Thursday, August 11, 2016

Last part of "Softly"

...well, my time off work is over again for now , but hey...I still have 26 vacation days left to take until March next year ;)
Why so many? I started with a lot less , after 5 years we got a few extra days , after 10 years some more I'm working there 15 years and I have the maximum days we can get. 15 years .... where did the time go?

2 months ago I ordered a pair of jeans one number smaller with the goal to fit into them - I'm proud to say I made that goal and even have to wear a belt ,lol. So that was my positive achievement this morning.
Coincidentally the Art/lettering challenge for today fitted this perfectly !

 I have been doing a lot of lettering practice using different fonts and mixing them.
You appreciate how easy and quick digital quotes/word art can be made on the computer when you do this ,lol. Sweat and curse words go into the hand drawn and lettered paper kind quite often ;)

A little watercolor as well ...

Tonight is the first pre-season football game ...Pats will be playing against the Saints. I'm looking forward to this game. Luckily I'm on late shift , so I can stay up to watch.

Anyway....let's post the link for the last part of Softly .
Here it is
And let's see what freebie I can dig up to post next ...more will be revealed in the next post ,lol
Till then :)


Lana said...

Love the freebie kit, thank you.

Anonymous said...

thany you

ChloƩ said...

Thank you so much for this lovely freebie kit !