Monday, December 05, 2016

More Christmas kit parts ...

Hi again,
Time to check in and post the next parts ! I'm off work this week and finally have time to get a lot stuff done I normally don't easily find the time for.

I just had a look through some of the old pictures I did when I first started the art challenges and I can definitely see improvement :) It's true , practice makes perfect,lol.
I have the  ISKN Slate on my wishlist for my birthday , so with help of that little gadget I will be able to digitize my future drawings and paintings .Can you imagine that? I can add my own drawings and paintings to kits !!!
You wonder what the slate is ? Watch this

Fantastic little device , huh? Now to some challenge entries I did for December .
 Watercolor decorations
Lettering in black and gold (Tombow Fude and STA Metallic brush pen)
More lettering ( Sharpie pen, Posca paint-marker and Tombow brush pens)
Watercolor on canvas
Poinsettias ( Tombow Brush pens and Blending palette and Tombow Blending pen )

Anyway, freebie time ...the next 2 parts of Christmas Dreams
and a little preview in form of a QP
1 Zip backgrounds
...and 1 zip elements

2 more parts next week ...I'm going back to my drawing now ;)
Stay creative
Hugs Snowy 


Lana said...

Beautiful, thank you.

smiekeltje said...

Love that reindeer!
I am bit exhausted. Yesterday Jan and I were busy large part of the day with decorating for Christmas
Today we still had to finish it
But now we are all done(I think)
and when finally done, it looks all so cosy again, specially in the evening when all the lights are on
Have a wonderful week.

Edna B said...

That slate sounds like fun. I have to say that your drawing is getting so very good. Nice job!! This weekend I'll be putting up my little tree. Gosh, Christmas is right around the corner!! Enjoy your days off, hugs, Edna B.