Sunday, July 10, 2016

Last part of Freebie kit Natural Flair

Hi y'all  :)
Back as promised with the last part .'s nice to have time off work :) Right now I'm sitting here with sweet tea and having a break. Yes...sweet tea,lol. Some things don't change and Reggie definitely made some things stick. Like my love for sweet tea , Cajun food , Chillies, Jalapeños and Frank's Hot Sauce,lol.

And I've been experimenting with picture transfer on to plain fabric.
First I created the image in my design program and printed it on the transfer paper.
I was a bit skeptical whether it would transfer in this amazing image quality , but I'm a happy girl ! It came out amazing :)
I chose a plain Calico cotton shopping bag as trial project.
So with these transfer papers I can basically transfer any image I like onto plain fabric.
I'm also restoring an old blackboard and giving it a shabby look. This is the frame after 2 layers , but there's a lot more to do !
 I was recently asked "What's with all that pink? I thought you're an old goth?"
Well, yeah.... I still like my blacks and greys , but I suppose getting older has to do with it. I used to be a bit of a tomboy , but the older I got the more I was also appreciating the feminine side. I still wear a lot of black , but now I mix it with other brighter colors a lot. And from the dark Gothic look I had in my flat it has changed to lighter colors, because I cannot deny that dark colors make a small place look smaller and oppressive.
I love working with colors , and sticking to dark Gothic color schemes limits very much what you can do . And pure black can sometimes make you look older and let's face it  ...I'm not a spring chicken anymore and am fast approaching the big 50 ,lol

Anyway .... here is the last part of Natural Flair

Enjoy and till next post :)
Hugs Snowy


Lana said...

Lovely freebie, thank you.

smiekeltje said...

I saw a lot of transfer jobs on another site and it looks great.
Taste changes a bit during life, isnt it? LOL.
I wonder what kind of printer you have? I had an HP and now an epson. both weren't working too great and I hate the epson, cause when a color cartridge is empty, you also cannot print black anymore.
I shall need a printer, but cannot afford a too expensive one.
So I wondered if you could give me an idea?
Called for gastroscopie appointment, will probably take place end July, start of August.
Have fun and lots of great creativity things!
If you might need transfers try looking at this link


Edna B said...

Your transfer projects look lovely. I tried it once to make a t-shirt for my hubby, and it came out great. I also printed photos onto cloth squares which I used to make the faces on my baby dolls. I might try this again one of these days. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.