Monday, February 04, 2019

Last Winter Romance parts

Hi all :)
Superbowl is the ideal time to get stuff done ! I just finished the ironing and folded laundry , completed another knitted square for my blanket and now the blog post. GO PATS !!!

The highlight of this week was definitely that one of my drawings was picked by my favorite sketchbook brand Pink Pig Sketchbooks for their advertising :)
I have a few more drawing ideas for these brown paper books but today  have been working on a watercolor challenge.
I have a few days to catch up on , but managed to get two prompts done today.
Prompt 1 was " Dots"
This turned out rather abstract and different. I loved watching the colors bleed doing the wet on wet technique. It was fun just to play with the colors.
Prompt 2 was " Lines"
I used thick and thin lines for the background and lots of criss-cross lines to create the Wicker heart...I had to add a flower though :)

Prompt 3 and 4 will be "Circles" and "Leaves". I will show those next post.

Laziness and lack of time has come to bite me in the ass.... for over a year now I have been downloading graphics, fonts and other resources and instead of sorting them straight away I just dumped them into a folder on my external drive.
Now I have to sort through it all and pack them into the correct folders. It's a lot !
I finished the fonts and found out I have just over 2700 different fonts. I don't think I will ever get to use them all , but it sure is a nice collection :)
I'm also doing a drive spring clean. With over 10 years of collecting graphics you can imagine how much there is. I have 3 external drives and made it my goal to clean them all up this year. So far I have deleted 20 gig of files . I'm working with the motto " If it doesn't spark an idea, inspiration and joy -get rid of it!" These old unused files will make room for prettier, new resources and designs. And I actually have worked a little on another new kit.... plus I planted the first seeds for the new season and repotted some of my plants. It's too early for outside gardening ,but the little seedlings will do well in my kitchen until it gets warmer :)

But now to the download links. Here are the last two parts

Next post will be another freebie kit again. Let's see what I find while I tidy up that drive :)
'Till then -stay creative

Hugs Snowy


Edna B said...

Congratulations Snowy!! Your work is lovely and it's nice to see it being appreciated by others. I can't wait to see this blanket when it is finished. It's going to be warm and lovely. Oooh, I love that you already have some plants started. It's sort of like giving Spring a bit of a head start. You have a wonderful week, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Just got the other 4 parts, thanks a lot for these lovely gifts!