Saturday, September 10, 2016

Time for Fall designs

Hi again,
yup, it's time for the first part of the first fall themed kit . Ye4s, the first ...I have more,lol.
It's my last day off work and I wanted to get this post done before I have to go back into the old routine.

While browsing I have come across a lovely little project the Graphics Fairy has on her blog.
Watercolor Labels. I always have plenty of glass jars which I could pretty up this way.
This is definitely a something I plan to do soon.
 As for lettering practice, drawing and painting...I have been busy a usual.
A watercolor apple...

falling leaves ....
And the whole place smelling of herbs after cutting and making bundles to dry. And I have a nice amount of home grown red potatoes I dug out in my little garden area.
I bought myself some wool , lovely variegated yarn in autumn colors for another project and am in the process of getting some of my fall decorations out , plus have some other little projects in mind to make some new ones or pretty the old up a little bit ;)
Yeah...I'm very rarely bored,lol.
And with fall and winter coming I will spend more time being creative when the weather prevents me from being outside.

Now to the mini kit ...only 2 parts for this one.
I will give you the backgrounds today and the elements in the next post.
Here some previews

And here the link for the papers

As always ....stay creative , and I'll be back towards end of the week .
Hugs Snowy ;)


Lana said...

Beautiful and thank you.

Kyra said...

You have quite a a harvest from herbs and oh, what wonderful potatoes!!!
I want to try next year too some potatoes, probably in a big pot or perhaps a big bag. so nice to eat from your own grown stuff!
Today is a bit cloudy, it has rained at night (just a bit) and I forgot to take in the seat cushions last evening. Dombo me Lucky that this week it will be sunny and dry and warm again, so they can dry and lucky we have another set of cushions for our chairs.
Perhaps a good day to do some cleaning in the house, who knows?
You have a great day and week ahead.

Edna B said...

Your art is getting pretty good. Keep practicing. That apple almost looks good enough to eat!!! Your garden harvest looks wonderful. Growing up, everyone in my neighborhood had gardens and grew a lot of the food they ate. Us included. Somehow, I've lost my green thumb. My veggie garden doesn't seem to grow much of anything anymore. Although my tomatoes are giving a real good try now that it is not quite so hot.

I'm hoping for a bit of rain today. We surely could use it. Enjoy the rest of your time off. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.