good,lol.
Here is the download link for the QP
A layout I made (I changed the color of the flower on the frame for this one)

And this is the full kit
It's one zip file with background papers and 2 zips with elements.

Enjoy !
As for my days off, I have some decorating in my hallway to do .But first I have to break up and take this old wardrobe apart. I'll be getting a new one around the 19th ;)
Yeah, it's white,lol. Not Gothic black ...told ya I have change a bit ;)
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Lovely stuff you've came up with! Hey, before you do anything, you should take a little rest and sleep and then you will be full energy again to tackle the painting and everything.
It looks nice outside today, so may be i will tae a trip to the market. We could do with some fresh veggies again.
One thing is troublesome: On Saturday there is the stand of the flower and plant man with now of course lots of things for the garden ready to plant!!! I don;t know if I will be able to resist it, if he has nice things. I am looking for a clematis, of may be two and on climbing rose. Don;t know if they are already there, but it is tricky LOL.
Have some wonderful free days!