Monday, April 02, 2018

Spring Blossoms first parts

Hello...ughh....I could do with a few Spring blossoms here.
We have flood warnings everywhere and the rain is not stopping any time soon , it seems.
It really doesn't feel like April or Spring so far.
Luckily I have my art and crafts to keep me busy when I'm not at work , because gardening is still not happening ....
I had a couple of comments regarding the Doodle Journal , so I thought I post a little advice regarding that.
First , go for a journal with paper that is not too thin or rough. A lot of rough , cheap paper will cause bleeding of the ink. And that just doesn't look nice and is disappointing when you put in all that effort.
Pens : My favorite is the Sharpie fine point
Why? I can use it with normal felt tips /brushpens without the black ink smearing into the's 100 % waterproof and smear proof once dry. And the tip is just right -not too thin and not too thick. I can even use it with really wet watercolor painting and it won't bleed or smear.

If you want to take drawing and doodling a step further with fine and broader lines I can recommend Sakura pigma micron pens.

These come with a variety of tips , so you can do really fine lines or texture as well as broader thick strokes.
These are filled with Indian ink and will be waterproof once they have dried as well , so they won't bleed with felt-tips or watercolor once dried either.

Yes, I know.... these pens all cost a little more than your normal pens from the $/£ Store, but they will a) last longer and b) will save you being frustrated , sad or angry when colors bleed or smear into each other.
Trust me, I've been there ! The cheap set of fine liners I picked up for a bargain price and smeared when I wanted to color my doodles in is only good enough to write my shopping list now.
I do not get anything for advertising these 2 brands , by the way . I post about them because they are really that good !
I suppose I could label this part of the post "my favorite tools " :)
(ps: I posted links for Amazon .com, but you can also get these on the other Amazon sites. I got mine from Amazon UK  )

I made a Zodiac galaxy painting and was thrilled how it turned out . Love it !
I used watercolor for the galaxy, India ink for the mountain and Capricorn and white Gelly roll pen for white shading and stars /constellation.
The Succulent painting was done with watercolor, Fine tec watercolor for the gold , outlines with black Sakura pigma micron and the crystal lines with white Gelly roll pen.

Well, apart from the first 2 freebie parts I also have a quickpage for you today. Happy Easter :)

But now to the main freebie parts

This is a relatively small kit compared to most of my others and was lost during a computer crash. I only recently found an old disc where I had this burned. It's old but still one of  my favorite floral kits :) Enjoy !
I'll be back with more next week
Hugs Snowy


Edna B said...

First, thank you for the info about the paper and the pens. This is good to know. Snowy, your Capricorn is beautiful. You did an awesome job with it. The succulents are very good too, but the Capricorn is my favorite. I love how you blended the sky colors.
What a pretty quick page. I may have to make a scrap page now.

Today's snow has come and gone, and most all the snow that fell has disappeared. So maybe my plants will be okay after all. I hope so. You have a super evening, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for the lovely gifts and I agree with Edna, the Capricorn page is very well done, I like the succulents too! Great job!

smiekeltje said...

About time you can get out for some walking and of course the gardening!
Arts and crafts is a great thing to spend time with, but being outside every now and then is fun too!
At the moment we have nice weather, temperatures are great, hope you have a part of it too overthere.
Stay safe and have a great week.

HD Songs said...

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Grandma Sarge said...

I just came across your site from Kyra's page. Don't know why I didn't look on the side of her blog page before now but I am very happy I did. I especially loved the Celtic Magic kit. I have 2 white witches in my family tree so I can make s page for them. Thank you very much.

Sophie Grace said...

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