Sunday, April 29, 2018

"Forget me not" part 3 and 4

Good morning .....
well, if you can call a cold ,windy and rainy day good...
UK seems to be skipping most of spring . It feels like winter again and we're having temperatures under 10C/ 50F degrees. Yeah, I turned the heating back on , which I switched off when we had lovely warm weather last week. Some parts of UK reached 27 C /80 F , but then a sudden drop and no more warm weather. Back to warm padded jackets and boots !
Yesterday was my nightshift recovery day and apart from sleeping I always take it easy and don't do many energetic things . In this case I opened up my design programs and actually managed to make not just one, but two new kits :)
With weather like this I need to think warm summer thoughts :)

Not all papers and elements fit onto the previews , so there is a lot which isn't shown on these previews.
I took part in the "Show me your florals" challenge this year and also purchased the 2 available workbooks after the free workbook and challenge. With each workbook also come video lessons with step by step instructions. So during the week I got busy with paper and paints and started working my way through the first book and video.
This is about loose painting style , which is harder than it looks ;)

After painting single flowers as practice it then ended with a floral bouquet composition. 

There is still a bonus lesson and project before I can start the second workbook. Also Skillshare have many new classes out ...I really need more hours in a day to get everything done :) 

OK, let's talk about paints (continued from last post)

Paints in tubes are great ! You only need small amounts and mixing your own colors is easy with them. 
Don't worry about using them all up , they will dry and just re-activate with water. I use 2 different mixing paint palettes. For paints from tubes I use the big one ...

It closes and let's the paints dry , ready for next use. Or sometimes , when I don't need as many colors I use my smaller palette to mix. It's also more convenient for travelling or taking outside.

The brands, I have two examples.
Windsor and Newton are a good buy and value for money.

And Sennelier are excellent quality.
For mixing you really only need the basic colors. Yellow, red and blue. You create all other colors from the basics.

There are other brands , but as usual I'm staying in the medium price range. All pictures are from Amazon again and you will find these products there.
So, I talked about paper, paints and all that's needed now is the brushes. There are so many that it can get confusing. But that's the subject for my next post. To be continued ....

Time now for the freebies
These are the last two parts below.

Next week is the start of another freebie again .

Nope, it's not meant to be religious themed, despite the angels , but you can make it so if you wish.
Here a qp I made with the kit.
Detailed previews next week with the first links .

Until then ... I better get off my butt now and get some housework done :)
Hugs Snowy


Edna B said...

You're doing really well with your watercolors. I'm enjoying the information on the paints, papers, etc. Goodness, you really are energized! The new kits look super interesting, especially the Dreamscape one. Can't wait to see them. I know I don't always say thank you for the kits, but I really do thank you. And I love seeing all your beautiful paintings. I hope your weather gets better soon before Spring slips completely away. You have a super week, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks a lot for the Forget Me Not kit, really pretty kit!