Sunday, July 03, 2016

Freebie kit "Natural Flair"

Hi again,
as promised I'm back with an older ex Store kit as freebie.

I was asked why I don't post about my cats or my son. Well, my son values his privacy and doesn't like being photographed too much for a start. But I also don't want this blog to be about family , more about art and activities ...whether it's scrapping, painting/drawing, cooking ,sewing .....anything that catches my interest really.
Shaun is well, working hard and still enjoying his biggest love -motor biking.I probably get a chance for some pictures when we're on vacation soon ,lol.

The cats are now 17 (the 2 oldest) and 16 (the daughter of the two) years old and still going strong . Here they are all together snoozing on the sofa. How the hell did I ever survive with just one sofa all these years? Most of the time they take over both of them now,lol. They have mellowed down a lot, don't jump as much and high and sleep more , but still healthy
And I said I would take a few pic of my little gardening project.
That's actually potatoes in the large pot , and thyme,sage and rosemary in the small one.
I forgot what seeds I have planted here,lol.... just have to wait and see...
There is a small passion flower which I want to grow along the wall, Some lavender , chives and parsley ,plus another tomato plant I still have to get into a larger container. More pics coming,lol.

I've been antiquing a heart shaped tray and busy working on sign with quote as well. Not finished quite yet but here's a little look on what I did so far.

Painted and some decoupage, but more to do.... is the freebie I'm giving away . The first two parts today and then the rest coming in the next 2 posts.
It contains 18 backgrounds and 36 elements , so quite a large kit.
Here is a preview and layout I made with it, first two links under the layout.

and some elements

I lost the folder with all the detailed previews in , so sorry for not showing all the papers and elements in separate previews. But I try to make a qp with each post to show a bit more. Enjoy :)

And now I have to start getting ready , cook dinner etc because I have to do this " work thing" later ,lol.
For my friends in USA -Have a nice Independence day weekend ! :)

Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

So glad to hear Shaun is doing well!
And then your cats! They are real pensionados, LOL.
Your little garden looks great, now it just needs a bit more warmth and sunshine!
Lovely tray you are making, n ice color range in pastels!
Well, going to post on my blog, needs to be done every now and then too.
Have a wonderful week ahead,